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If you are looking for the best insurance option then you must definitely learn about Virgin insurance. It is one of the finest insurance companies in United Kingdom established in the year 1995 and offers a wide range of indemnification policies including travel, life, home, car, pet options. They have huge benefits included and offer quality services to the customers’ world wide. Given below are the different insurance options.

Virgin car insurance:

The insurance policy covers third party only cover, third party fire and theft, comprehensive cover. The virgin comprehensive car insurance covers all the elements of the car. It safeguards you from fire, stolen and theft. And also offers courtesy option while the car is getting repaired. In case of any road accident, the motor legal protection cover is offered to the driver and also to the passengers in the car. In case there is any sudden repair, then Break down cover is offered that does the replacement of the car in an hour. In the moment of renewal of the policy, the company offers no-claim discount.

Virgin cancer insurance:

Virgin insurance is the only company with the initiative to offer insurance for the cancer infected patients. This is the only indemnification policy that covers terminal ill health security and life insurance option. The Virgin Insurance policy covers various kinds of insurance and cuts down the costs on the bill. The leading health specialists like Norwich union, PPP, Standard Life, AXA, BUPA offer the quotes with best less costs.

Virgin Travel insurance:

Traveling to different places is a costly option especially with family. Getting insured with the travel insurance is the only way to diminish the expenses. Virgin insurance offers the option of travel insurance for its customers with very good premium amounts. You get the coverage for 10,000000 for traveling and medical expenses. They also make sure that you get coverage for delays and loss of ID’s, pass ports.

Apart from these, they also offer Home insurance that gives protection against the unexpected calamities. They offer you the advantage of paying the monthly premiums. They allow you the freedom of choosing the required options to be covered in the policy including contents insurance and buildings insurance. Also they offer life insurance and pet insurance options.

Virgin Group offers a wide range of comprehensive financial products to their customers' world wide. It has been providing great value financial services in the UK since 1995. Virgin Insurance provides various insurance like Life, Home, Cancer, Travel, Pet and Car Insurance.

Virgin Car Insurance:

It provides monthly payable car policy at no extra cost, so customers are offered with interest free payments when budgeting for Car Insurance. It provides on line insurance quotes and advice from all the major car insurers in the UK giving their customers a fantastic deal of car cover.

Breakdown Cover: Car insurance offered by Virgin protects the customers against accidents and other breakdowns through their breakdown cover which is included in Car Insurance policy. They offer various facilities to their customers like hiring car for journey, accommodation while repairing a car, alternative transport for journey completion during breakdowns.

Apart from that, Virgin Insurance also arranges Motor Legal Protection and claim compensation for death or injury when the policy holder injured in a road accident and covers passengers travelling and authorized drivers at the accident time. They also provide no claims discount when customers want to renew their policy.

Virgin Cancer Insurance:

It is the UK's new insurance product designed to help their customers if they are diagnosed with cancer in the future. It is the only cancer insurance cover that provides the policyholder with life and terminal illness security. This Virgin policy covers for most cancers and relieves financial burdens imposed by the disease.

Free health insurance quotes are provided by UK's leading health specialists to the Virgin's policy holders. They include BUPA, AXA, Standard Life, PPP, and Norwich Union where customers are provided the most suitable lowest cost cover.

Virgin Home Insurance:

In addition to that, Virgin Insurance also offers Home Insurance to their customers by providing quick insurance company quotes for your buildings or contents. They also provide special offers like Virgin Home Insurance discount vouchers, promotional offers, Free Virgin Home Security discount codes to their Home Insurance Policy holders. It provides Pet Insurance with various levels of cover for pets like pet travel cover; accident and illness extra cover which covers when you travel abroad with your pet.

Virgin Travel Insurance:

Annual single trip and multi-trip travel insurance policies are provided to you at competitive prices. Virgin Insurance also offers different types of covers with these policies like golf cover, supplementary cover for sports activities like climbing, bungee jumping, water skiing and also for wedding.

Customers can get more information on travel compensation products from the Virgin's website and also it allows them to get on line quotations in a easy way. It offers special discounts on travel insurance customers who have home, pet and Car Insurance policies.

