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Kwik fit insurance established in the year 1995 is one of the leading car insurance distributors in United Kingdom. Initially the strength of the company was 130 and later it increased to more than 1000 employees. The company offers wide range of insurance policies like car insurance, travel insurance, motor bike insurance, home insurance, van insurance, pet insurance and break down insurance.

If you are looking for best car insurance at an effective price then Kwik fit car insurance is the perfect option. The insurance cover is offered with a discount of 20% and the company searches over 25panel insurers to give the desired one to their customers. Also women’s cover is exclusively designed for the female drivers. Kwik Fit Insurance offer namely three kinds of covers comprehensive cover, third party only and third party theft and fire. A wide range of services like foreign travel, passenger liability, fire damage, unlimited audio cover, malicious damage, glass damage, accident damage, courtesy car are offered. Also the optional extras like break down assistance, legal expenses cover, key cover, windscreen cover, identity theft and gadget insurance are given.

Kwik Fit Insurance will compare rates from a panel of well-known business insurance companies to provide you with instant commercial insurance quotations. The Business insurance includes trade men’s liability, commercial office insurance, consultant’s liability, plant and material insurance, goods in transit, professional indemnity and many more. Apart from these the company offers wide range of services. All these services are offered online and are very helpful to the readers. My policies option on the company’s website offers excellent information about payments, renewal of policy, claims, duplicate documents and many more. All the customer information that you submit is safely secured using a highly encrypted technology which does not allow third parties to come in between. Stay fit with Kwik fit insurance.

Kwik Fit Insurance Services is one of the World's leading insurance intermediaries founded by Sir Tom Farmer in 1995. It has a very competitive market place among the various Car Insurance Distributors in the UK. Kwik Fit Insurance Panel consists of Allianz Insurance Plc, HSBC Insurance (UK) Ltd, Fortis Insurance Limited, AXA Insurance UK plc, Norwich Union Insurance Ltd, Provident Insurance plc, MMA Insurance plc, National insurance and Guarantee Corp etc.

This company especially focuses on providing best services to their customers across the world. Kwik Fit plays a major role in providing general, Life, Home and Car Insurance. Kwik Fit Insurance also offers various types of policies, covers, special discounts according to type of insurance taken by the customers.

Kwik Fit Motor Insurance:

Motor Insurance like Car, Van, and Motorbike are provided by Kwik Fit Insurance to their customers. To get the best price on Car Insurance, Kwik Fit Insurance search their Panel of insurers to meet the customer needs. It is a specialist in providing insurance to the women and also women drivers by providing Women Car Insurance policy which includes personal belongings cover for things such as handbag and its contents.

Kwik Fit Insurance allows their customers to hire cars from the best car hire providers like Airline Network, Car hire 3000, British Airways, Economy Car Hire, Simply Car Hire, Holiday Autos and Car Rentals etc. Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policies include guaranteed courtesy car, Personal Belongings Cover, breakdown package for 24-hour windscreen and glass replacement helpline and accident action line.

Kwik Fit Van Insurance:

Apart from that, this Insurance also offers Van and Motorbike Insurance to their Policy Holders. The Van Insurance Policy includes various covers like Legal Expenses cover and discounts on van maintenance like brakes, van servicing, exhausts, tyres, batteries, suspension & lubrication, engine oil & filter change.

In arranging Motorbike Insurance, Kwik Fit deals with the best subsidiary company Express Insurance which has a strong relationship with leading motorcycle manufacturer like Suzuki GB, Cal Crutchlow, Rizla-Suzuki BSB race team. Kwik Fit Insurance Keep Motoring is a new product which offers customers to hire a van when they do not have van policy.

Kwik Fit Home Insurance:

Kwik fit Insurance also provides Home and Pet Insurance to their customers on Home Buildings and Contents. It automatically covers pet with the P.E.T.S. travel scheme while travelling outside the UK. They also offer cheap online Travel and Holiday Insurance to their clients when they lost baggage and expensive medical bills. Kwik Fit Insurance provides personal belongings cover, 24 hour emergency medical assistance helpline.

