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Halifax insurance in United Kingdom is one of the established organizations that serve more than 1.3 million customers. They offer wide range of products including loans, bank accounts, savings, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, investments, shares, dealings and many more. The company offers online banking with the help of their official website. The help centre option in the site will allow you to learn all the products and services.The company offers various kinds of insurance including car, travel, home, pet, and life insurance. Let’s discuss in detail.

Halifax car insurance offers comprehensive, third party fire & theft, third party fire. Courtesy car, 60 days European cover, 24 hour emergency and wind screen help line, no claims discount, 3 year guarantee on all approved claims repairers are included in Halifax Insurance. The additional cover includes motor legal protection and offers compensation assistance, 24 hour emergency claims, recovery of your excess, replacement vehicle and legal cover. Also RAC break down cover and key care protection are offered.

Halifax home insurance offers buildings insurance, contents insurance, legal expenses cover, home emergency cover, personal belongings, money and credit car cover. All these covers are offered at a competitive price. They offer good amount of claims and there is no point of disappointment.

Halifax travel insurance administered by first assist insurance services limited offers single trip insurance, annual trip insurance and world wide cover. This is beneficial to all business men who travel abroad for their official tasks. The travel insurance option covers cancellations, medical bills, legal fees, lost baggage, missed departure, insolvency of provider, air space closure, catastrophes and many more. The additional cover includes winter sports and golf cover. Life insurance option from Halifax insurance offers life cover, critical illness cover, income protection and many good services.

Halifax Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in UK's with over 1.3 million customers. Different types of insurance offered by Halifax Insurance are Car insurance, Home and Contents, Pet, Healthcare and Protection insurance.

Halifax Car Insurance: Before adding the extras, Halifax Car Insurance lets the customers to choose the level of cover that suits best. It is the name one can trust. They also offer at a price which one can afford. The three types of covers they offer are

• Comprehensive cover
• Third Party Fire and Theft cover
• Third Party cover

The benefits offered by Halifax Car Insurance are that in Comprehensive cover if you use one of their recommended repairers then you will get a free courtesy car with guarantee. There is also no claim discount. To make a claim one can be sure that it will be handled smoothly and quickly. Optional Green Flag breakdown cover and Motoring Legal Protection can be added to policy. Halifax along with Bank of Scotland group offered Women Car Insurance at lower cost called Sheilas’ Wheels Car Insurance.

Halifax Home and Contents Insurance: Halifax offers cheaper Home insurance in UK. It also offers online discount. Without extra cost one can pay monthly rent. You can get additional discount and you can forget about the rising costs of home security if you buy contents cover and buildings cover together. One can save money through Halifax Home insurance.

Halifax Contents helps to save money. Already 1.3 million customers benefited from their comprehensive Home Contents insurance. They offer unlimited home contents remedy and at no extra cost they provide an option to pay monthly by direct debit, free key recovery service, 24 hour legal advice line and home emergency. This Halifax Insurance also offer cover for damage or loss to contents in home which are caused by water escaping from dishwashers, washing machines and water installations. And also which are caused by subsidence on the land on which your home stands. They offer unlimited building compensation so one can automatically cover for the full cost of rebuilding, cover for flood damage and storm.

Halifax Travel Insurance: Halifax has the right Travel security for every kind of traveller. Maximum 5 star rating has been given to Halifax travel insurance and they also offer online discount. The cheaper travel reimbursement also includes Winter sports cover, Halifax travel insurance for family covers. The three types of insurance offered are

• Single Trip Travel insurance
• Annual Trip Travel insurance
• Worldwide Travel Insurance

Halifax Pet Insurance: Halifax Pet insurance is cheaper. One can get continual cover for cat and dog. To suit your budget Halifax pet insurance offers cover at affordable prices. It includes no maximum age limit, continual protection, Vet's bills paid direct, simple and quick claims procedure.

Halifax Healthcare Insurance: The healthcare cash plan helps by meeting some of the costs like eye tests, new glasses and dental treatment which are regular healthcare bills. As well as providing cash benefits for day patient visits and hospital stays. When things go wrong, their affordable Personal Accident cover gives something to depend. Halifax Accidental Death Benefit Plan is designed to reassure the loved ones. Immediate after month of your death they will get financial help.

Halifax Protection Insurance: Halifax Protection insurance offer Total Mortgage Protection Plan which helps you when you lost your income. They protect your home and family with flexible plan which includes life Cover, mortgage repayments cover and critical illness cover. If you are out of work, Bill Protector helps with everyday bills which are offered by Protection insurance. Halifax Insurance also offers Overdraft Repayments Cover at an affordable price.

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Mec Grain
My Halifax car insurance covers a courtesy car in case of accidents until the original car is repaired. But when I needed one, first the people at Halifax tried to convince me that the courtesy car is not covered in the policy. After much ado, they finally gave me a car but on terms that I will have to pay extra for it. For the time being, it was okay. But then another fiasco from the Halifax people. Instead of them pursuing the repairs at the Garage, I myself had to coordinate between the garage and the people at Halifax on phone. The garage further damaged the car by breaking the lock. Again the people at Halifax maintain that they will not cover this loss and that I will have to pay for this again. I just cannot understand why the Halifax Insurance needs a call-center! They can easily save on money as the customer is forced to get all the things done on their own running here and there.
Car Insurance
I sent 400+ Euros on a car accident I had on 8th of December. My car was hit from behind. Even after the admission by the shunter, the Halifax people could not help as yet, even after more than a month. This is quite frustrating as the time being taken to process a simple claim is too much for me to keep my patience. First the Halifax lost my original receipt. Later they excused that they lost 2 faxes sent from me. I just cannot understand how anyone can lose important things like Faxes in this modern, digital age. They told me that it will take only as much time as it normally takes to process a claim. It has been more than a month. If claims are processed at this speed, then I guess the Halifax needs some improvement. It is the most unhelpful customer care I ever met.
Car Insurance
I had an accident in November due to the other driver’s fault. The Halifax people did not even send the paperwork to the concerned department for eight weeks. It took them around 5 months to meet the witness. It was my luck that the witness was still alive. Since then, I am after them and nothing has been done. It is June now still nothing has been sorted yet. Finally, the claim did not get settled and had to renew. I would suggest not to waste your money and get a better insurance elsewhere even if it is little costly.
Car Insurance
New Hampshire
The staffs try to help sincerely, but the red tape often tries to hamper them. Their premiums are low.
Car Insurance
Their claims process is extremely time consuming. Even when the person who shunted me from behind, admitted full liability, the staff could not sort the claim out. They even misplaced the original receipt and the two faxes I sent them. The customer services staff is unhelpful. Six months after the actual accident, they are yet to pay off my claim.
Car Insurance
I had insured myself with Halifax Insurance before I got insured elsewhere. Had a claim to make and was not treated well by the customer service agents. Was kept on hold by them for a long time before I could get through anyone.....
Car Insurance
East Orange
I feel that Halifax is an excellent insurance provider with quick response. Recently my friend had an accident in that accident the car was fully damaged then he rang to Halifax. Immediately they responded for that claim and clear it with in less time. They replace that damaged car with new a car under courtesy car offer. Really I shocked for their services....what such a great company! I am feeling very happy & lucky being associating with the great Halifax!!!
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