Virgin Money also offers Virgin Stakeholder Pensions to all types of customers like unemployed, employed, or self-employed. Virgin Insurance always strive hard to offer their consumers a wide range of great value financial products and services in a easy way to understand and sort out.

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Holy Toledo, so glad I ciklecd on this site first!
Travel Insurance
Leah Max
Stratford upon Avon
In my 50 years of driving experience I met an accident some 4 weeks ago. That also was accepted and admitted by the 3rd party. I rang the claims department of Virgin insurance to inform the same but who were rude and disgusting. They put the phone down on me when my question wasnít even complete, all because it was close to 5 in the evening. I would get away from the company as soon as it gets but the question is Ė if not them then who? Almost all insurance companies are a pain in the neck, where does one go? Please let me know if anybody knows a good old fashioned insurance company.
Car Insurance
Natasha Alfie
Stoke on Trent
I had to sell my car due to a change in my job and Virgin charged me 45 pounds for the same adding to my financial troubles. They said that the charges were a matter of their policy. They couldnít be worse and hence I go my policy cancelled with them in early January only. With Virgin people, changing the vehicle is very expensive. I owe a note of thanks to Richard Branson.
Car Insurance
Sienna Logan
I had purchased insurance from Virgin when I saw their quotes on Confused. I met an accident which wasnít my fault and asked for a courtesy car as there on the site they had mentioned that a free courtesy car was available. But actually it is available only if the garage that shall be repairing my car is willing to provide and as expected they refused. They did not pay for the damage to the tow bar since it was a year old and for the entertainment unit that was there inside the car. They said that since I had not notified them that I had upgraded my car from the standard issue and they never agreed to cover it hence it will not be paid for. It took me almost 2 months to receive my claim cheque which further cleared in 4 days. They deducted the excess and lost no claims bonus. Other companies on the other hand agree on settlement and cover the cost. Since I was paying it on a monthly basis, I had to clear all the outstanding balances. Throughout the whole process I never received any call from Virgin. I always had to call them up and therefore received a staggering bill of more than 17 pounds for the use of telephone. It seems that the number was not a local number and hence cost much. I shall never use this company again and will not even recommend to anybody dear to me. It should be only opted for when there is no choice left.
Car Insurance
Ava Rhys
I met with a small accident that gave little damage to my car. The third party accepted the liability and I rang Virgin people to tell them the whole story. I never got a call from their side ever. It was me who called their repairer only to find out that the repairer had to keep my car as it was for 2 weeks since the assessor from Virginís side didnít come. The repair was absolutely appalling as, because of the stringent repair, they had cut the corners of the car. 2 months passed and I heard no word from them, who were, as they told me once when I called, waiting for the cheque from the insurance company of the third party. I gave them a call yesterday when they transferred my call from one department to the other to locate my file and finally, after waiting for over 20 minutes to get a chance to talk to the right person, my credit fell short and the phone got disconnected. Their calls do not cost 7p/min as they claim to be. I havenít received any return call and I am helplessly waiting for the cheque to come some day. My insurance renewal is up with them in a week. Itís simple, if I do not get the payment in this time I will have zero claim bonus unlike my last two years and I will be paying 400 pounds excess. They are completely disappointing. I will never go to the RBS group ever again.
Car Insurance
In the 50 years of driving, I had an accident for the first time and the third party accepted the liability. Their claims department treated me very rudely and even disconnected the phone when I was asking them some questions. A slight point in their favour is that the time was close to the time when they shut down.
Car Insurance
Their prices are competitive and the payments are interest free. They have provided good customer service for their claints.
Car Insurance
I have been a client of Virgin Insurance from four years. When I bought new car I came to know the reputation of the company and gone through website and insured my car. Once after two years when I am going home from work unfortunately I hit a car coming in the opposite direction. There was severe damage to my car. I rang and informed insurance company about the accident. They took it for repair and offered me other car for two weeks until it was repaired. Now my car was in perfect condition.
Car Insurance