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If you are looking for an authentic insurance company that is significant and is standard in United Kingdom then you must definitely learn about Express Insurance. The company offers car insurance, bike insurance, motor insurance, van insurance, scooter insurance, classic insurance, prestige insurance, Suzuki insurance and Official Norton insurance services. It is one of the reputable intermediary insurers in United Kingdom. They have more than 30 years of insurance experience and provide valuable services to the customers.

Express car insurance offers wide range of services and provides tailor made optional services to its customers. It is one of the best insurers that provide cheap car insurance at an affordable price. The cover offers no claims discount on your policy, immediate cover for your car and courtesy car options. The optional extras include legal assistance, excess protection, key protection, personal accident cover, replacement vehicle cover, break down cover, helmet and leather cover to the customers.

Riding on a bike is a thrilling experience for most of them at the same time it also can be a painful experience in case your bike is not insured. Express bike insurance is a fantastic cover that protects your bike. The Express Insurance company is associated with major models like Yamaha, Triumph, Piaggio, KTM, Honda, Davidson and many more. All these insurance services are offered at a very reasonable price from Express insurance. The online site of Express insurance provides you good information about the latest updates and new products in the industry. The biggest advantage is you can pay the premium amount even in installment basis. The customer service of the company is a friendly one with a standard United Kingdom timing period. They also allow you to make specific changes to the policy and can also make renewal policies from time to time.

Established about 3 decades ago, Express Insurance still remains one of the U.K.'s largest independent insurance intermediaries. Express offers some fantastic insurance products that include car, van and motorbike. The specialty of the firm is its ability to provide the same premium quality of service to numerous different policy needs. The call centre set up by the firm carefully guides the customer through all stages right from the beginning, by explaining various aspects of each scheme in order to make it easy for the customer to choose the apt cover and save money!!!!

What do they offer?

Express Car Insurance

If you're confused by various Car Insurance advertisements on the net that promise to offer cheap coverage services, then you could try express insurance's online quote system that is supported by experiences advisors who have been specially trained to fetch you the best deal that is available.

Apart from saving your money, Express Insurance also saves your time and energy by quickly analysing your needs and presenting you with the scheme that is just right for you.

All you've to do is fill up an online form with all the necessary details pertaining to your needs and express's experts would present you with schemes from 30 different assurance company. This is not all; you're also presented with 3 best quotes that you could choose from.

Get Classic with Classic Car Insurance

If you own your car for more than 15 years then classic insurance is what you need to get for your car, be it a classic car or a sports car. This is a special kind of protection that allows the owner to participate in vents such as long distance rallies, track days and various other shows without worrying about the damage that could occur to your beloved car because we've got it covered for you!!! You could be sure that the cost of repair would be met.

Good News for Suzuki Owners:

If you are an owner of a new or a pre owned Suzuki vehicle, then Express Insurance offers some splendid schemes with attractive rates and benefits. You no more have to worry about the safety of your motorbike or scooter as Express Insurance has teamed up with Suzuki to provide you with the coverage service that would take care of all your needs and leave you only with peace of mind.

Apart from various benefits offered by this scheme, if you're an owner of a motorbike that is above 125 cc then you could enjoy the following added advantages:

What's more are you waiting for? Now the best online claims scheme that you're looking for is only few clicks away and with the assistance of experts in Express Insurance, you could be rest assured that your choice would fetch you the maximum possible benefits.

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