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With the recent inflation period, there has been a simultaneous rise of prices on goods, commodities and services. Especially the medical expenses, food products have augmented their prices. The regular salary is just not enough to beat the mountain of debts, price rises etc. Then the only option, which can save you in hard times, is getting insured with Prudential Indemnification policies. Prudential plc established in the year 1848 is one of the leading companies that offer products like insurance, annuities, pensions, investments, personal banking and property investments.

The Prudential insurance offers a wide range of options like car insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, private health insurance and protection polices. All these indemnification policies can be altered according to your budget and get the best one that suits you. The car insurance option is generally of three kinds namely comprehensive, third party, third party theft and fire. There are various benefits of Prudential Insurance like additional discounts for buying online, guarantee courtesy car from the various kinds of insurances when using one our legitimate repairers, flexible payment options, variable voluntary access and many more. Also break down cover, no claims discount protection and break down cover are offered as extra services.

Health problems have taken the rise in toll and have become most common now a day. Prudential insurance offers the option of private health insure to its customers with wide range of benefits. Some of them are no claims discount up to 25% when you are novice, immediate consultation of medical experts in case of sudden health problems, instant member ship to the vitality program that offers good amount of discounts. Apart from these there is also life cover, income protection, serious illness covers that save you from major tribulations. Opting for Prudential insurance will make you lead a secure life.

Prudential plc is an UK based leading international financial services company, established in 1848. Prudential Insurance is a leading pensions, and life coverage provider which extended from retail investments, personal banking, pensions, and insurance, to property investments, and institutional fund management. It has around seven million customers. Its the leading European life insurer with life and fund management operations in Asia, and owns Jackson National Life, a leading life insurance company in the US and it has more than three million policies.

Prudential insurance offer save & internet, retire, and insure & protect plans. Prudential Insurance retires offer annuities, pensions, and prudential property value release plan. Prudential insure & protect offers home, car, travel insurance, pruhealth, and flexible protection plan. Save your money when moving to pru.

Car Insurance by Prudential offer free level 1 breakdown cover with free Green Flag Recovery for the first year, and is a high quality insurance product. It provides no-claim discount, can get discount when buy it online, 90 days European cover as standard, by using one of their approved repairers customers can get 5 years guarantee on repairs, guaranteed courtesy car, and with comprehensive cover they provide 24-hour accident recovery helpline.

It covers third party, third party only, fire and theft or comprehensive Car Insurance cover according to customers needs. It also offers NCD protection, garage network, monthly direct debit payment option, and introductory discount depending on age and experience of customers.

Prudential home insurance offer 24 hour home emergency assistance as standard, accidental damage insurance, and legal protection. It covers no-claim discount, buildings cover, introductory discount, new for-old contents cover, and automatic access to identity theft insurance service. Prudential Insurance also offers combined discount if customers buy buildings and contents insurance together. They are one of the only insurers who offer home emergency assistance as standard. With this policy they save customers money and from hassle.

Travel insurance policy of Prudential could make financial sense particularly for families and couples. Prudential Travel Insurance offers annual multi trip, and single trip. Multi trip covers day trips and overnight stay trip to Europe. Single trip cover for travel only once in a year and it covers trips of 1 to 185 days duration.

Prudential Insurance also provides cancellation and curtailment cover, optional winter sports cover, no claims discount, included automatically business & independent travel, personal possessions cover - new for old cover, and in case of illness or accidents they also offer medical cover. Particularly it provides high levels of customer service.

Prudential Health Insurance, avoid NHS waiting lists and it offer three types of plans like core plan, the comprehensive plan, and the essential plan. Core plan covers additional benefits including cash benefit following the birth of a baby and for using the NHS, including specialist fees they cover all eligible hospital fees, limited in-patient, and out-patient hospital stays.

The essential plan cover additional benefits such as complementary therapies, higher cover limits, and greater levels of outpatient care, less restriction on in-patient and out-patient care hospital stays. The comprehensive plan of this Prudential Insurance cover the greater levels of outpatient care and higher cover limit, and all the cover of the essential plan.

Prudential Financial got 66th rank in fortune 500 list of America's Largest Corporations, Prudential Financial got 88th rank in Forbes Global 2000 list is an annual tabulation of the world's largest public companies, and 182nd rank in fortune 500 List of the World's Largest Corporations.

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Henry Christopha
A lorry hit my small Micra in an accident and I claimed for no damage to the other vehicle from Prudential insurance. They asked me to settle for 50/50 as there was no use to appeal. But this took about 5 months. So I decided to appeal. But after 3 months I was told that I lacked evidence and this ended the case. I then decided to rescind my claim whatsoever since work on my car had yet not started and claiming would have had made me pay 200 pounds extra, had made my premium increase and would have zeroed my no claim bonus. Deciding to get repair done privately I have saved much money which I would not have been able to had I opted for insurance. At the time of renewal Pru had sent me a quote of 1000 pounds but by now I had lost interest in the company. I just thought it was wise to check if they really rescinded my claim or not as that would have and to my horror I found out that the claim was still open in their books. It really pained and irritated me a lot and I became all the more adamant not to think about Prudential anymore for renewal. I am still looking out for a better insurance company that I can switch too, a company that would think that other than taking money, fighting for the claim is also a part of their duty especially when the accident is not your fault. Prudential really messed me like hell and I shall not recommend it to anybody else.
Car Insurance
Mathew Ethan
My policy with Prudential Car Insurance lapsed when the direct debits from account bounced as I was not in town for a period of 3 months. However, when I got back there were a huge number of mails from their side informing me about each and every step. They released my no claim bonus and also gave ma a pro rata discount due to cancellation. Though I was not in time to stop the cancellation, I must say that Prudential is one of the best companies that we have here in insurance.
Car Insurance
I was with the Pru for most of my life (now 62). On changing to another well-advertised company on-line, I saved 145 on my premium, imagine my surprise when the policy arrived and I found that it was with the pru, but via the other company! Just goes to prove that it pays to shop around, although why the pru could not have offered myself, who had been with them for 45 years claim free, better rates, is a mystery. The end result was an identical policy, same company, but 145 cheaper.
Car Insurance
Over the years I have been with different insurance companies paying high premiums. This year I called many companies and after many calls I came across Prudential Insurance. Their customer service was really very polite and great. They provided Prudential Car Insurance along with break down cover with green flag. It offered great quotes. The premiums provided by them are cheaper than my previous insurance companies. I am highly impressed with this company. And it is one of the best companies I have ever come across.
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