The most precious Life insurance is provided through a panel of trained Insurance Consultants. Kwik Fit Insurance offers various discounts on life insurance policies with 4 types of cover. They include Level Term Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, and Long Term Income Protection Insurance.

Customers can get the best value for their money and highest quality insurance products with fast Kwik Fit professional services.

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I have had a brilliant (albeit short) experience with kwik fit as my insurance broker. I am a young and new driver, and after only two weeks driving on my own, I was involved in a collision. Think what you want but it was no way my fault, I am a responsible driver, and all evidence clearly shows that it was the third party at fault, and the insurance company are currently dealing with my claim. Kwik fit offices were closed when I tried to call, but they instead forwarded me to the insurance provider for whom they operate, sabre, who are dealing with the case quickly and efficiently, and when they look at the damage done to my vehicle, which should be done within an hour, 24 hours at the most, I have little doubt that they will see this in my favour. With full knowlede of my age, they seem openly aware that I may be entitled to a courtesy car or like-for-like replacement. I strongly reccomend kwik fit insurance as they have reasonable prices, offer cover for all number of things (including excess cover for a mere few quid extra each month, very handy for young drivers), and they seem totally unpredjudiced against me from start to claim to finish.
Car Insurance
Some sales agents are really nice, but as I'm currently unemployed, one other woman agent called Yvette was discourteous, arrogant and cold bloodedly told me as Im unemployed they are going to increase up my premiums by 200 pound yearly
Car Insurance
Alex Reece
Burton on Trent
I find it really difficult to get to speak with anyone at Kwik-Fit. Most often, I was asked by them to call at some other time when the lines were less busy. Sometimes, they used to put me on their callback list. The response from the company is very slow when I contact them regarding loss of my vehicle. The report from Accident repair center was emailed to them on Monday. It has been three days and I am still waiting to get into touch with one of their personnel. I will never use Kwik-fit for insuring my future cars.
Car Insurance
Gabriel Glay
There should be something about car insurance that makes you interested in it. There are just too many offers that come across and you can never ever find a cheaper one. Hence I decided to go with my faithful old Kwik-fit. I renewed with Kwik-Fit without even looking for cheaper quotes. I find people from the tele-sales department of the Kwik-Fit very friendly. You also get discounts at the garages of Kwik-Fit. And who does not love a freebie? At least, I do love freebies.
Car Insurance
Matrin Jake
The first impression of Kwik-Fit on me was that the person who spoke to me knows almost everything about car insurances. He offered me pretty good advice and disclosed all the information over the phone itself. As the paperwork arrived the very next day, I was very happy at the convenience offered to me. The people at Kwik-Fit spoke English in pretty good style unlike most other offices based in Asia. I guess they got the best training as the person I spoke to was able to answer that the personnel of most other companied cannot answer. However, why spoil the good impression by asking about my gas and electricity?
Car Insurance
Jay Ryan
Being cheaper than his previous insurer, my son got insurance from Kwik Fit. But the insurer said that the MOT, which was free with the previous insurer, was chargeable £500. Not agreeing on the point, my son decided to go elsewhere and as assumed, passed the test without any hassles!
Car Insurance
Initially the Kwik Fit Car Insurance seemed all fine. Later in the year, I had to change the house that was registered with the company. I could not inform them. Most of us donít remember informing each and everyone about our new address or phone numbers. Hence when the insurance was due for renewal, they got nothing from my old address. Without asking me, they themselves assumed that I need a fresh insurance. And they did it. Now I have a collection agency ringing me time and again for money for an unauthorized policy. I never needed a new policy!
Car Insurance
We had car insurance from Kwik-Fit Insurance. The cheap car insurance policy from kwik-fit covered all what we required, including breakdown cover. When my child met an accident on his way to college without his fault and injured severely, they were very capable and paid out all medical expenses rapidly without fuss. Kwik-Fit Insurance Call Centre services provided efficient staff to explain clearly what we need to do for our easy drive. We have car insurance with all possible needs and satisfied completely as kwik-fit insurance provided best services.
Car Insurance