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Swinton insurance is one of the leading intermediary insurance companies offering various indemnification policies in United Kingdom. They offer car insurance, motor insurance, home insurance, business insurance, caravan insurance, travel insurance, break down insurance and many more. The working team of Swinton insurance helps you to get the appropriate cover at affordable price from UK’s top insurers. They avail you good quotes in minutes for the insurance section you opt. Swinton bikes, Swinton colonnade, Swinton Taxi are some of the trading divisions owned by Gate way Insurance Company limited and MMA Holdings plc.

It is mandatory to get your car insured in order to travel on the roads of United Kingdom. Swinton car insurance offers car safety stipulation to various kinds of cars including imported, modified and high performance cars. Swinton Insurance helps their customers to get cheap car insurance quotes from top insurance corporations. The cheap car insurance cover offers up to 65% no claims discount, up to 25% discount when you buy online, optional drivers legal protection, free courtesy car, windscreen protection, excess protection and many more. They also offer insurance policies for motorists on mopeds, scooters, super bikes and classic bikes.

Traveling to different places with insurance can save you in many ways. For which Swinton travel insurance will help you a lot. They offer cover for one trip, multi trip, golfing holidays, business travel and also 65s travel insurance. Apart from these, the company offers Business insurance; buildings cover to offices, motor trades, property owners, retailers, contractors, restaurants, factories and many more. In case there is any damage done to the office equipment, office vehicles, then the company offers cover and replaces them. The company offers Home Insurance policy with Home emergency cover to the customer which covers damages done to walls, fences, garages, green houses and many more. Swinton offers a great pet insurance policy in case the pets are stolen or injured. Also they offer great offers and discounts on the various insurance policies to cut down the costs.

Swinton Insurance is a well-known top insurance intermediary providing wide range of insurance products in UK. It offers Life, home, pet, business, cheap on line quotes and car insurances to their customers. Swinton Insurance also provides customers to find the best cover at the best price for a particular insurance from the UK's top insurers.

This company also offers competitive insurance quotes for various insurance like home, car, life, travel, business insurance and their Swinton policy is designed to allow the customers to find the best deal from a range of leading Insurance Companies or providers and can get the best quotes in a easy way. Swinton operate a number of trading divisions like Swinton Taxi, Swinton Colonnade and Swinton Bikes and is owned by Gateway Insurance Company Limited and MMA Holdings (UK) plc.

Swinton Car Insurance:

Car safety provision is provided by this company on various types of cars like high performance, classic, modified and imported cars. Swinton Insurance offers their clients to get the Cheap Car Insurance quotes from leading UK car insurance providers. Their policies are designed with special features and extra options to cover drivers, young drivers and women drivers.

It also offers a wide range of motor cycle policies for classic bikes, super bikes, scooters and mopeds to satisfy all motorbike owners. Swinton Insurance also arranges motor home insurance to their customers to know the exact model and make of their motor home. Swinton deals with many Car Insurance specialists about American, Japanese models and other Grey imported vehicles.

In addition to that, Swinton Insurance offers other specialist service like taxi fleet insurance with flexible payment options for the customers having three cars or more. It arranges various covers for touring caravans when loss or damage occurs which consists of 5 years new-for-old replacement caravan and Security device discounts.

Swinton Business Insurance:

Apart from that, Swinton also provides insurance on various types of business like factories, restaurants, work shops, retailers, commercial car and van, property owners, motor trade, office, building trade etc. Swinton Business Insurance arranges motor trade policy to their clients when their vehicles are stolen or damaged. Swinton Insurance arranges right cover to their business customers like dealers, IT contractors, service & repair workshop, and body-repair shop for smooth running of their business.

Office insurance to architects, consultants, solicitors and advertising agencies is provided by Swinton in case of emergency or damage of office equipment. Swinton also offers buildings cover to arrange protection against legal liability and loss of rent, premises and warehouses.

Swinton Insurance also offers Home Insurance to their policy holders which covers greenhouses, garages, fences, walls and also damage to the fabric of home. They provide Home Emergency Cover with Full Money Back Guarantee to give effective protection against household emergencies and also in case of delivery failures. Swinton offers great pet policy to the customers when their pets are injured or missed or stolen and also covers pet's emergency boarding fees.

Apart from single Trip and Annual Trip, Swinton provides excellent travel insurance products to their clients with different covers having special features. They also offer special policies for golfing holidays, for over 65s, business travel and weddings abroad. Most importantly, Swinton Insurance provides Life Insurance with guaranteed acceptance policy with simple payment methods for their customers between the 25 and 70 years of age. Customers can get most comprehensive and competitive prices and on line Insurance quotes from Swinton Insurance.

