Fortis Insurance

Fortis Insurance

Fortis insurance in United Kingdom is one of the prestigious organizations that mainly focus on personal and commercial line of services. The company makes use of intermediate beneficiaries, brokers, affinity partners, web in order to give their life and non-life products. In the year 2010, the company has won various accolades because of their splendid services.

The personal line of insurance covers products like house hold, motor, travel, van, legal guard, caravan, camping. The commercial line of insurance cover fleet, manufacturers, distributors, property owners, shop keepers, home workers, commercial choice, leisure and many more. All these meet the industry business needs.

The Fortis house hold insurance is of two kinds namely house guard extra and house guard prestige. The house guard extra offers both buildings and content insurance to the customers. Accidental cover, personal belongings, personal legal protection are offered to the customers by Fortis Insurance. The house guard prestige is a superior home insurance product that provides home assistance cover, identity protection and many more.

Fortis travel insurance has served more than 50 million travelers over a time of 35 years. The insurance offers single trip, multi trip, annual trip policies to the business men, travel enthusiasts and a wide group of people. It also includes long stay cover, excess waiver, business equipment, winter sports and many more.

The fleet cover policy provides comprehensive, third party fire, third party fire and theft. This policy is applicable only in case if you possess more than three vehicles in your residence or company. Some of the benefits of this policy include replacement courtesy vehicle service, legal expenses cover, repair services, physiotherapy, full EU and European economic cover. Purchasing the insurance products is very easy. The online site of the company provides wide range of information on purchasing the products and also about the services.

Having launched itself by the name of Fortis Insurance in the beginning of 2000 this company has been the name to reckon with as it charters to the needs of all its insurers. Today they have their insurance companies in almost 50 countries with a strong staff of more than 80,000 people. The staffs employed at Fortis Insurance are known for its dedication and professionalism. Listed among the top 20 financial institutes in the European market they have investments of about forty billion in various business establishments. They provide insurance policies both personal as well as commercial base.

Fortis Insurance aims at continuing with the development of both its main insurance commitments i.e. house hold policies and motor policies. The determination to have a long term relation with their agents they come up with various schemes which not only help them to strengthen their relationship with their agents but also help them grow more financially.

Fortis aims at bringing small time business people under their various protection schemes so that both can benefit. Their goal is to have their insurance companies all over the world and this Fortis plan to do with innovative ideas which will definitely help them set a record of having achieved a great landmark as the best financial institute in the world that values its customers and wants to deliver the best deal ever offered to any customer by any relief company in the world. Having gained a name for itself as the best car insurance company they ventured out into home security and various other insurance policies. Internet having become a way of reaching out to people faster Fortis Insurance decided to serve its customers better, it has launched its own website wherein the customers can get the best motor vehicle quote online thus enabling a better service to its customers.

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Clen Waa
Recently I had to make a claim from the Fortis Car Insurance for an accident which was largely a fault of mine and I am really sorry saying so. The people at Fortis have been very helpful in sorting out the whole affair. I am a 32 years old and have a claim free history I do not have much experience of making claims but I can still recommend them for the quality of service they provide. Despite making a claim, when I received a quote for renewal early this year it was still the cheapest than the nearest rival of the company. Typically this would mean increasing the standards of service. Whenever I made any calls to the company they were answered with friendliness and whomsoever I spoke to they were completely aware of my case totally. In current situation where automation has become the key to customer service, one cannot expect much personal attention but to my surprise my previous car insurance and household experiences have not been very nice but the Fortis staff came out to be very cooperative. In this era when most of the companies fail to acknowledge their customers well, I have huge appreciation for Fortis. The only issue I did have with them was a minor issue of securing a pickup of my car. The matter was dealt with efficiently and was resolved in no time. Anyone who has been in my situation will agree to the fact that the companies often fail to share precious information with each others which was definitely not the case with Fortis. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, I am completely pleased and satisfied with the quality of customer service they provided.
Car Insurance
When I was just 18 years of age and had bought a 51 plate, Fortis car insurance did come with a good price. It was an annual sum of 800 pounds with no claims. Ad they did not bring it down the next year with a record of no claims for one year.
Car Insurance