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HSBC, the Hong Kong and Shangai Corporation company founded in the year 1864 is one of the established organizations in the world. Though initially it was limited to single destination, later on it expanded and emerged as one of the banking and financial corporations in the industry. The company offers wide range of products like mortgages, insurance, loans, investments, savings, current accounts, financial plannings, credit cards and many more. Business banking, commercial banking, corporate and structured banking are some of the business products.

The company offers various insurance products like home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, life, serious illness, sickness, unemployment cover, premier car insurance, student, card guard and pet insurance. HSBC Insurance product like car insurance offers courtesy cover, excellent service from UK call centers, dedicated customer service, 3 year guarantee, 90 days cover to travel in EU. Also optional cover offers no claims discount protection, RAC break down and motor legal protection up to a very great amount.

The HSBC home insurance offers buildings, contents, buildings and contents cover. Also unlimited buildings sum insured, new for old replacement, no charges for paying monthly and also additional products like landlords insurance and high value home insurance is offered. The HSBC premier car insurance offers premier car insurance, free phone claims line all hours, personal accident cover, unlimited cover for standard audio equipment cover, personal effects, free UK only call centre and unlimited foreign use. The optional cover comprises of hire car for theft and loss, break sown cover.

The HSBC travel insurance offers single trip cover, optional cover for scuba diving, golf, winter sports, baggage and business cover. Also offers medical emergency and associated expenses cover. And lot more products and services are offered by the HSBC corporation.

There used to be a time when insurance was limited to only life and house insurance. But the modern policy markets have expanded in a big way, and people are really being spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of policies. Nowadays you can look at getting coverage not just for yourself, your home, and your vehicles but also for your pets as well as for your travel and wedding plans. HSBC Insurance is one of the top insurance providers in the world today. Here is a list of some of the policies being offered by HSBC Insurance.

HSBC Life Insurance

If cost-effective life saver is what you are after, HSBC Insurance has some great deals. You can look at a fixed-term life cover or you can use a life security policy to protect your mortgage. You can also look at availing of a level cover or a decreasing cover. The latter is generally used in the case of mortgage life policies. You can also look at adding a critical illness cover. Plus, there is the LifeChoices option from HSBC. You can include covers like Sickness Choice and Unemployment Choice to provide you monthly benefits if you are unable to work for some reason sometime in the future. A sale is on till 28 January 2008 where you could get huge discounts on your policies

Home Insurance

If you are looking through the home insurance policies that HSBC has on offer, keep in mind that you can choose to pay monthly premiums at no extra charge if you buy a policy before 31st March, 2008. Whether you are looking at only buildings cover or only contents cover or a policy that combines that two, you can get immediate cover from HSBC Insurance. Their home safeguard policies include the new-for-old replacements cover for contents though this does not hold for clothes and regular household items. One benefit is that HSBC Insurance pays for your accommodation costs if your house is rendered uninhabitable for some reason.

HSBC Car Insurance

With car insurance having become mandatory, we cannot afford to drive around without a car precaution policy. However, we can look out for the best car security deals in the market, and HSBC insurance has some great deals on offer. If you are planning to switch from one Car Insurance to a policy from HSBC Insurance, you will get a discount of £30. If you have a second or a third car, insure them with HSBC to get £50 off on the additional policies. Plus, you have access to benefits like courtesy cars if your vehicle goes in for repairs, cover of up to £5000 for personal accidents and of up to £500 per person who contracts injuries while in your car. Optional covers include breakdown cover; cover for legal expenses, and for making replacement locks in case the keys go missing.

In addition to these basic types of insurance, HSBC Insurance also offers pet, student, and travel insurance at affordable rates. Look them up the next time that you are out policy hunting.

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Being a new driver, I was quite desperate searching in for a nice and decent quote. I happened to have a glance on some quotes which were exorbitant. Then I thought of my few years banking partner HSBC and I finally gave it a nod. Very easy to start with the quote I received was 75 pounds less than others. My insurance is going to be due for renewal in few months. But till now I am happy and gay.
Car Insurance
Madison Eva
There were plenty of numbers for claims that it became real difficult to contact them. Thy donít have a free line for claims and when I finally got connected I had to wait for 15 minutes and was finally hung up on the promise of a call back which never happened. And when I rang them again they informed that the office was closed. Do they call this a 24-hour service? They must be a good bank but an insurance company needs to serve its customers in their critical times. Totally disgusting!
Car Insurance
Boat Of Garten
My car suffered a minor damage and there it was off the road for 6 months. Thanks to HSBC. My car remained in their garage for a long time, my calls transferred from one department to another and my phones were left unattended and even hung up. And when I was keen on selling my car I found that the people of HSBC had registered the car as stolen. Now getting that removed from their register meant long and unattended calls, being on hold for eternity and all that. I just wonder if one day I shall be able to sell my car!
Car Insurance
Never had customer service like to one i received when both i took the hsbc home insurance policy out and when I was making serval changes including change of address. The 2 girls I spoke to on the two occasions was outstanidng, they sounded so happy and spoke passionataly about loving their job. ( both scottish girls)
Home Insurance