partial car insurance

The main purpose of insurance for the car is to give the protection against the physical damage caused by traffic collisions as well as legal liability. But taking Partial Car Insurance is owner’s choice as it is optional. This type of insurance covers many risks which insurers may like to opt for if they feel fit.

Individual risk of Partial Car Insurance includes theft, fire, and damage by natural forces, broken glasses, martens, vandalism act and collision with the animals as well as personal belongings. Theft includes vehicle theft in which it covers the damage caused by attempted theft. The risk of your vehicle depends upon where you park the vehicle e.g. either in garage, public or private parking spot. Theft retention rates are more in UK by some insurers for theft. The damage caused to your vehicle by lightning, fire, short-circuits and explosions are also covered in this insurance. If the vehicle is old the chances of catching fire are more because of technical defect. Damage caused by natural forces such as hailstones, stormy winds, floods, avalanches, pressure of snow masses and rock fall is covered in this insurance. But the probability of these damages is small, which keeps the premiums low. It also includes the damage caused to your vehicle by the hitting of animal such as a deer. The colliding risk especially with deer will be more on the country roads in twilight hours. It covers the damage of your vehicle caused by the martens. Usually the consequential damage is also included. If you park your vehicle outside, the marten risk will be more. Another risk of the vandalism act includes the damage of your vehicle or the parts of the vehicle intentionally by someone. The insurance will provide you the cost of repairs including windscreen wiper, aerial or tyres. It also covers the costs of damaged or stolen pieces of the luggage which has to be replaced or repaired.

The older the vehicle, less compensation will be received if it is damaged. Therefore, it is not advisable to take Partial Car Insurance for your vehicle, if it is old.

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