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“You don’t have to be posh to privileged”, is the slogan run by Privilege insurance company. Established in the year 1994, it is one of the leading insurers in United Kingdom. The company offers a wide range of insurance options to the citizens of United Kingdom. Some of them include car insurance, home insurance and break down cover option. Being a part of RBS group, they offer good amount of discount options and services to their customers.

Privilege car insurance is one of the best options which acquired encomiums from all over the world. There are several benefits and some of them include 24 hour wind screen replacement, easy claims services, UK call centers, child car seat replacement and many more. Third party fire and theft, third party and comprehensive covers are the standard covers offered by the Privilege Insurance company. Also include options like motor legal protection, compensation for car etc.There is a section called Driver’s advice that is exclusively designed for all the drivers. It includes a whole lot of information regarding tips about safety driving, night driving, motor driving etiquette and many more.

Privilege offers home insurance options and it is best applicable for the ones who are seeking for a mortgage plan. They offer both buildings insurance and contents insurance option. The buildings insurance is a cover that includes accidental breakage of covers, glasses, sanitary ware, replacement of keys in case keys are lost, accidental damage to the underground services and many more options. The Contents insurance cover includes public liability cover, loss of oil and metered water, food in the freezer, accidental breakage of furniture and many more. The Privilege break down cover is partnered with Green Flag Partner ship cover. By opting for it, you get benefits like national network of break down specialists, five levels of cover, personal cover, additional cover and many more.

Privilege insurance is one of the leading insurance types. It offers competitive car insurance with a guarantee to beat renewal quotes. To get cheaper car insurance customer need not have to posh. Privilege offers breakdown cover and home insurance with optional extras and range of benefits. It is a part of RBS group. Different types of insurance offered by Privilege Insurance are Car, Home and Breakdown cover.

Privilege Car Insurance: Privilege car insurance offer privy to a wealth of services and great benefits. It also provides motor legal protection which also offers three types of cover. They are Comprehensive cover, Third-party cover, and Fire and Theft Third party only. The benefits offered by Privilege Car Insurance are

  • No Claim Discount
  • If you use their approved repair companies in event of an accident, they provide courtesy car
  • They also have 24 hour accident recovery service which will repair, collect, clean, service and deliver your car back to you
  • They also provide UK call centres for customer service
  • They offer Windscreen replacement hotline which is open 24 hours and no claim discount won't be affected by windscreen claims
  • If your car's glass breaks than emergency roadside assistance will arrive within three hours
  • Privilege Breakdown cover has special offers like off on breakdown cover and partnership with Green Flag Motoring Assistance
  • For manufacturer-fitted car stereos they provide unlimited cover
  • Can choose premium from our range of optional extra covers
  • They also offer Car-seat replacement in case of accidents

    Privilege Home insurance: Privilege home insurance gives you cover you require at a competitive price. Some of the great benefits offered by privilege are

    Home Buildings insurance: For the cost of any outbuildings and rebuilding they will provide buildings cover. Along with roofs, walls, driveways and patios Privilege home insurance also provide cover for permanent fixtures like bathroom fittings, kitchen units, and fitted wardrobes. Outbuildings like sheds and garages are also included. Burst or frozen pipes also require cover. Privilege Insurance also offers free Home Emergency Service and get it repaired if the customer has household emergency like storm damage or overflowing manhole cover. They will pay to stay somewhere else if the customer's home is uninhabitable.

    Home Contents insurance: Along with possessions in home Privilege Insurance will cover belongings in sheds and garages. They will cover the belongings that the customer take when customer move somewhere like university accommodation etc. They will provide with replacement keys and locks when they are stolen. Contents of freezer are also included in cover. They will replace old items with new ones if the customer makes a claim.

    Privilege Cover away from the home: If the customer takes Personal Possessions cover, customer's belongings will be covered outside the home. For financial losses when credit cards are used without permission their Personal Possessions cover includes a cover.

    Privilege Breakdown cover: Everyone will get accessed to a first-class service. Privilege breakdown offers options for a selection of cover to match the particular needs. The benefits offered are

  • Around 40minutes average response time
  • 24-hours available
  • To suit your individual needs various levels of covers are available
  • Additional cover or Personal cover is also available in Privilege
  • They use a national network of approved garages for qualified staff
  • Privilege Insurance offers different types of cover like Rescue, Rescue Plus, Recovery, Recovery Plus Euro-Plus and Personal cover.

