About Types of Car Coverage

The essential part of the risk free driving is the car insurance. The car insurance of many types and terms are available in the market. The car owners are free to choose the insurance cover as per their requirement and budget. The insurance premium is always a major decision making factor for any type of insurance. The premium is influenced by many factors such as the age of the driver, previous driving record of the driver, the term of the insurance, the type of the cover selected, type of the vehicle, safety accessories fitted to the vehicle and many such factors. Many of the factors are out of reach of the car owner and cannot be changed but the car owner can always decide the type of cover as per the requirement and driving pattern. The car coverage types are many and car owner is free to select any type of cover as per his affordability and requirement.

As per the insurance rules, minimum third party only cover is required to be taken for any Type of Insurance. This type of cover will save the faulty driver from all kind of legal issues associated with the accident. The medical expenses of the injured party can be claimed in this type of cover. It is the basic cover and wonít provide any kind of compensation for the car repair or injury to the passengers. It is available for the cheapest premium and can be afforded easily. The modification of this cover and a bit better version is the third party fire and theft cover. It covers the damages occurred to the third party in case of fire, accident and theft. It is better than the third party only cover and the difference in premium amount is also not much. There are even costly car coverage types available in the industry that will compensate all type of damages.

One of the car coverage types is comprehensive cover. It is the costliest of all but cover each and every type of damage. The car owners whose usage of car is more and chances of accident are also more can opt for this type of cover.

In UK, different types of insurance cover are available. These insurance cover include Car Insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance and pet insurance. These financial services are offered by any private insurance company.

While choosing Car insurance policy options there appears to be lot of confusion. This confusion occurs from the confusing terminologies and the plethora of policies. Due to collisions only many of car accidents occur. So in order to avoid catastrophes different types of car coverage must be known to car owners.

Different types of car coverage are Comprehensive Cover, Third Party Only Cover, Third Party Fire and Theft cover, Simple Cover, Short Term Cover, Eco-Friendly Cover, Limited Mileage Cover, Pay as You Drive Car Insurance Cover, GAP Car Insurance Cover and No Claim Discount.

Comprehensive Cover: With slight variations fully Comprehensive car insurance cover will be delivered by every insurer. By law every vehicle valued at over £5,000 must have comprehensive cover, thus in the UK majority of motor policies sold are of comprehensive type. Many include breakdown cover, legal fees, medical fees and windscreen damage. As in Third Party Fire and Theft cover, Fully comprehensive will cover everything. Usually Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policies cover liability for injuries to passengers and other people, for theft or fire damage, liability for damage to others property, accidental damage to own car, liability of passengers for accidents caused by owners, up to a stated limit medical expenses are necessarily incurred.

While attached to the car, liability arising from the use of a trailer or caravan, up to a stated limit loss or damage to personal effects in the car, on some policies driving other cars is an extension that can be found are also included in the cover. In the event of specific permanent disablement or death of the policyholder, certain amounts are paid which is called as Personal accident benefit cover.

Third Party Fire and Theft cover: Third party only policies will pay out victims in the event that customer's vehicle sets on fire or stolen. In case if customer requires a solicitor to represent customer this cover also includes legal fees. Third party fire and theft Car Insurance Cover is cheaper.

Simple Cover: Along with Simple Cover car insurance policy you will get all essentials needs which are in comprehensive cover. It is a brand one and is flexible to meet all your needs. Features included in Simple Cover policies are savings made on overheads can be benefited, it is fully comprehensive cover only, Pay annually by debit or credit card and no monthly payments.

Short Term Cover: Short term cover is specifically designed for short period of time and to deliver the optimum level of cover over a pre-determined. It is of low cost and easy to buy online. The moment your transaction is processed documents can be printed.

GAP Car Insurance Cover: If financial loss occurs due to the total loss of car, from an accident, theft or fire then GAP Car insurance cover provides protection against loss. One can insure car for the difference between the motor dealer Invoice value and Insurer's payout with this policy. GAP car insurance cover offers useful features and benefits like five types of GAP Insurance Policy, a range of pricing options and car cover, special schemes for different occupations and trades and it is underwritten by major UK Insurers. This is offered on all new and used cars.

The Eco-friendly cover offers discounts on low emission cars or covering hybrid. For all existing customers who own green cars they offer lower premiums. Cheap motor insurance policies will be provided to new customers and Third Party Only Cover is designed to cover the policyholder against damage to the third party themselves or third party's property.


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