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The recent inflation in the recession period has left many of us depressed. At the same time it also taught us a lesson that getting insured with an indemnification policy is safe and a secure way to stand firmly in these kinds of situations. Yes Insurance is one of the leading insurance intermediaries trading with preferred list of insurers. Financial Services Compensation Scheme is associated with the company. They offer various kinds of insurance and can help you in many ways. Specialized in proffering cut throat motor indemnification policy to the drivers of old vehicles, women and for the ones seeking for non-comprehensive insurance.

Yes car insurance offers standard covers like third party, third party theft & fire and Comprehensive. There are innumerable benefits of Yes Insurance like EU cover for two months, unlimited cover for accidental injury and 20 million cover for damage occurred for other people property, motor legal protection and Break down cover. They also offer good deals for low mileage drivers since they are less prone to accidents and hybrid cars and in case if your car has completed five year term, then there is a great opportunity of getting insured with Cheap car insurance policy and premiums.

The company also offers other kind of insurances like van insurance, home insurance, short term insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance at very reasonable quote prices. The van insurance offers emergency healing for bruises in an accident, one million indemnification policy for accidental destruction to others property, unlimited cover for accidents and many more. Added to that, the company gives Window glass standard cover policy. In order to safeguard your pets at home, Yes insurance offers a good scheme for the four legged animals. To make your holiday more special, Travel insurance with single, annual, multi trip polices is offered. They comprise of back packer insurance and winter sports.

Financial security should be topmost on our minds given the uncertainties that shadow our lives. That is why it is always a sensible decision to insure our belongings, so that we do not run into financial difficulties during trying times. If you are planning to avail of policies in the coming days, Yes Insurance has a number of great insurance options that you should be looking at. Starting with car and home safeguard and moving onto travel and pet insurance, Yes Insurance seeks to provide a whole host of insurance options to appeal to various kinds of customers.

Home Insurance

It is essential that we insure the roof above our heads so that tomorrow brings fewer financial difficulties. Yes Insurance has a range of policies that you can avail of to secure your home. If you are living in a rented apartment, you can avail of contents cover for your belongings. If the house is your own, you should go in for a combined buildings and contents cover. Among other things, Yes Insurance contents cover provides coverage for your bicycle, a new-for-old contents cover, and cover for accidental damage to contents like TVs and computers.

Yes Car Insurance

Yes Insurance makes it a point to come up with a range of Car Insurance plans to suit your vehicle. You can think about getting a Third Party only policy or you could get a combined Third Party, Fire and Theft policy. Ideally, you should go in for the comprehensive cover that Yes has on offer. It will search for the best deals being offered by its panel of 20 insurers and you can be sure that you will gain access to the best bargains. You can look at their special breakdown covers and get legal protection as well. Yes Insurance is a great bet if you have a five-year-old car. You could then avail of some of the cheapest deals in the market. There are also special deals on hybrid cars and low-mileage drivers, so keep a look out for these.

Pet Insurance

Our pets are members of our family. Why should they be left out of the policy web? This is why Yes Insurance has come up with special policies for our four-legged friends. With separate deals for dogs and cats, Yes Insurance seeks to cater to the huge market of pet lovers. Dogs between the ages of 8 weeks and 8 years and cats aged between 8 weeks and 10 years can be insured using the policies from Yes Insurance. You can choose either a 2000 or a 5000 cover for each condition. A complementary treatment cover of 750 is available annually.

Travel Insurance

With everyone today aspiring to become a globetrotter, travel insurance is a big deal, and why should Yes Insurance stay away from this great offsetting plan. Yes Insurance is planning to launch its own travel policies soon enough. This will include single trip, annual trip, and winter sports cover. So keep a look out for the launch of travel policies from Yes Insurance.

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I was hit on the rear of my car while at a roundabout, waiting for a car to pass. This was my first accident ever. I was shivering and spoke to the driver who hit me to exchange details. Once done, I called up the insurance company to inform them about the accident. They assured me that they will send me a replacement vehicle through a hire car company called Drive Assist. They said that the company will call me. Then they further preceded with the information that the ACM will contact me and repair or write-off my car. They also told me that Minster Law will be contacting me as they were the lawyers pursuing the claim. All this happened and I thought everything was going fine. The person from Drive Assist gave me car for two weeks meaning I had to get the car fixed in two weeks. I contacted several repairers but ultimately got my car written off. Now I am waiting for my cheque from the ACM. The people from Drive Assist took the hire car away and I am without any car now. Even though it was not my fault, I had to suffer all this. It was entirely disgusting for a customer to be treated this way.
Car Insurance
Grantown on Spey
I have a car insured with the Yes Insurance and have had no hassles as of now. They have a Toll-Free number for assistance. The only problem was that the renewal quote was higher that what I used to pay even though there was no change of details on my policy. I called them to adjust the quote but they simply were not interested.
Car Insurance
The company quoted 609 for my policy renewal. I checked it on the comparison sites and found that most of the other insurers were quoting 508. I called their call center to get the quote reduced, they refused saying there is no record in their system. Then they gave me several varying prices which they said are easily available online. They could not give an unambiguous answer and kept on transferring me from one department to another and finally I reached the same department I had spoken to. This was too much. I hung up. The customer service is very bad and cheap!
Car Insurance