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Saga insurance is one of the well established organizations in United Kingdom and serves the country with financial and insurance services. The expert team of professionals in Saga offer guidance in home, health, life style, money, travel and insurance options. They offer wide range of insurance options like car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, caravan insurance, legal services, van insurance, private health insurance and many more.

Insuring with Saga car indemnification policy will help you in many ways. The policy includes comprehensive cover, unlimited audio/visual cover, vandalism cover, unlimited European cover, free wind screen/glass repairs, emergency any driver cover, free windscreen, glass repair and many more. All these are available at a very low price from Saga Car Insurance. The company offers very low premium amounts for the drivers who have crossed 50, since they have very less chances of accident record.

Health problems have become a part and parcel of the present existing conditions in life. And the ongoing prices of the medical bill will certainly make a hole in your heart. Therefore, it is very important to make a health insurance policy in advance to face the adverse situations in life. Saga health insurance offers private medical insurance. In case of any sudden illness or accidents, the insurance will help you to have a speedy recovery. There are many benefits of private medical insurance and some of them include quick admission to the hospital, you will be given the opportunity of prompt referral, a neat private room, no restricting hour’s option and a good range of comforts.

Saga insurance offers the option of legal services to the elderly people who are above 50. it helps them to draft a will and offer legal documents on building work, complaints, disputes, divorce, personal finance, wills, probate, personal employment, powers of attorney and many more. They are equipped with a good customer service who help the insurers and customers quickly and ensure that their problems get resolved.

Saga Organization is a well-known brand in the UK, provides insurance and financial services to their customers since 1980's. It provides a wide rage of services, products and holidays exclusively for people aged fifty or over. Saga also offers home, motor, Travel, medical insurance, a savings and investment service, personal accident insurance and Visa credit card with low cost premiums.

Saga focuses on providing high quality financial services and various types of insurance and developed various core areas to assist the mature adults. They include Saga Services, Saga Holidays and Saga Magazine and more over through Saga Insurance Company Limited they have been providing motor home, caravan and motor insurance from 2004.

Saga Insurance Services

Saga Services include financial, insurance, telephone and internet services for older adults. Saga offers various types of insurance like

  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Caravan insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Travel insurance

    Saga Car Insurance:
    Saga offers Car Insurance policies with high levels of cover and lower prices for people aged 50 and over. They provide various offers like Replacement of car if any accident occurs or repaired, discounts like protected no claim discount, cost of premium reduction through variable excess levels, and cover ups like Emergency any driver to drive your vehicle, Personal belongings cover for up to certain amount in case of theft, fire or accident.

    Saga Health Insurance:
    This offers various plans like Secure, Saver and Super for health. These plans cover radiotherapy, in-patient treatment, and other key treatments. Saga Insurance Health Plan provides a prompt access and quick diagnosis to choice of private hospitals because a number of people wait for admission to hospital for treatment.

    Saga Caravan insurance:
    Saga Caravan provision provides high levels of cover to meet customer requirements. It offers two levels of cover namely, Silver and Gold. Gold level is designed for the caravan's up to 12 years old whereas Silver level is to protect the caravan abroad.

    Saga Home Insurance:
    This offers home worker policy which includes various other insurances like Buildings, Optional golfing insurance, Accidental damage policy for the people over 50s only. Saga Insurance offers a range of additional insurance options, including Legal Expenses Cover and Garden Cover to meet the customer requirements.

    Saga Travel Insurance:
    Saga Travel Policy offers travel assistance service which provides useful information for your trip. It also offers access to their 24-hour helpline service from information on the country being visited to sorting out emergencies abroad. Apart from travel insurance Saga also provides assistance to advice you about vaccinations, assistance with stolen passports, help finding lost luggage, emergency translation service and support during medical emergencies.

    Business Insurance:
    Saga Business Security provides a range of policies to cover the Commercial Insurance needs of a variety of business professionals, owners and traders.

    Benefits of Saga Insurance: Include UK-based claims service, free risk advice on health and safety matters, free and confidential tax and legal advice. It also provides other insurances like

  • Self-employed Insurance
  • Shop and Salon Insurance
  • Residential Property Owners Insurance.
  • Saga has a good reputation for claims and also the insurance online quotes are very easy to use. All polices include no-claims bonus. SAGA provides various Special offers to their customers like discounts on various policies, covers etc.

