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Liverpool Victoria insurance one of the well-known organizations in United Kingdom which offers wide range of services including insurance, life cover, investments, savings, financial advice, retirement plans and many more. They have trust, greater potential value, service, experience and scale as strong pillars of their organization. The company has tie ups with Association of financial mutuals (AFM), Association of British insurers (ABI) customer impact scheme and Association of mutual insurers and insurance co-operatives in Europe. Known for their quality services, they have been awarded with Money facts award 2011, Winner of the 2010 European call center awards and Defaqto star rating etc.

Liver pool online car insurance offers you the flexibility of options like courtesy car, legal expenses, holiday cover for a period of three months in EU countries, personal accident benefit, road rescue break down cover and No claims discount. Liverpool Victoria Insurance offers three kinds of car insurance options namely comprehensive car insurance cover; third party only car insurance cover and Third party fire and theft insurance. Also optional extras are included in the cover and good quotes are offered. Also travel, home, pet, life cover, break down covers are given.

The Life cover option offers life insurance, life and critical illness, mortgage payment protection, income protection, will writing, family life insurance, mortgage insurance services. Not only insurance covers, the company will direct you in many ways to save yourself and your money so as to remain cool in the future. The savings and investments option offers investment funds, saving plans, fund and unit prices, with profits information and more. The old age people have a lot of services like retirement plans that include pensions, annuities, equity release and protected retirement plan offer. There are in to many social networking sites like face book, you tube, stumble up on and many more.

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited was founded in 1843. This society as a mutual organization exists completely for the members benefit without any shareholders. In UK, the society is a financial services business and insurance along with its subsidiary companies.

Liverpool Victoria insurance is the UK's largest friendly society. Liverpool Victoria always gives more importance to the members' money management prudently. It believes that to provide members with a better future and the remaining mutual must play a vital part in its ability and allow them to continue.

As Liverpool Victoria is a 21st century friendly society it offers a wide range of products and services which includes savings, life, home and motor insurance , banking, investments and financial advice. This ensures that they are ideally placed to meet their members' needs. It provides mainly four types of insurance called Car, Travel, Home and Life insurance.

Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance: When you buy a new policy they offer online discount. The Car Insurance benefits of Liverpool Victoria include

  • No claim discount
  • Efficient and friendly 24-hour claim service
  • UK-based call centre
  • Can replace car service temporarily
  • In EU countries they provide cover for up to 180 days
  • Up to £50,000 motor legal expenses

Liverpool Victoria Travel insurance: The Comprehensive cover and great value are offered by their flexible travel insurance. Customers can choose single trip or annual cover. If you go on tour more than once in a year they can choose annual cover and save money. The Liverpool Victoria travel reimbursement benefits includes an annual insurance or one trip cover, cover for individuals, couples and whole family, cover for Worldwide or Europe, optional cover for money and personal possessions, optional cover for weddings, winter sports and golfing, holidays, pre travel advice line.

Liverpool Victoria Life insurance: Benefits of Liverpool Victoria Life insurance

  • 50 plus plan
  • Accidental death cover
  • Critical illness cover
  • Income protection
  • Life protection
  • Flexible protection plan

Liverpool Victoria Home insurance: When you buy a new policy they offer online discount. It is flexible and offers great cover. The home safeguard benefits include required level of contents cover can be choose, 24-hour claim line and UK-based call centre, within your household if you purchase more than one insurance policy than additional discount is provided.

At Liverpool Victoria if the member of LV Insurance held membership-conferring product for a continuous period of twelve months, they will be titled to vote on Society matters. And they are also allowed to attend societyís formal meetings. The aim of Liverpool Victoria Insurance is "to help people realize the 'true wealth' of freedom from financial worry".

