One Day Car Insurance

Insurance, by default, has become one of the inevitable expenses that one has to spend on. An annual insurance cover with proper payment has become vital for a day to day life. But like every other things, insurance is also made easy these days and the reason – One Day Car Insurance.

Though introduced in 2005, one day car insurance is a relatively recent advancement known to very few people. This comes handy when your car is used by a friend or by one of your family member for a day or if you choose to participate in a racing event which is becoming a hobby for almost everyone in UK these days.

One Day Car Insurance has its own advantages such as,
  • Highly economical.
  • Arrangement of this insurance plan is much cheaper and convenient than any annual plan.
  • It provides immediate solution for people who are interested in short term insurance cover.
  • It gives almost all the facilities including cover against theft, fire, and accident etc.
However, there are chances of some ‘conditions apply’ tag when you avail a temporary insurance cover which seems of good importance. Some of them are,
  • The vehicle should be registered in UK or any prescribed areas.
  • Should be for personal use and not for hiring or carrying goods.
  • Should not be a hired vehicle.
An additional convenience is the online payment option provided by most of the agencies. With all these features, One Day Insurance is no more an expensive objective.

One Day Car Insurance Advantages

No-claims bonus protection

We all want to safeguard our no claims bonus, so when we lend a car to a friend so why not opt for short term insurance cover for that specific period of time? With easy and convenient day car insurance from Carinsurance1 you can lend your car to your family and friends while securing your no claims bonus from your annual insurance cover.

Additional drivers for a limited period

On occasions you may to have friends or family who need to drive your vehicle. Maybe you have family in town or a friend who needs to borrow your car for a few days. You could also be going on a long road trip and want your fellow travelers to share the driving with you. For all such occasions you can avail at Carinsurance1 a short tern insurance policy with suits your needs perfectly along with being a best buy.

Drive away cover

You can take a short term insurance cover to drive home from the showroom when you’ve purchased a new car or when you buy a car from a private seller. This will allow you enough time to conduct a survey of all competitive annual insurance policies you can choose from to finalize on one that suits your requirement perfectly.

Quick and convenient online process

You can buy a temporary policy from us at the click of a button online. You choose your policy; make the payment online and even print your temporary insurance certificate and schedule (proof of your cover) all while sitting at your computer at leisure at home.

Additional cars/vans for a limited period

There may be times when you may find yourself in a situation when you need to drive someone else’s car for a while. Maybe your car broke down and its being repaired or simply that you’ve lent it to a friend. You could even need a big car to move house from one place to another. Carinsurance1 offers this service at your convenience.

Test driving a potential buy

So you like the way the car looks but how does it feel to drive it? Take it out for a test drive after covering yourself at Carinsurance1. This service enables you to make an informed decision before deciding on the car that’s right for you. It may be a new car or a used one either way you can get protected here.

Road fund licence

With one day car insurance even the temporary insurance holders are eligible to submit their certificate to tax their car. (This is Subject to DVLA/Post Office acceptance).

One day car insurance is best suited to the drivers who have bought a new vehicle and still arranging for the annual vehicle insurance. The one day insurance will provide immediate cover to your vehicle without any hassles. The documents are sent to the client immediately through email. It is a very easy and convenient form of insurance that can be extended from 1 day to 28 days. It has been observed that it is more economical to seek a temporary insurance in certain cases. If the car is not being used often then there is no point in spending a yearlong insurance premium. The best way to get security is through one day car insurance.

The drivers aged 21 to 75 years are eligible for this insurance. This insurance is available to all those drivers who are having UK license for more than a year. The one day car insurance is generally not administered to drivers whose license have more than 6 penalty points. Also no disqualification is allowed in 5 years. This kind of insurance also allows addition of more drivers to this policy. It is very important in UK to get the car insured for the driver who is driving it. It may many a times happen that whenever you are driving a borrowed car and something wrong happens then there is no way out. Hence, in such cases one day car insurance can be sought for. United Kingdom has strict driving rules and the insurance is the very important formality before driving the vehicle in UK.

The one day car insurance provides the immediate cover and the payment can be made online. It is ideal if you want insurance during a test drive or a long journey. This also covers third party insurance. The quote can be availed online just by a click and later on all other documentation can be completed with in no time through online procedures. The formalities need to be completed before driving the car as it is a must in UK.

There are several companies that offer temporary insurance for the vehicles. The best deal can be availed online through proper search. The quotes and services can be compared online to final the best insurance provider. The payment can be made online through safe and secure payment options. The insurance must be purchased from genuine insurance provider for timely and hassle-free claim settlement.

Car Insurance One Day

The car is the big investment for many car owners. It is difficult for the car owners to further spend on the maintenance and repairs of the car. Hence, they opt for the car insurance to have secure driving experience. The car insurance premium for the annual car insurance is very high and the car owners will find it difficult to manage the funds for annual premium. Hence, they may opt for the temporary car insurance. The temporary car insurance can be purchased from 1 to 28 days. You can decide the term as per the driving pattern. If you are looking for the temporary insurance for weekend drive then weekend car insurance is the ideal pick. The car insurance one day basis can be purchased if you are looking for the insurance cover for the borrowed car or guest driver just for a day drive.

The car insurance one day basis can be purchased for very affordable premium. This type of insurance can also be purchased if you have a new car and want to insure it against any odds during the drive from showroom to home. The valid UK driving license holder can only apply for this type of insurance. The driver from 21 to 75 years of age can apply for such insurance. The one day car insurance is also available online and you can enter the required details for its activation. The reputed insurance companies have their official websites where you will be able to calculate the premium through the online premium calculator. The application is also processed online for easy and quick activation.

The premium depends on the age of the driver and also the previous record of the driving. The safe driving record of past will decrease the premium amount considerably. The car insurance one day basis will have fewer formalities to follow compared to the annual car insurance policy. The insurance documents will also be sent by the insurance company through email and hence you don’t have to face hassles caused during the purchase of the insurance policy. The payment can also be made online through secure payment system.

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