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Endsleigh Insurance established in the year 1965 by National Union of students is one of the established insurance organizations in United Kingdom. The insurance company offers personal and banking insurance services. Some of them include home insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, students possessions insurance, land lords insurance, financial services and many other products that benefit their customers. It has remained one of the leading organizations in the country to hold the name of being the powerful and well known insurance company. It is an Independent intermediary organization.

Endsleigh motor insurance is of various kinds. It includes car insurance, student car insurance, short term insurance, young driver insurance, break down cover, minibus insurance and many more. The car insurance is a policy that is available at a competitive price and offers excess protection, up to 76% no claims discount, key cover, standard replacement cover, personal accident cover, legal cover, European cover extension and many more. Also Endsleigh Insurance provides the opportunity to renew the policy online.

The Travel insurance is of various kinds like holiday insurance, annual travel insurance, gap year insurance, International student cover, business travel insurance, winter sports insurance, back packers insurance and many more. According to the requirement you can opt for the ones that suit you the best. Also medical coverage is provided for the insurance policies.

Unexpected natural calamities like tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes can create havoc in life. It is not only important to insure yourself at the same time it is must to insure your home. The Endsleigh home insurance is of various kinds that are available for both tenants and owners. Tenants referencing, Landlords guarantee, rent guarantee, commercial property insurance, multiple property insurance and Estate professional agents insurance are given to their customers.

Endsleigh Insurance is Cheltenham based, which is specialized in both the student and graduate marketplace. Endsleigh is launched in 1965 by the National Union of Students (NUS) which is mainly focused on customized claims services for University and college students and has become one of the largest high street insurers in the UK. Endsleigh Insurance then also rapidly expanded into graduate and professionals markets.

Endsleigh provides Car Insurance, motor, home, student possessions, travel, landlords, life, mortgages, critical illness, permanent health, rented property, pet, and bicycle security etc. They also provide loans, investments, pensions, business compensation for commercial property, student union, minibus, sports club and packages for the charity insurance sector, and commercial insurance.

It searches the UK life policy market which is most suitable and cheap cover for customers personal needs. Endsleigh Life Insurance policy includes level term, decreasing or critical illness etc. It offer free independent access to a wide selection of UK life Insurance policies, providing no obligation quotes through trained, salary paid advisers.

Endsleigh was originally founded to provide low cost support for students and it is particularly for students and career people. Student possessions insurance provided by the Endsleigh Insurance is specifically designed to cover student's personal possessions whether they are living in halls of residences, shared houses or student flats. They offers covers for course fees, any residential fees paid or are liable to pay in the academic year; loss or damage to meters, phones, and college library books.

It provide home security to cover buildings reimbursement against storm and flood damage, including damage caused to your home by falling trees, also include accidental damage cover. Home insurance of Endsleigh provides policy scheme to cover flats, houses, bungalows and more. Contents insurance policy offer accidental damage for items inside the home.

Travel provision for holidays at low cost, special annual cover for frequent travellers, insurance cover for skiing and snowboarding, competitive cover for UK students travelling to study overseas, medical policy for international students studying in the UK. They offer Car Insurance to a wide range of UK customers, and they provide the cheapest motorbike, scooter, and moped or motorcycle reimbursement.

Endsleigh Insurance is excellent from starting regarding van insurance, their customer service was cheap and competitive and they also provide quotes instantly in online. Endsleigh Insurance has a unique experience for issuing Young Driver Car Insurance, motorbikes and scooters. Because of their independent size, they provide at competitive prices. They also provide roadside assistance, windscreen cover.

Endsleigh Pet insurance will offer policy's at the time of an accident, illness and death of pet; and also handily third person cover - that is if customers pet causes an accident to the third person. In the highly competitive market conditions Endsleigh insurance continue to expand and remain profitable.

Benefits of Endsleigh Insurance

• Endsleigh design tailored schemes insurance policies exclusively for career people
• Endsleigh offers a 24/7 service on-line
• They provides independent advice on your personal insurance
• Endsleigh has high standards of integrity