    Saga Insurance Company includes garage bills in its Breakdown Service
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    My husband and i are over fifty years --the service we have experienced is not good --our contract is with Saga Insurance and i dare say they have no idea how customer claims are being handled --We are of the impression that our claim is being taken care of through a third party --being Norwich Union --I can not begin to go into details of how we have been treated however a premium at a cost of £594.84p per year you would expect to be treated in a professional manner --Our claim has not been settled and we are as confused as ever --Maybe if somebody reads this review it may help
    Home Insurance
    Frederick Skye
    A week before a third party car had hit my car while it was parked. I immediately notified Saga people who took all the details from me the next day. Later they informed me that since they could not arrange a replacement vehicle, the repairer would collect the same in two weeks. They also arranged a replacement car for me the next day. When the repairer showed no signs I called him and he replied that he was not booked. After a number of calls to Saga, they apologised and asked me to drive the car down to their place. I did the same and to my astonishment, they charged me the double. Just keep yourself away from this company. One will have to keep an aggressive follow up with them and then one fine day one has been charged double the amount that otherwise should have been charged.
    Car Insurance
    Scarlett Louis
    I was at Ireland when I met an accident. My insurance company was very prompt and sorted out my claims and when I reached back home. I went to the repairer who did not do anything to my car for a week. When Saga people came to know that I had been waiting for the repairs to be done for a week they expressed their astonishment and told me to get it done from a garage and ask the garage people to send the bill to the company. I am really impressed with the way Saga people sorted my claim. They are an excellent company with good communication sills. They offer low prices and high standards of customer service.
    Car Insurance
    Elizabeth Connor
    West Drayton
    At Saga, posted documents can take around two weeks to reach to their database. Many offices deal with the same claim and it can take long time for the excess recovery to be settled. When I claimed I got my settlement done by calling the other drivers insurer to find out the reason for delay. There I got the reply that the paperwork was not sent to them at all and they were still lying at saga office. Thanks to the Norwich Union who paid me directly within a time period of 48 hours. One should not go by their first renewal quote as one kind find other insurers quoting quite low. And always keep in mind that if the claim is settled with full recovery of costs then no claims protection policy can really work. It remains an open claim (18 months) until then. It can take two weeks from the time when Saga receives the post to hand it over to their claims handler and it may happen that you receive the request your papers in that time. However, Saga can be called as a safe company and their quotes for the inclusive offers are quite low.
    Car Insurance
    Jasmine Finlay
    This service is completely useless. I did not make a claim and was yet thrown into so many hassles, I really wonder what would happen if one fine day I had to ask for claims. It took them more than three attempts to change the reg number on my policy when I had decided to put a private plate on. My wife, who changed her car, has yet not been issued a new certificate despite two attempts. And that was not all. When I changed my car they doubled my premium and when it was renewal time they sent me double the quote than the quote for a new policy. I called to inform them that did not want to continue with them and with the renewal and to my disbelief, they still renewed it.
    Car Insurance
    Recently an Autoglass van crashed into the back of my car due to careless driving. I had a comprehensive car insurance done with Saga. They offered me 250 pounds which was 450 pounds less 200 pounds of excess. The value of the car by the Autotrader is 1,645 pounds. My sincere advice to all is to stay away from Saga and more specifically their comprehensive insurance policy.
    Car Insurance
    Jake Alexander
    Ellesmere Port
    Saga doesn’t have a proper procedure for settling the claims. Ideally it should be getting an estimate done, ordering for the parts required and then booking the vehicle. My car has been with their approved repairer SMS Cardiff for around 3 weeks and isn’t ready till date. Their estimator would reach days after you have already sent your car to the garage and they approve the wok after some more days. When I verified the same from my local bodyshop person he informed that the repair that took Saga more than 3 weeks could have been completed in 3 days. What a waste of time!
    Car Insurance
    Poppy Jasme
    Before you accept their renewal quote always do a small research. I did and got a substantial reduction done by quoting others. Keep in mind that the full protection cover only works when the whole of the claim is settled with recovery of all the costs. Until then, it continues to be an open claim. You would never believe that it can take as long as 14 days for a letter to reach from their post room to the concerned department. But leaving all that, Saga prides to be a safe company and for inclusive offers, their quotes are quite low.
    Car Insurance
    A brilliant company to deal with, Saga people have good communication skills and are very helpful at all the times. I met an accident at Ireland and it was immediately sorted out as and when I reached back. Too good service and reasonable price! When I informed them that I have been waiting for a positive response for their repairer for a week now, they were astonished to know that I waited that long. They asked me to get the repair done from the garage and send them the bill.
    Car Insurance
    Rhode Island
    They provide excellent services and are always available for contact and are very helpful, when you have some doubts. Their premiums are low. Sorting out the crash that I had in Ireland was a simple process. It was completed immediately when I reached back home. Their insurance policies, especially for those above 50 years of age, are of good quality.
    Car Insurance
    The treatment of their own customers by Saga, is good. On the other hand, third party insurance is not dealt with well at all. You hardly ever receive a response on their third party line and often, the behaviour of the staff is rude. The staff shows interest in your case, only when you threaten to call their customer line. They insist on receiving letters from all third party individuals.
    Car Insurance
    Not the kind of service I expected from this company. Would not recommend this insurer to anyone. Usual thing good price not so good service.
    Car Insurance
    Would like to share an interesting experience I had with Saga Car Insurance. They had provided me a quote for which I had paid and then they returned the money back partially with apologies, stating that they had overcharged me by 60%. They repaid the same and also added a 10 pounds for inconvenience caused. How many insurance providers in the market would do that.
    Car Insurance
    Have to agree with Warren, I was with the prudential for 45 years, changed to Saga and saved £145 on a similar policy.
    Car Insurance
    I was insured to Saga Insurance through one of my relative who was very much satisfied with the insurance company for over twenty years. For drivers over 50 years old they offer discounts which is very much useful to them. The car insurance offered by them is easy and straightforward. They also offer house contents insurance and holiday insurance at affordable rates. Their website is well designed, instructive and can be easily navigated. As I am happy with Saga I mainly refer it to all those who are fifty plus.
    Car Insurance