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Always a good job right here. Keep rlloing on through.
Home Insurance
Abigail Edward
My friend just moved his house and got a new car for himself. His previous car was insured by Swinton. He gave those people a call to change the details and he was prepared to forge out extra money since the engine of the new car was bigger than the old one. But to his dismay, he received two letters from Swinton the other day where they demanded the payment of 80 pounds. Both of us gave a call to the Swinton people for clarification to which they responded that since my friend had changed his address he would have to pay extra for that. The company slams charges on to the policy holders for one reason or the other. So the next time I bought a car for myself, I stayed away from Swinton.
Car Insurance
Poppy Charles
South Wirral
I went on to insure his two motorbikes with one insurance company that offered break down recovery especially since one of them is a 2 stroke. But the other bike was insured with Swinton currently. My husband recommended me Swinton for no good reason. His choice for Swinton was based on the fact that it was the only insurance company that was nearest to the house he lived previously. However, we went on to get the cancellation done as my current policy was offering me insurance for both the bikes at a much cheaper rate. The customer service executive informed me that I shall have to shell out some 35 pounds if I wished to get back any money from the unused insurance policy. And that money amounted to nothing more than 17 pounds. So in order to get back those 17 pounds, I would have to fork out some 35 pounds as admin fees. It was so humiliating especially when I had already spent some 20 pounds extra to transfer the policy from my 250cc bike to 750cc bike. Even my husband was charged for changing his car. Both of us found out that Swinton was the only motor insurance company that was charging extra money as admin fees which no other company was doing. So it was a lesson for both of us that one should not go ahead with any insurance company on the basis of the proximity of its office with your home. One should shop around in a wise manner.
Car Insurance
Charlotte Samuel
I was absolutely stunned when I got a renewal quote from a local broker. I logged on to Gocompare from where I got the Swintons Car Insurance quote. I had hoped for a substantial reduction in my premium amount despite knowing the fact that the fully comprehensive car insurance was going to be expensive. After getting the quote for Money Supermarket which failed to beat my renewal quote, I at the quote from Swintons and to my amazement it came out to be the cheapest. I was of the notion that the small companies would be charging lesser but it was not so. So I became a Swintons’s customer. I found a little bit of miscalculation on my NCD which the Swintons people recalculated. Once they were sure of the fact, they rectified things at their end and even refunded back the money in my bank account in no time.
Car Insurance
Olivia Matthew
I was doing absolutely fine with my insurance policy from Its4me company which was later taken over by Swintons, unfortunately. I was unfortunate since I had a poor experience from them earlier. The trouble started right there when they tried taking money from an account which though was still with me but had no money. They blamed this to the company they took over and also were unable to explain how the hell they got the details of my previous account. And the previous company had already been taking my dd’s from the right account. They however apologised and assured me that the same thing wouldn’t happen again to which my dismay happened exactly after two weeks. The customer service male would just not understand and finally I ad to pay from my credit card. I challenged this payment and got back the refund. But this did not end my series of encounters with them. Some days later I asked them to change my car from 19 Saab 9-3 Viggen 2.3 230bhp convertible to Honda HR – V 1.6 VTEC. It was due to the fact that due to some personal reasons I had to sell off my car and I had taken my wife’s car. The naive person, female this time, demanded an extra 50 pounds for the change fee. When I inquired the reasons, she first told me that since Honda was a newer car that is why the extra fee is there. When I told her that it was just 6 months older she changed her statement and forwarded that since Honda was VTEC, it was more powerful. It was very obvious that the lady had no sense about the cars. I had no choice since the cancellation would have cost me much more than that. I asked her to put it on direct debit to which she again refused saying that I needed to pay cash then. After some silly arguments I suggested to use 12 pound charges and 35 pounds as the bank charge. Now that they owe me some money towards the increase in the premium they couldn’t sort that out since it was another department that was responsible for the pay back. I assume that the people from insurance are always chasing you for your money and give a cold shoulder when it is the other way round. It is better to stay away from them as much as one can.
Car Insurance
Eleanor Jamie
When I was setting my car insurance with Swinton Car Insurance, they tried using their high pressure techniques to convince me to have their breakdown cover along with the driver legal protection. I did not budge and refused. The same evening I put my car through its MOT and it failed surprisingly. I called up Swinton people to inform them that their insurance was no longer needed. In return they informed me about some 45 pounds of cancellation charges. And to my horror, it wasn’t even mentioned in the agreement. I paid some 15 pounds, a non refundable fee, to the original insurer that I selected for the driver legal protection cover. I didn’t do that. Now those people are trying to retain 95 pounds as their first monthly payment and inform me that I owe them more.
Car Insurance
The prices offered Swinton for their car insurance policies are often comparable to those offered by others on the internet. At the time when I had an accident, they were very helpful and guide you through the entire process.
Car Insurance
North Dakota
Unlike the other insurance companies, Swinton will charge you a penalty in case you cancel your policy within 14 days. Thus, you need to be careful when you are dealing with the company as; they might take advantage of you at any time.
Car Insurance
I stayed with Swinton from past three years. I am very happy with the services provided by them. I insured my car through Swinton Car Insurance and was whole heartedly satisfied. They offer motor trade insurance policy to the customers. Swinton Insurance provides right insurance policies to all their customers with extra choices and special features to cover young drivers, drivers and women drivers. It also offers all types of online insurance and insurance quotes to their customers without delay.
Car Insurance