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Tesco insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in United Kingdom which is a merchandising retailer and an international grocery. Having the credit of being world’s third largest grocery retailer, it offers consumer financial services, budget software, Internet services consumer telecoms, music downloads, compact discs, clothes, consumer electronics and many more services. They present wide range of services including credit cards, loans, insurance, motoring, travel, savings, motoring and many others.

The insurance option covers a wide range of options like car, home, pet, travel, life, health, dental and break down cover policies. There are two kinds of car insurances offered namely value car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The value car insurance is an online option and comprehensive car insurance option includes replacement service, free 24 hour windscreen repair, 24 hour help line, replacement service and temporary replacement car. Also UK cover is extended to EU for a period of 3 months, no claim discount etc.

Tesco offers the opportunity of loans with benefits like fixed monthly payments, payment breaks and choose the date option for the user. You can utilize the Tesco loan to consolidate your debts in to one loan, home improvements and many other options. Tesco Insurance also provide you valuable tips about loans for travel, home, motoring, dealing with the debt and many more.

Traveling has become necessary for everyone and at the same time the costs are also augmenting which in turn burn a hole in your pocket. Tesco travel offers you the opportunity of insurance while traveling with options like travel insurance, travel money card, Euro break down cover, insuring your pet abroad. The company ahs entered in to the housing market with the name Tesco Property market. It offers digital Photoshop, personal finance, house hold products and wide range of products that are useful to you.

Tesco is a UK based international grocery and general merchandising retailer store. It is one of the largest British retailer shops for both global sales and domestic market share. Tesco is one of the world's third-largest grocery retailers. Tesco also provide consumer electronics, clothes, selling and renting DVD's, compact discs and music downloads, Internet services consumer telecoms, budget software, consumer financial services, and most recently they started garden centres.

Tesco personal finance offer car loans, Instant access saving accounts, business credit card, bonus credit card Club card credit card and mortgages. Tesco also provides insurance like travel, pet, life, home and car insurance and car breakdown cover. Tesco is also offering Club card points or free petrol when customer buys Tesco Car Insurance.

Personal Finance Secure provides security in online transactions by reducing the chances of fraud for those transactions. The Tesco personal finance is very easy to use and offers customers plenty of useful information like buying policy online.

Tesco Insurance offers two UK car insurance policies comprehensive cover and value car insurance. Comprehensive cover includes 24 hour helpline and temporary replacement car with discounts, Free 24 hour windscreen repair and replacement service is also provided. Value Car Insurance is only available in online. Tesco offer a multi-car discount if anybody has already insured with them.

Travel insurances offered by Tesco are Single-trip and Multi-trip, winter sport, family travel insurance. Home insurance provided by Tesco Insurance are Contents, Building, Accidental damage, and Legal insurances and many more. It also offer discounts for ordering online.

It offers health insurance market with low premium payments and no-claim discounts and provides many private hospitals. Tesco Health policies also include MRI/CT scans, surgery and radiotherapy and both in-patient and day-patient treatment, gives chance to choose hospitals, cash payments, ambulance cover, and accommodation for parents and health informationís to the customers. Tesco stores will also give health insurance leaflets along with weekly grocery shop.

Tesco Insurance offers life insurance which includes term life and decreasing term life products good range allowance and also offers mortgage life insurance, Optional critical illness cover. Tesco aims to provide pet insurance cheap and clear their doubts about unexpected vet's bills. The Tesco Personal Finance site is informative, incredible and easy, quickest to browse detailed. It clearly highlights the benefits of the product that are available to customers. Tesco makes a contribution to economic activities whenever customers visit the Tesco site.

The company also offers digital Photoshop and also includes mugs, shirts, celebration cakes, chilled food, frozen food, hot and cool drinks, baby care, Fresh meat, fish and poultry, table mats etc. They entered into the housing market with self advertising website called Tesco Property Market. This supermarket chain first used to sell food and household products, and now it was has branched out to personal finance.

