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Norwich Union Direct Insurance a part of Aviva group is one of the leading insurance companies in the insurance industry. They major focus on investments, personal savings, general insurance and fund management. The company offers various kinds of insurance like home, travel, pet, car, home emergency, high net worth, life cover, health protection, personal accident, business insurance and many other products and services. The company serves more than 53 million customers’ world wide and offers excellent customer service. The company is into online services with their official website.

Norwich Union Direct Insurance offers the opportunity of travel insurance. There are many benefits of the insurance like hospital benefits, personal accident benefit, personal liability, legal expenses, cancellation charges, abandonment charges and optional cover for winter sports, scuba diving, golfing equipment, air space closures, new travel disruption cover and business trips. The online purchase of the travel insurance will fetch you 10% discount and offer online medical screening, E-documentation, E-renewal packages to the customers.

The Norwich Union Direct Motor insurance cover is of various kinds like classic car insurance; break down cover, van insurance, motor cycle insurance, short term car insurance, motor home insurance, route planner and many more. The Norwich Union Direct Insurance company offers three kinds of cover namely comprehensive, third party fire, third party and theft. These offer new car replacement, emergency medical treatment, child car seat cover, personal belongings cover, audio equipment cover, Replacement locks, key care, driver confidence assistance and many more. The optional services include guaranteed no claims discount, protected no claims discount, legal services, courtesy cover both enhanced and protected, foreign use cover, courtesy car cover, physiotherapy car cover and personal accident cover. A lot more information is available on the official site of the company. And a lot more tips are offered to the customers.

Norwich Union Direct Insurance is a part of Aviva Group, one of the largest insurance groups in the world. It is the largest insurer in the UK that provides life and pension products in Europe and offers online quotes. The main areas of Norwich Union Direct Insurance are general insurance, long-term savings and fund management. They are serving over millions of customers by providing premium income and investment sales of assets under management. Quotes can be offered easily from Norwich Union Direct Insurance.

General Insurance:

Norwich Union Direct Insurance has excellent customer service, disciplined underwriting, product innovation and rigorous cost control at their general security business. In personal insurance they deliver high-quality sustainable earnings from market-leading positions and selected commercial lines. Norwich Insurance strengthens relationship with customers with their high-quality service.

Norwich Union Car Insurance is very popular in UK as it benefits a lot that includes courtesy car, no-claims bonus, monthly payments, quick quote, windscreen cover, telephone service and many more and One Day Car Insurance is also available. They provide a wide portfolio of policies and covered all categories of vehicles that meet all customer needs.

Norwich Union Direct Travel Insurance also provides winter sports travel, single and multi-trip travel insurance, family travel and single parent travel insurance at reasonable prices. Norwich Insurance is flexible to meet all the customer needs.

Norwich Union Home Insurance offers reasonable premiums for home, accidental damage, buildings, legal and contents insurance.

Norwich Union Health Insurance in the form of two packages offers an incredible amount of detail and provides a range of products. It covers an expensive option like radiotherapy and MRI scans. Private Health Insurance from Norwich Union can help by offering

  • No Claim Discount
  • Covers all patients includes eldest child under 20, and all younger children are covered FREE
  • Fast treatment at a private hospital at a time and location customers choose
  • Treatment at hospitals around the UK
  • Norwich Union Business Insurance for business is vital. They have a various range of Norwich Business Insurance products which includes home based, shop, salon, office, no premises and surgery to meet individual business set of requirements. Norwich Union Direct Insurance always offers a 10% discount on its standard rates for top rate insurance products instantly online.

    Norwich Union's superior long-term savings business is one of the UK's most financially strong investment companies. It provides customers with a wide choice of high quality products, extensive range of value-for-money, protection and health care and retirement through a mix of distribution channels.