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Home Insurance
Endsleigh had the cheapest quote when I tried to buy their insurance. Since their online system did not work I gave them a call and informed them all the details regarding the policy over the phone. They issued me a cover note but it was full of errors despite telling them all the details correctly. So I called them back to inform them about the same. They issued me a second cover note which had even more errors than the previous one. I realized that this association was not going to last for long and rang them to cancel my policy. To this they claimed a cancellation fees on the context that I had passed off the cooling period. In the end, it took me three months, couple of letters and several phone calls to get my refund.
Car Insurance
Louie Toby
I took a policy from Endsleigh as they came out with a very competitive quote. The initial administrating process was a little slow but I still went ahead with them which later proved to be a mistake on my part. My car got stolen and the whole experience of making a claim with the company was truly disgusting and painful. I was made to speak to around 30 people from various departments and the call which lasted for around 40 minutes got cut off expectedly. In the entire duration the staff came out to be quite rude and unhelpful. To succeed in placing my claim I gave a call to their complaints line and reiterated the whole experience. I believe that is much better to shell out some extra pounds in lieu of good customer service rather than going in for such cheap insurance companies that will behave very indifferently at the time when you need them the most.
Car Insurance
Logan Riffel
I got a very cheap quote online from Endsleigh car insurance. The next day I received a call from my female who confirmed that my insurance has been protected and there was no excess. I paid them only to receive a cover note two days later which stated that my claim was not protected. I gave them a call and they promised me a return call within two hours, which, to my amazement, did not come for three days. I gave up and made them a call to explain that I was only looking for protecting my insurance. This time it was the manager who promised to call me back and as expected the call didn’t come. I called them the third time only to find a woman promising for a call back yet again ad even keeping a check whether I received the call or not. No call came for another four days. Eventually I rang up again and to my surprise it was the manger who answered my call. Wasting no time I asked him to cancel my policy. If it takes them more than 3 weeks to just make a small amendment in my policy I wonder what time they would take to settle a claim. I never looked back at them.
Car Insurance
There were still 2 months left on my Endsleigh insurance when I got a new job and a company car as part of the package. By the time the policy was about to expire I had already sold off my car. Because of all this I did not pay much heed in cancelling the policy. But I did call the company to inform them that I would not be renewing with them as personal car insurance was now useless for me. But they kept calling me and writing to me for the renewal and in their desperate attempt to get my business back. Once it was acceptable but the second time it was really irritating.
Car Insurance
Endsleigh saved me a lot of discomfort in moving my car up to Manchester. Since I do not drive much, it was a really big trouble for me which they sorted out quite efficiently. The company resolved my problem and for these reasons I do not mind paying those 100 pounds extra for the windscreen cover and alike. This all happened when I bought a car for my daughter. I do not remember the details anyhow. Whenever you correspond with them they give you a contact number of an office that is near your area and the concerned person understands your problem and knows how to sort it out. It is for all these reasons I do not bother even to shop around for insurance.
Car Insurance
Sam Ryas
I received a quote from Endsleigh which was nothing short of being very attractive. I was a 21 year old driver with 1 year NCB and I possess a new used 1600 cc ford focus hatchback. The quote was an alluring 705 pounds. But when I received the cover note of the policy I noticed my car being reduced to 1400 cc. It was absolutely unexpected as I had furnished my car registration number on the website which further accesses dvla database for extracting all the information about cars. I called the customer service people about the error and to my dismay they tried to charge me 90 pounds for a mistake which was theirs and not mine. If this was their condition at the start of the policy I was horrified to think what all would happen later especially at the time of making a claim. For this reason I instantly got the policy cancelled. Days later when I received my credit card bill, I did not find the refund of the policy. I gave them a ring again and it was really disappointing to know that they didn’t cancel my policy contrary to my instructions. I requested them to do the same urgently only to find a week later that the money yet not credited into my account. I gave them another call and came to know that since they had a huge backlog (I was not surprised!) of cancellations I will have to wait for 2 weeks for the refund. And the wait hasn’t got over yet.
Car Insurance
I was offered free car insurance from Endsleigh for a year with my new car that I bought 6 months ago. Later I changed my car from 1.6 Scenic to 1.8 Zafra. I thought of changing my car policy to the new car. But the Endsleigh people refused to do this on the context that I had a driving experience of 1 year and 7 months only which was quite less for them. It was so strange that they were okay with this experience initially but now they had a problem. Despite my reluctance to get transferred the lady at the other end transferred me to other place paying no heed to my request.
Car Insurance
A person drove into the back of my car, on the M25, while I was sitting still due to traffic. I noted his reg number, name, address, telephone number and other details and passed on to Endsleigh. Since then I am facing one trouble or the other with the company. The people sent me their written communication all on the wrong address although I repeatedly told them of the same. They and the garage people informed me that I was not supposed to pay anything for the settlement only to find three months later that I was supposed to pay some 550 pounds for the repairs to the garage as the claim couldn’t be settled. The approved solicitors of Endsleigh were chasing the wrong person for the settlement of the claims. I informed them of the same numerous times but all in vain. It was a year later when they finally were able to catch the right person responsible for the damage. The Endsleigh solicitors informed me that they received a written communication from him who confirmed of having crashed into my car but refused to divulge any more details. The company closed the case and I lost out 550 pounds excess, a no claim bonus and my premium shot to 200 pounds for no mistake of mine.
Car Insurance
They tried to charge me ₤230 for making a simple change in the details. The change was required due to a mistake on their part. As my transaction was completed over the phone, I could not provide them with any proof for the same. Thus, I had to make repeated calls and kept getting passed over to a number of different people. Overall, they had a very unprofessional attitude and were not supportive at all.
Car Insurance
Their quotes are cheap and are reasonably priced. They offer good cover at low rates especially for young drivers. Both their call centre staff and the staff at their claims department is helpful.
Car Insurance
Mike K
I was involved in an accident in October 2006. We informed the insurance company about the moving of the car sideways and we were assured that it will be taken care by the Insurance company. I had no idea where will they be taking the car for repair. After about a month I was informed that the car is ready and can be collected. We took leave from work so as to go to collect the car. When we reached the place to take the car, it wasn’t ready at all. It still had 8 faults and we denied to accept the car and they demanded certain time of about a week. We paid $250 additional and took the car finally. While moving back home we realized that the steering and suspension were not working fine. Wheel alignment was assured by the corporation. Later the insurance company told that they have spent a lot on the car and will not provide further assistance and I too have stressed them the we will not accept the vehicle till it is fully fit for driving. We have lost all faith in them.
Car Insurance
Being associating with Endsleigh is a very good thing to me apart from their insurance services. I enjoyed a lot with their different insurance policies. They are providing best insurance policies along with different offers & discounts. They are offering student insurance also for the valuable things like bicycles, computer systems, course fees and other things. Their services are coming with the best & cheap car insurance quotes along with their online insurance policies. I already had good experience with their services Really I feel very happy with the Endsleigh!!
Car Insurance