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As they offered the cheapest offer, I took the Tesco insurance. I was a young and totally inexperienced driver. Very soon the problems began to surface. In April of 2006, while I was purchashing petrol, I found that a truck had hit my car and nothing was left of it. The driver was kind enough to provide me with all the details. I called up Tesco. The person who picked up the phone was a total mess. He made me repeat everything almost two times. Anyhow the claim got registered with them. I was then asked to take my car back to the home. So I did. Regarding the courtesy car, they told me that it will arrive the next day. I informed them that I leave for the office at 9 AM, but nothing came. It was 12 in the noon and still no car. Then they lost all the details I gave them about the accident. It continued on and on and finally I received a letter after two years that the case was shut down. Then another problem came up. My mom was also insured with the same company so I when was required to be added as a second driver for 1 day, it was no problem. Few months later, I again called them to add me as a second driver for a few months. They claimed that it was not possible and no matter how much I tried to convince then, they did not budge from their stand. Instead, they started scream and shouting among themselves, apparently the operator was being scolded by his supervisor for being wrong. Probably the operator was trying to end the call in a hurry. Finally, they added me. But even then, I will never recommend the company to anyone. It is really cheap!
Car Insurance
Someone crashed into my car when it was stationary at a car park. The car was hit on the front offside wing. As it was the Boxing day, even though I called them up, they did not respond until New Year. Then they took some three weeks before taking the vehicle to the repairer. The repairer was a Tesco authorised repairer. The car was not repaired fully. The wing was not replaced. Instead, it was just sprayed after filling up. This was not at all a satisfactory repair. I called up Tesco and they blamed me that it was up to me to check the progress of repairs. They asked me to complaint directly to the repairer. I did that and the work too was done but at the cost of another six weeks! All this led to my decision that I will never ever insure with the company again.
Car Insurance
I got the Tesco car insurance by registering for it on their website. At one point of the registration process, I was informed that they had an offer of £ 50 as gift voucher. I was waiting for the voucher but it never came across until 6 weeks! I called the Tesco people and they said they will take care of the issue. Four more weeks passed and nothing happened. When I called again, the person on the other side of the phone took all the details and said it will be sent it 6 weeks. I waited patiently to get nothing. I again called and explained how I registered and was expecting the gift voucher. They told me that the voucher is dispatched only if you enter the code while entering the details when registering. The point to be noted here is that the website had no information on what code to insert and where. It just said buy a Tesco Insurance and get £50 off in shopping.
Car Insurance
Someone hit my car when it was stationary. I instantly called the claims department. Though I made the claim the same day, it took them 3 months to repair my car. The reason assigned was that the third party did not speak out anything about his policy and it was only in the third month that he admitted his fault. Tesco got my car collected and got it repaired within a month. In the meanwhile, I got a lovely Vauxhall as a courtesy car. Overall, it was a good service. Somebody at back said that Tesco is not owned by Direct Line. To correct them, both Tesco and Direct Line are coordinated by RBS!
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The accident recovery is carried out by GreenFlag when you insure with the Tesco Car Insurance. This is a positive point. If the people at Tesco were to manage accident recovery, it would have been very hard for people. I am not very satisfied with the level of service given by the Tesco Car Insurance. When they said fully comprehensive cover, I thought it includes personal injury as well. But with Tesco, you need to confirm each and every thing. Even for the full comp car insurance, they will tell you that the personal injusry and the courtesy car etc are extra features that need to be paid extra. I would advise people that they take full details of the policy and what all is covered and what not before they actually buy it.
Car Insurance
This is one of my best experiences with car insurers that I would like to share with everyone. I was hit on a Saturday, weekend. I rang up immediately. They asked me if I would wait until they contact the third party or will I pay £ 250 excess to get immediate attention. I opted for the second. Come Monday, and I receive a call from the Just Car Clinics to confirm if the car was drivable. I answered positive. They took away the car at the lunchtime the same day. They told me that the complete rear end has to be replaced. I left the car with them to return home. The next day, I got a courtesy car. It did not take long to repair the car. It was returned on Saturday. Tesco called me up and informed me that they were still trying to get to the third party and their insurance company. They informed that the third party did not make any claim. Another two weeks later, they inform me that they were able to contact the third party insurer and convinced them for a cheque of £ 250. The very next day, I receive a letter from Tesco saying that the full costs have been recovered thus saving my no-claims bonus!
Car Insurance
I got my car insured with the Tesco people. Just as a month passed after the insurance, I was hit by a van while my vehicle was stationary. It was weekend so I could get across only to the emergency people when I wanted to file a claim. These people said that they will come over immediately and save the car. They took the car for repairs soon after. We faced some problems which were not Tescoís fault. The third party failed to provide the correct insurance papers. He could however get the correct one at the third attempt and our process moved ahead. During the entire period, Tesco was professional enough to chase him and get the correct papers, got me a nice courtesy car through the third partyís insurer as he admitted his fault. Overall, the Tesco people were very helpful and friendly. Whenever I spoke to them, they were polite. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who asks me about car insurance.
Car Insurance
I find the customer service of the car insurer excellent. The people you speak to at the call centers seem to have actual interest in you and your problems. All the way, whenever I called them, I got a pleasant response, the conversation was always cheerful. They wonít place you on hold for long and are quick at answering the calls. When the time came up for renewal, I though of going to some other company as others were offer some real good offers. But the people at Tesco managed to get an acceptable quote to retain me with them. It has been four years now with Tesco and till date, I have had no problems with them.
Car Insurance
The customer service they provide is of a bad quality. Once I suffered from an accident where a third party was liable and after three months, they are yet to contact the particular party. Even though they are cheap, their staff is not supportive and you feel that you are not getting the service you deserve.
Car Insurance
New Hampshire
I had a couple of accident. In both the cases, the fault was mine. I made claims for the same. Even though I have read a few bad reviews about Tesco, I got a very positive response from them. They provided me with a courtesy car and also arranged for the repairs. The process was quick and efficient and they seemed reliable.
Car Insurance
We have a policy with Tesco, but they have made our life miserable after the accident. We were hit by another car taking a U turn. We were to lose our lives but a fire engine traveling behind us saved our lives and witnessed the whole incidence. Tesco wrote a letter to us in our favor for providing us with a courtesy car. Now they are not ready to provide us with the claims saying that 3rd party has not admitted the liability though we have the letter in our hand. I will insure my new car with some reliable insurance company.
Car Insurance
These companies know how to attract people. I got handsome price for the first policy and was even offered club card points when I denied the renewal of services with them. Later on the services which they offered were not up to mark. The communication of the call center staff is indeed poor. And they donít keep customer informed about the status of the car. Its services are not for you if your engine size is above 1250 cc. The behavior of the staff is indeed rude except at the time you take the policy. The information they provide always lack substance. For three times I was kept on hold and 30 times I was disconnected. The quotation and the policy attracts you but when you actually need services, you will feel you are in the wrong place. I would not recommend it to any one.
Car Insurance
Me and my wife switched on to Tesco Insurance five years back and started saving a lot of money. It is the cheapest insurance company we have come across. They offer discount for online quotes with very less premiums. Tesco Life Insurance offers mortgage life insurance, term life products and optional critical illness cover. Their site is very informative and clear. The benefits and services offered by the company is an example to others insurance companies.
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