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Every car big or small needs to be insured under at least third party only insurance as per the traffic laws of United Kingdom. The car owner may require insuring each car for all the drivers that are expected to drive the car during the insurance term. The separate insurance policy is required for each car and hence the car owner with more than one car may find it quite cumbersome to avail the car insurance. There are lot many formalities to be fulfilled like premium renewal date for each policy, documentation, customer care numbers and similar other records need to be maintained. The insurers have therefore introduced multi car insurance to offer hassle free insurance policy to the car owners with more than one car. This policy may cover all the cars belonging to one owner under single policy. It may also cover all the cars registered to same address under single policy.

The multi car insurance is offered for long term as well as short term depending on the car owner’s need. The multi car insurance may save the premium considerably as it may accommodate all the types of drivers like experienced and inexperienced, senior and young, male and female and many such drivers in a single policy. The risk is therefore equally distributed amongst skilled and immature drivers. The Multi Car Insurance is offered only to the drivers holding valid United Kingdom license. Every driver in the policy must be holding the license with no disqualification in three years time.

The no claim bonus is offered to the multi car insurance policy holders if they don’t put up any claim for the entire policy term or the predefined term. Some insurance providers may continue the no claim bonus even after settling a small claim. Such insurance providers may take into account the good driving record of all the drivers instead of considering the fault of just one driver. The multi Car Insurance policy is available online through easy process. The online quotes are offered by many reputed insurance providers. These quotes can be availed for all the cars that you are planning to insure now or in near future. The discount would be offered for insuring more cars in single policy. The online comparison website can also be referred for instant comparison of the quotes from all the insurers. The features should also be compared along with premium to find the best deal.

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