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The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) is one of the advanced motoring organizations in UK, founded in 1897. It has been consistently providing and developing enormous range of motoring services, products to their customers. RAC Insurance also provides motor, home, breakdown cover, and travel insurance, and campaigns.

The company arranges roadside assistance with up to the minute travel information to their customers in case of breakdown. They also provide instant online quotes, legal and technical advice to the customers. RAC provides various types of insurance like, home, travel, motor insurance for both private and business motorists and Car insurance.

RAC Car Insurance:

RAC Insurance provides motoring products like breakdown and insurance on Car Issues including buying and maintenance. It also provides RAC Membership Plus Card which includes increased legal services cover, free physiotherapy cover in case of accidents and breakdowns. You get the most competitive quote from leading insurers from RAC Insurance.

Also the RAC Insurance offers highly competitive prices for Car Insurance and provides absolute information for their potential customers. RAC Car Insurance policies are very flexible and are designed to meet the needs of each customer. In addition to that RAC website is highly informative providing tips and traffic updates, journey planning service to keep your car in top condition.

Benefits of RAC Car Insurance include Flexible cover at competitive prices with no-claims discount, free phone number for all policy enquiries and claims, covers many grey-imported vehicles, reduced hassle with their 24 hour claims helpline for claims and queries and a phone number to check bad traffic, road congestion areas.

RAC Home Insurance:

RAC Insurance also provides Home Insurance policies to their Customers having Membership. Through these policies RAC provides comprehensive buildings and contents coverage with different features like 24 hour It claims helpline, personal liability cover, identity theft helpline, Extensive cover with options like Legal Expenses, Home and Garden Package, Home Emergency and Sports Package.

RAC Travel Insurance:

RAC Travel Insurance provides 24-hour international medical assistance, Plus cover if you lose your luggage, your passport or money, medical cover, personal accident cover, Cover for the families, couples and individual for UK and also for Worldwide.

RAC Caravan Insurance:

RAC offers various policies on Caravan that are flexible to give the level of cover you need. In this, RAC offers protection for damage or loss to the caravan and its contents so that the customers feel safe that their caravan has been appropriately protected against the unexpected events. RAC Insurance provides alternative accommodation if your caravan is uninhabitable due to damage insured under the policy.

In addition to that RAC Insurance members having Membership plus can receive excellent benefits:

  • Protecting client's personal information from possible security risks
  • Free physiotherapy cover
  • Single free phone contact number for all accidents and breakdowns
  • Discount on policy premium, increased legal services cover which provides legal advice via a 24 hour, 365 days a year helpline

RAC Insurance responds to the requirements of the Customers in the quickest, most efficient and most appropriate way.

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RAC was the cheapest when I was searching for a quote on a search engine for my car insurance. They quoted 180 pounds as compared to 300 400 pounds that I had been paying. I called up heir customer service to confirm their unbelievable quote and to my surprise they confirmed it. The man on the other end checked all my details, we added some extras and still the quote was below 200 pounds. It was a deal there and then. I am really happy for their price as well as their customer service.
Car Insurance
Zac Cannor
I have a policy from RAC for last 9 years for my car. Throughout the term I had needed them only twice. The first time it was the other insurance company that was going to pay for my claim. I have always found their customer service quite efficient and courteous, and the call out man is friendly and polite. It was recently when I received my last free subscription when I had given them a call second time. This time they had increased my premium by 31 pounds. I immediately gave them a call to clarify and they did. They said since I had made a claim I had lost my discount. To this I got a bit annoyed as I had stayed with them for a fairly long time. The person at the customer service agreed to reinstate the premium on the condition that I pay him instantly over the phone. It was clear that he was working on commission basis. I declined the offer since the payment of the premium was due next month and I had sufficient time to check my bill and consider other options. I had stayed with RAC for such a long time since they have good customer service but there are other companies too which are cheaper.
Car Insurance
Leo Cameron
My experience with RAC was really great. I never knew that they would come out to be that cheap but I realised when I went online. Now since I do not use my car much and usually drive off peak I saved a lot from them. I also went ahead with their breakdown cover which was 25 pounds off my price. A touching experience!
Car Insurance
Sam Nathan
It was last week when I received my renewal quote from Norwich Union for a staggering 399 pounds. I decided to go online and look for other quotes where Confused helped. They showed that the AA insurance was offering the same thing for 349 pounds so I went ahead and bought a policy from AA. I dont know what struck me the next morning that I checked up the rates of RAC. I was totally astonished on how could Confused ignore their quote of 249 pounds? It was a saving of 100 pounds on AA and 150 pounds on Norwich. And guess what? It also included a courtesy car. It was a comprehensive cover with a facility for additional driver with a speeding conviction. I immediately got my policy with AA cancelled and took out the same from RAC. Though I have had no chance to claim I have been hearing that in terms of service they are at par with AA and better than Norwich.
Car Insurance
Riyan Finlay
Ellesmere Port
The quote for RAC last year was 279 pounds and this year when I received my renewal letter it had increased to 340 pounds for the same policy. I did not do much about it as I had decided that I would go out elsewhere. But then I received another reminder letter from RAC and this time their quote was 360 pounds. It was amazing! There was no explanation whatsoever why the quote had increased by 80 pounds as compared to last year or why it increased by 20 pounds in no time? And that also without any changes made to my policy and no claims taken.
Car Insurance
Estell Manor
I had a wonderful experience with RAC car insurance. I have been with it for over three years. Last year I met with an accident and I Immediately called to RAC Insurance which responded very quickly and offered insurance cover. They also provide 24-hour online assistance. I was impressed with the insurance provided by them. They provide cheap cover flexible cover at competitive prices with no-claims discount. I recommend all to go through the insurance company.
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