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Great Yarmouth
Liverpool Victoria Insurance is now not the same that it used to be earlier. I had my vehicle insured with them for the past 17 years. I really never looked at the monthly bills and the insurance was auto-renewed with the company. But now, things have changed. I see that I have been paying £640 per annum for my vehicle, a 10 year old model of Rover. This compelled me to change the insurer that gives the same protection for less than half the amount that is £270 per annum.
Car Insurance
It has been years since I am with Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance Company. Within these years, I had to make two claims. The first one dealt with an accident while I was in Germany. The people at Liverpool Victoria took care of the issue very professionally. The second claim was regarding a motorbike that was stolen. Though this was also handled with attention, there was a small error wherein they charged the excess twice. But when pointed out, they rectified it immediately. What I like most about the Liverpool Victoria Insurance is its UK based call center that serves its customers to the best level possible. The process of changing vehicles is very easy. There is no tension on either side. As far as I am concerned, the Liverpool Victoria is cheap for me. In case of youngsters, it can be different. But you can always give them a try
Car Insurance
I have stayed with the Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance for almost five years now. This means the company is not all bad. There are some good points not available with others such a continental driving, business use as well as unlimited mileage. Besides, they include an additional driver name as well as offering provision for a learning driver who is under 18. The downside is that you have to use Liverpool Victoriaís repair points for any problem. The quality of repairs at these points is well below the expected standards.
Car Insurance
When finally my car was written off by the Liverpool Victoria Car insurance company, the figure which the Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance was to offer was the settlement fee. When I asked them regarding their approach to deriving the amount given as settlement fee, they informed that they check with the internet. I too checked with the internet and then found that the settlement fee was low compared to the ones on internet. As I informed this to the staff at Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance, they said that they calculate it on basis of glass guide. It seems that the company takes it own route when it comes to settlement.
Car Insurance
I will definitely refer Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance to other people. The company consistently kept me informed of the progress when I made a claim. The staff was well mannered and pleasant. They took care of the issues while I was making the claim. They never kept me holds for long periods that helped me increase my confidence in them
Car Insurance
I found the quotes cheaper than all other quotes I could gather. I looked and searched on many different companies. I also used the comparison sites such as Confused and the Moneysupermarket. The quotes from Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance were the cheapest I could find. Going to their website, the website too is easy to use and navigate. You can easily enter and update your car details without re-entering the entire data again. Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance is worth recommendable.
Car Insurance
I will give them an overall excellent rating while also recommending them to others. The service from Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance is good. There are not many forms to fill in. They also have the provision of opting for a replacement car. In my case, the only problem was that there was no preference of repairers in my area. In short, Liverpool Victoria Car Insurance offers an above satisfactory service.
Car Insurance
I had two full years of Liverpool Victoria Insurance for my car ever since I got to the legal age for driving. In those days, they were the cheapest. The insurance said that the first year will be £1500 and had a discount of 50 per cent on no claims. Naturally, I assumed that the second year, I will be paying only £750. On the contrary, it was £1100. Confused, I called the Liverpool Victoria Insurance and informed that the call was being recorded. The person on the other side of the phone assured me that they were not wrong. No matter how I tried to explain, they maintained their stand. I hung up saying that I am sure other companiesí quotes must be lower. Then I started hunting for a cheaper insurer. To my surprise, I could not find any one cheaper than the Liverpool Victoria Insurance. I called them and agreed on their terms of £1100. Though I feel that it is a big sum, I find the Liverpool Victoria Insurance better to deal with as compared to others. Their phone service is good, both direct and automated. You are always directed to the right department and you need not explain things again and again. They have everything stored on the computers. So far, I have not encountered holds, waiting or callbacks. I found the staff very polite to speak with and the best thing is, they know about what they speak. I got a third renewal at £900, which was still the cheapest. Coming to the present I do not care much about my car now and the basic cover is sufficient for it. The only drawback with Liverpool Victoria Insurance is that they do not go well with the 3rd party covers only. They quoted more than Endsleigh. This is my experience of Liverpool Victoria Insurance.
Car Insurance
Clara Jones
Liverpool is fine with their customer service. However when you need them I did not get a good response from them.I rate them 3 by 5.
Car Insurance
Hello this is tanner, Iíve been looking for cheapest car insurance policy for my car and I found Liverpool Victoria is the best. It provides me standard car repairers in the event of an accident, unlimited mileage and they allow more than one young driver and named driver. Liverpool Victoria car insurance kept me well-versed of progress. I felt secure with them and found cheapest car insurance quotes that I could get anywhere. Liverpool staff was very helpful and reassured while I was making a claim. Now I can inquire any questions through Liverpool online customer service.
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