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Quinn-direct is one of the renowned organizations in United Kingdom established in the year 1996 and offers wide range of services. Since a period of 15 years they have transformed and expanded their business in to various sections like hotels, building projects, chemical, energy, health care, glass, insurance, packages, pensions, investments, property, plastics and radiators. The company is well known for their routed customer service and care. Their call centers are established all over and they respond quickly in case of any problem.

Quinn-direct car insurance offers a wide range of services like easy monthly payment plan, optional windscreen cover, policy cover in EU for a period of three months, 24 hours claim help line, audio equipment cover, comprehensive polices, hotel expenses, medical covers, online policy management, courtesy cover option, loss of keys cover, optional windscreen cover. Quinn-Direct Insurance avail you good amount of quotes for a reasonable amount of premiums. Also they have designed good covers for young drivers, women drivers, mature drivers, experienced drivers.

Motor cycle insurance from Quinn-direct is one of the best services offered to the motorists. There are many benefits like 24 hours claim helpline, optional legal cover, easy monthly payment plan, generous no claim discount, riding qualification discounts, free break down cover and many more. The policy offers the covers like third party cover, comprehensive cover and third party, theft and fire. In business, ups and downs are very common. Therefore it is very important to have a back-up in case of any emergency, in order to overcome this, Quinn-direct offers business insurance options for various fields like constructions, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing, commercial properties and many more. By opting for this, you can reduce premium amount on the cover, 50% of liability policy is covered by the company and highest level of customer service is offered in the country.

Quinn direct insurance was established in 1996. It is one of the rapid growing insurers in the UK. The cost of provision in both the Irish and UK markets has driven down right when Quinn Direct established. For customer service, value and innovation the company has gained a reputation. Due to excellent value products provided to the customers Quinn direct enjoyed tremendous growth over recent years. Quinn Direct is a refreshing new approach to insurance. It provides mainly three types of insurance. They are Commercial Vehicles, Business and Car insurance.

Quinn Direct Car Insurance: This provides car insurance which is designed to suit each and everyone regardless of age, experience and gender. Their policy is easy to understand and straight forward with no hidden costs. Young drivers are provided with great value car insurance. Quinn Direct Insurance offers cheap car security to students, learner drivers, first time drivers and young drivers in the UK. The cover offered to young drivers includes comprehensive cover and third party fire & theft. Quinn Direct Car Insurance provides quality service from beginning to end.

Quinn Direct Commercial Vehicles Insurance: This is mainly for the protection of drivers and business vehicles. They provide low-cost commercial vehicle insurance. It also offers competitive small truck and van insurance quotes online for your convenience. Tailor made backing packages are offered at competitive price.

Quinn Direct Business Insurance: It is a protection for business and its employees. It is a part of the International Quinn Group. Quinn Direct has an excellent understanding in the business settlement needs of the constructing, manufacturing and leisure industries. This business restitution will help you get the cover required for business at competitive rates though it is business interruption or public liability insurance.

As part of their quality service Quinn Direct offer dedicated account service, fast track claims service, with two-day turnaround they offer quick and efficient quote service, finance packages and flexible payment plans, free safety and health advice with risk management guidance etc.

Including private and commercial motor a full suite of general insurance products are provided by the Quinn Direct Insurance. Public liability, employer’s liability and property damage which are included in the range of policy cover for businesses are also provided by the company. The benefits include named driving experience discounts, low claims excess, European cover, and optional windscreen cover.

There is a Company's Internet site which allows customers to get a commercial motor quotation and a motor. It also enables customers to immediately go on cover. The Quinn Direct has nearly 550,000 customers who have come for top quality and excellent customer service.

In UK, whole Quinn Direct Insurance Limited is regulated by the Financial Regulator and UK business is regulated by Financial Services Authority. General public are offered professional service by Quinn direct. They expert staff they have help clients to save money and time.

