Short Term Car Insurance

The insurance is the most basic need of the car owner. The insurance companies work out different plans for the car owners to accommodate all what they need in the policy. The policy from various insurance providers may differ according to premium, coverage type and many other features. The short term car insurance is also one such plan offered by the insurance companies for the convenience of the car owners. The short term car insurance is offered for 1 to 28 days period. The car owner can avail this insurance to fulfill their various short term insurance requirements when they borrow or lend their car to somebody or whenever they are heading for a long drive on risky terrain. The short term car insurance can also be availed to add a driver to the policy for temporary period. This policy may allow you to add your young one to the policy when he or she borrows your car for a short vacation with friends.

The short term car insurance is available as one day car insurance, monthly car insurance, weekly car insurance and also as weekend car insurance. The car driver needs to have valid United Kingdom driving license to be eligible for Short Term Car Insurance. There should be no penalty points or disqualifications from last 3 years to avail this insurance. The insurance premium is decided based on the age and gender of the driver. It is also decided on the basis of the car make and model. The premium for the luxury car is always higher than the basic model of the car. The no claim bonus is offered to the policy holders if they donít put up any claim for certain predefined policy term. There are many other ways to avail discount in short term car insurance premium.

This type of insurance is offered for various driver groups. The special policy is offered for young drivers, female drivers, experienced drivers, students and many such categories. The short term Car Insurance can be bought personally by visiting the insurerís office or you can also buy this insurance online from the website of the company. The insurance quote can be taken online by entering all the details of the driver as well as the car. These online quotes can be compared manually or you can also visit the online comparison websites to compare the quotes online.

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