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    I cannot agree with the reviewer who said that the service of Privilege is very good. I too got my car insured with Privilege based on all these reviews. But I have my own experience which does not match with the review that supported the company. I had to call the company when a speeding car hit mine while flashing across the street. It is a very long story that stretches over 7 weeks. In short, the people at Privilege gave all incorrect information, broke their promises, took 6 weeks to repair my car, presented a false report of repairs done, lost the original keys of my car, and shut the case informing that the police could locate the whereabouts of the stolen car that hit mine. You can imagine the stress I suffered. I had to call them to re-opne the case so that I could get my excess back. I do not think they reopened the case and contacted the police to get information. This is a very good example of bigger companies that do not think about trying to their best. They just finished the formalities and shut the case. I can just hope that the business attitude comes back to them.
    Car Insurance
    Nethy Bridge
    I got car insurance from the Privilege Car Insurance and I am happy that I did so. I had to make a claim last August after an accident. I called them on Saturday morning. The call was routed to a call-center that was ok. They noted down the details and my car was taken for repair on Wednesday. For the time being, they gave me a good quality courtesy car. The repairer too did not take much time and repaired the car soon. The repairs were fine too. I got the most excellent service I could imagine. Also, I found that the renewal is amongst the cheapest ones.
    Car Insurance
    I am insured with Privilege. If you want a living testimonial, call them. They offer the kind of customer support and service that is highly professional and can be used as a standard for measuring othersí performance. Just call them when it is renewal time and see the difference. You will not be forced to increase your payment unless it is absolutely necessary. They do not load your premium for claim if you are not at fault. Comparing it with other insurance companies, you just cannot find any fault with this insurance company. They are always present when you need support.
    Car Insurance
    After getting my car insured with the Privilege Insurance, I feel totally secure and fully protected. I now have an insurance policy for business use for myself as well as my partner. My partner is also insured on the same policy for no additional fee. I keep on comparing my policy with others and find that others are not as good as the one I am having. Being in late 20s, I got 5 years with no claims, no penalty points, 13k miles per annum, and a £15 car. I would recommend people with similar circumstances to give Privilege a try before going elsewhere.
    Car Insurance
    My car was damaged when a person reversed into my car. I was directed to the Privilege approved repairer. The repairer informed me that the car will be back to normal in 7 to 10 days. On the contrary, it took them 20 days to fix the car. They gave me a 5 year guarantee on the repairs. However, they did not confirm what all they replaced in the car. I can see that the number plate was replaced with the one carrying the repairerís advertisement. This was not a good ad if you want to sell off the car later. While on the phone, I heard that the headlights need to be changed, which was not required at all. After taking the car back home, I called up Privilege but they were not interested in the issue. They did not even bother to help me get back the money I spent on the repairs from the person who hit my car. Ever since all I am doing is to call them and write to them. While there were no replies to the letters, the phones if picked up, used to say that the matter is not clear yet! I will never recommend this to any one, not even to my worst enemies.
    Car Insurance
    When my neighbourís car caught fire, my car was just beside it. It was damaged to some extent. The side panels and front bumper got my car out of order. I called up Privilege car to report the event and reached the customer support. I gave them all details they asked, including the police crime record and the neighbourís insurance details. They referred my car to Gilders of Sheffield who repaired my car to make it look a new one. Though they took 7 days to repair the car, they even cleaned it inside out. I called up Privilege again to ask if I lost all my no claims. The answer I got was quite relieving. I would lose only two years. But I get to keep 7 years no claims as the renewal comes. Each time I called Privilege, I reached their customer care that was highly professional and polite. The customer care people knew what they were speaking about. Plus, I was always given the right directions by these professionals. I donít think I will like to lose such privileges that are hard to find with most of the other car insurers. I canít. I would like to Thank Privilege for everything.
    Car Insurance
    One of my neighbors recommended Privilege Insurance to insurance my new car. I had fully insured my car and now have no claims, a £20k car, 15k miles per annum and also no penalty points. Once my car side panels got damaged while my son learning driving. I immediately informed the situation to Privilege car insurance. I got immediate response and I had my car repaired to an extremely high standard. It took 3 days to repair, and the car servicing has done properly. I got up to 65% No Claim Discount with 4 years no claims discount at privilege.
    Car Insurance