Total Car Insurance

The car insurance cover depends on the cost of the car, risk associated and the cost of repairs. The car owners usually opt for the car insurance that is affordable in terms of the premium but it is not the right practice. The Car Insurance Cover must be decided based on the cost of the car. The premium based cover would end up fetching you only partial amount of the damages and you will find it useless. The total car insurance will get you the complete cover amount for all kind of damages and you would find it worth when you will require it. The total car insurance is kind of the comprehensive cover where all kind of damages are covered. The premium may be expensive but the benefits are also plenty. There are many insurance companies that have introduced this type of insurance with little change in terms and conditions. The premium may also differ slightly based on the benefits offered in service and claim procedure.

The total car insurance will cover all kind of damages to the outer body as well as to the engine. The car owner can also opt for the breakdown cover and roadside assistance in this. The home assistance is also available where if you come across flat batteries in winter the insurer will send immediate service van to your residence. The courtesy car service can also be included at certain extra premium. This will fetch you an alternate vehicle when your car is in no shape to run or to get repaired. The accommodation is also provided for the overnight stay if required due to breakdown of the vehicle at far away distance from home.

The Total Car Insurance can be availed by the drivers with the valid United Kingdom driving license. The insurance companies wonít entertain the application from the disqualified drivers in five years. Further, the drivers who have received more than six penalty points on the license are not eligible for this type of insurance. The drivers from 21 years to 75 years of age can opt for this type of insurance.

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