    Norwich Union Direct Insurance Advantages:

  • Prompt postage of cover notes with additional options
  • Easy payments, no deposit, competitive prices
  • Easy quotes, good rates
  • Discount with online quotes
  • Excellent customer service
  • Safety and Flexible
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    Bury St Edmunds
    I would not recommend that anybody buy Norwich Union/Aviva insurance products. The company are very slick at taking your money as you would expect but the claims handling is appalling. I was unfortunate to have a small theft claim and I have had nothing but aggravation for something that could have been settled in a matter of days. The claims staff in India have no idea what you are talking about.In addition the company sent my personal data to a third party breaching Data Protection policies which they assured me that they would look into and call me back .....
    Home Insurance
    While insuring my car with the Norwich Union Direct Insurance I was under the impression that Norwich is one of the best service providers among all the UK car insurers. They were offering a decent price if not the cheapest. They have a good fame too. So naturally I was more inclined to buy an insurance policy with them. The truth came out later, which was in total contrast to what I had thought while insuring my car! Soon after buying the insurance policy, I went off to a holiday for 3 weeks. As I returned, I found two letters asking for a written proof regarding my no claims bonus with my previous insurer. The sender of these letters was Norwich. I contacted my previous insurer and requested the same. Though they promised to send the proof immediately, it took 5 business days to reach me. As soon as I received them, I posted the originals to the Norwich Union. Few more days and I received another letter from the Norwich Union Direct Insurance that my policy is about to be cancelled due to lack of no claims bonus proof. I contacted them immediately but it did not take time for them to suspend my policy even before I contacted them. I was informed that my issue cannot be considered while the account is in suspension. I tried for three weeks calling Norwich almost every other day. All these efforts did not yielded any results. Sick and tired of trying to convince them I thought it is better to forget the policy. Here too, they acted swift. It seems that these people are fast only when it comes to their profits. The people at the Norwich Union already deducted four months of premium, assuming that I do not have the “no claims bonus” proof. But this was wrong as I sent the same two times to those people. Now they are harassing me by refusing me to issue me the no claims proof for the 4 months’ period. Norwich Union Direct Insurance acts its own way and it is certain that I will never ever recommend this company to anyone.
    Car Insurance
    Abdul Badi
    They provide you with among the cheapest quotes and have always proved to be helpful and easily available. Contacting them regarding any doubts that you may have is an easy process and being well-informed, they can easily clear them all.
    Car Insurance
    There was a claim made against my policy even though, I was not involved in any way with it. 3 weeks after making the complaint and being assured that the matter would be clarified; I am still waiting for the same. Due to this, I have lost the no claims bonus that was due and my rates of premium have been doubled. All this has proved to be very upsetting.
    Car Insurance
    The policy I took didn’t involve me. I had a claim show for it and they calmed me down by saying it will be soon dealt with. But nothing worked out and I am still trying to approach them to get it fixed. I have made several complaints one after the other but nothing has been reaped out of it. I have to renew the policy in coming March and the premium rates have been almost double this time as all of my no claim bonuses have been lost. I have complained to CEO but still nothing has come out.
    Car Insurance
    My car was stolen in December 2007. I immediately reported to the police as well as NU. All the formalities required by them were completed and I rushed hither and thither to submit all the required documents. All the keys too were submitted to them as a proof. Later on NU came up with the issue that all the keys were fake and did not agree to accept my claim. I acquired all the proof from the manufacturers of the car and collected all proof to prove it right. Legal matters, as if I was not made for it but still I tried my best to manage it out. The customer service which I availed was simply terrible. No body assisted or cared to answer the phone call. I even had to complain for them to call me up and keep me updated. It was indeed worst.
    Car Insurance
    My friend recommended Norwich Union car Insurance to me. I could buy car insurance through Norwich Union excellent online service without any efforts, or not many forms to fill. They guaranteed No Claims Discount for the life of my car insurance policy. I experienced good with them in protecting my car. Norwich Union did well and their car insurance features are excellent. I had the policy at competitive price and very quick process. Their services are good and I got many benefits on car insurance policy. I shall continue with Norwich union and recommend to others.
    Car Insurance