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Standard Life insurance is one of the leading policy providers of investments and long term savings. Head quartered in Edinburgh, it offers services to more than six million customers spread across different countries like China, Hong Kong, India, USA, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Canada and many more. They offer various standards of protection like Income protection plans, Family protection, Level protection, Renewable protection, insurances, mortgage protection, pensions, annuities, critical illness protection, banking products and many more.

Critical illness security: The Standard life Insurance to pay out the diagnosis of critical ill-health proffers covers in three ways. To protect the customers from burdened financial costs, it offers Critical income illness protection, critical illness level protection and critical illness decreasing protection. This policy saves you from financial costs and offers the cover that suits you the best.

Life is full of ups and downs and you should never take a chance to take a risk, if taken a risk it will make you prone to several tribulations. Standard Life Insurance helps you in many ways. The policy offers various schemes that include annuities, pensions, personal pensions, stake holder pensions, company pensions and many more. It pays a predetermined amount of income on the client or his family if he/she expires suddenly or is diagnosed with critical ill health and canít live more than a period of year.

Income protection plan: This plan offers a monthly and extended benefit to restore some of your missing expenditures or you are not capable to work because of terminal illness. This plan is devoid of income tax and capital gains that affect your claims to affirm profit gains. You can plan this accordingly to your income and there will be rise in payments and benefits accordingly. Also there are various kinds of plans that are available in the website, which give you clear-cut information and explanation about the policies and regulations from Standard Life insurance.

Standard Life Insurance is one of the famous financial services company in Europe providing comprehensive range of insurance, savings and banking products to protect your family against disability, illness or death. It offers various levels of protection like Renewable Protection, Level protection, Family Protection, Income Protection Plans. Standard Life has been providing insurance and investment services to its customers for over 180 years.

Standard Life offers a range of comprehensive high quality products and various types of insurance to the matured adults with excellent service and they can adapt this coverage in order to have changes in life. They have assets worth more than the combined market value of Tesco, Cadbury Schweppes, Reuters, Shell, and Marks & Spencer.

Standard Life Protection Plans

The Standard Life Insurance plan pays a fixed amount of money to the policy holder or his family if he dies or suffers from critical illnesses or diagnosed with a terminal illness and not lives for more than 12 months or suffers from total permanent disability.

Level Protection Plan: The Level Protection Plan is a straightforward and simple type of protection designed to pay income if you die or are diagnosed with a critical terminal illness during the term. The plan term will be between 3 and 35 years depending on the type of cover. Standard Life also offers free accidental death benefit up to 30 days.

Mortgage Protection Plan: Mortgage Protection Plan also includes the same features as Level Protection but it also covers a repayment mortgage and reduces by a certain pre-set amount each year. Standard Life Bank offers a competitive mortgage payment protection policy to protect your standard of living and keep up your mortgage payments in case of sickness, unemployment or injury.

Income Protection Plan: The Income Protection Plan provides a monthly and replacement benefit to replace some your lost earnings or if you are unable to work because of illness for a long time. In this Plan the income paid is free from income tax and capital gains tax which affect your claims to state benefits. A level of income cover which suits your needs will automatically increase the benefit, and the payments annually.

Critical Illness Protection: Standard Life Insurance offers cover in three arranging ways to pay out on diagnosis of a critical illness. They include Critical Illness Decreasing Protection, Critical Illness Level Protection, and Critical Illness Income Protection to protect their customers from serious financial hardship. It provides building Insurance to their customers because it is a mandatory condition of all our mortgages. The Policy is designed to meet your individual circumstances so that you can get the right cover at the right price.

Renewable Protection Plan: This Plan also pays cash benefit if customers diagnosed or suffers from a terminal illness or die within the term. It consists of Renewable five year cover and is designed for 18 to 55 years old people and will be renewable every five years until 55. The Benefits include in this plan are Renewable premium, We can choose the amount, Life cover, Mortgage Assurance Option, Reducing benefit basis, Guaranteed insurability options on selected events.

Family Income Protection Plan: This Plan also designed to pay cash benefit as income if a customer diagnosed or suffers from a terminal illness or die within the term. This is for the people aged 18 to 79. The Period of the plan is minimum 3 years and maximum 35 years and ends at age 65. The Benefits include in this Plan are income can be converted to lump sum, Life Cover, Level benefit basis, Non-smoker discount, Guaranteed insurability options on selected events, Terminal illness, Guaranteed premium.

Standard Life Insurance Company stands in the lead position in providing excellent financial services to their customers. It also offers various types of pensions which include Company pensions, Stakeholder pensions, Personal pensions and Annuities. Standard Life has been awarded as the top Triple A rating by two leading international rating agencies.

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A bit surprised it seems to simple and yet usfeul.
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By joining Standard Life Insurance I got a good deal. The Standard Life Insurance representatives co-operated me a lot when I am need. It is a company which is like a true friend to me. The company maintained the trust upon them. They offer comprehensive high quality insurance to all the customers. I am very much glad with the services provided by the insurance company and I would advise all my friends to get insured with Standard Life Insurance.
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