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Ok until you make a claim then its delay after delay after delay, then they want to penalise you for their delays. You expect their customer service to kick in when you most need it which is when you claim. Not here, happy to take your cash but once you need their help, your ignored. Think the other reviewers caught them off guard to have such praise for such a terrible company....look elsewhere whatever you do, they may be cheap but so is their customer service.
Car Insurance
Yes there are normally bad experiences with several insurance companies, but I have had best of my experiences with Quinn Direct since the time I have been dealing with them for my young driver’s policy. I have no complaints whatsoever for extra charges on young driver’s policy due to high risk and high accident figures.
Car Insurance
Sofia Eva
It is an old saying “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This holds true in terms of insurance services too. When you see that a particular insurance provider offers lower rates, it is bound to have some reason for the same. The answer lies in the services provided. While looking for insuring my daughters new Corsa, I was delighted by the rates of Quinn Direct and took up the policy only to later find that the service is not up to the mark. Since I had already taken the policy, I did a bit more research and talked to some people about this subject. After a 14 day cooling off tenure, I requested them for conversion of policy to a monthly paid up one; at least I saved myself from problems when my daughter passes the test. It is a complete nuisance to pay a lump sum amount and then get a refund. See what they did to me. They took numerous goes to confirm the revised insurance premium, send me wrong papers not once but twice, and later promised me they would call (which I have not got till date), they took 5 weeks to send the refund (that too without any apology or compensation) and sent a refund of meagre £80. I just did not cancel the policy for the fact that the premiums were low, but frankly speaking, I should have canceled the policy as I wonder with such administration, how they would handle the claim, if one day it comes to them. It is rather better to pay a few hundred quids extra than to have such a provider.
Car Insurance
Alfie Jack
While I purchased a new-fangled Yamaha 125 for commuting from home to office, I found Quinn direct’s rate as the cheapest i.e. just 25% of the next best quote on several websites. Just 15 days after the purchase, my bike got stolen. I somehow could recover it 2 days later in a badly damaged state. I have had a very positive experience. Within 2 days, they processed my claim and approved it too. I am just worried that after I am having a full bike license, my insurance premiums may shoot up massively.
Car Insurance
Ben Katie
Quinn direct has given me a share of my problems. I have paid for 10 years for this insurance as I found it the most inexpensive one for new drivers i.e. for my daughter at that time. I had to call them numerous times to correct the insurance cover, but they did not make it right. I was bound to cancel my insurance. Guess what! They said that I would not get any refund. I am still wondering how they work and what process they carry on regarding the cancellation fee and the paid up front. I would definitely challenge them by sending my invoice to show my overpayment. Beware of this insurance provider in terms of its administration. I would not recommend going for it. In spite of having a no claim bonus, I am waiting for the proofs still from them.
Car Insurance
Iva Isabella
If you are looking for cheap insurance premiums and are a guest for Quinn Direct, you would definitely leave with a sour taste with a glance at its sky rocketing premiums. Not just that, if you are trapped even after high rates, they would serve you with an icing on the cake. While cancelling your cover, they would stick to you and would not let you go. You would keep waiting for long to have your money back from them. In times of economic depression, these guys would not leave you without problems.
Car Insurance
While mulling over my decision for switching the car insurance, I visited a website for comparing insurance quotes. While looking at the quote, Quinn Direct definitely caught my attention. But was it for good? Not at all! The quotes for Quinn Direct were unbelievably high (I am still wondering why). The quote was at least five times higher than the cheapest quote displayed on the site. I am not too sure of the kind of customer service they provide, but I am sure that on the budget front, I would rate this company the last.
Car Insurance
Emma Ruby
With Quinn, things can be too bad. Back in September, my car was stolen. While I claimed my insurance, Quinn insisted that it is necessary to get all the documentary evidences from the police in order to process the claim. I waited for the 1st month and then again even for the 2nd month. They gave me the same answer that they were waiting for the documents to come from police. I finally decided to get the documents myself from police. I got them and fixed them to Quinn. What a pain, doing the work of Quinn people myself in spite of paying the insurance premiums and service charges! In spite of doing all that, I am still waiting for the claim to get settled, the cheque has still not arrived and I completed the police documentation by December beginning.
Car Insurance
Bury St Edmunds
I have been an old customer insurance customer for Quinn direct and I would definitely not take their services again as I am not satisfied with the way they treat their customers. Calling it a “Poor Service” would surely be an understatement. What happened with me is indicated here. My daughter passed her exam and till then I and she had a policy in the joint name. Now she wanted to get a policy in her own name and I asked the process to the Quinn guys. They informed me that if my daughter takes her own policy, I would be refunded £200 for taking her name out of my policy, since she is taking a separate insurance. I asked them, if I could use this refund amount as a deposit for my daughter’s insurance, but they refused saying that the amount would directly be credited in the bank account. So, I went ahead and paid her deposit with a switch card. Later when I got my policy renewed, I found that the name of my daughter has yet not been taken off and so I would not be refunded the £200. I called them several times, asked them the procedure, and explained them what the guy had promised me only to realise that I had been cheated.
Car Insurance
I have been using the services of Quinn Direct Car Insurance for about 2.5 years now and I am satisfied with the kind of services they provide. I would be adhering with them for long. It is cheaper than the other service providers and they provide value added customer services. I met with an accident sometimes back due to my hand break failure and I had to claim for the damage caused to the other party’s property. The police too couldn’t help in that case. But Quinn were a wholesome support to me since the time I have registered with them. They prevented me falling in the legal traps and dealt with the issue quite quickly in my favor.
Car Insurance
First Timer
I have a Natwest Account and went through Confused and found this brilliant deal. I am paying ridiculous amount of money to Post Office even though I had no accidents or anything and now have 1yr NCB but still paying them for nothing. I tried Quinn website which is brilliant except the direct debit setup choices. Since I have a Natwest Acc I dont know which option to choose to set it up. Anyone who can help me can email me at manzone604@hotmail.com.
Car Insurance
First Timer
I have a Natwest Account and went through Confused and found this brilliant deal. I am paying ridiculous amount of money to Post Office even though I had no accidents or anything and now have 1yr NCB but still paying them for nothing. I tried Quinn website which is brilliant except the direct debit setup choices. Since I have a Natwest Acc I dont know which option to choose to set it up.
Car Insurance
I think this car insurance company is exceptional in every way.We have found this company is fair on prices,and we can pay monthy.
Car Insurance
I have been a customer for Quinn direct insurance for two years. They provide outstanding customer service. Two years ago when I first bought my car I looked for cheap car insurance and came across Quinn direct insurance. It is a lifeline for young drivers as they can not afford more money on insurance. Now I changed my policy to stay through Quinn direct insurance forever. And one of my friends has no driving experience and I added him to this insurance that didn’t cost me extra.
Car Insurance
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