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Egg Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in United Kingdom. It was established in the year 1998 and serves in the areas of banking, investing and insurance. All the products and services offered by the company are regulated by Financial Services authority. All the insurance products and services are offered at a reasonable cost. Egg insurance is of different kinds. They are home insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, egg emergency cover and Egg credit card. Let’s discuss in detail about this.

Egg car Insurance or motor insurance offers guarantee courtesy cover, optional break down cover from Green flag, five year repair guarantee for your vehicle in case you get it repaired with claimed insurers of the company. Egg Insurance offers break down cover, immediate cover, guarantee courtesy cover, wind screen replacement, uninsured driver promise, claims made easy and many more options. The optional car cover offers rescue cover, home call, recovery plus, cover for any driver in your car, service provision by green flag and many more. The Egg motor insurance is under written by UK Insurance limited.

Egg home Insurance is a choice of cover that is flexible, straight forward and honest. The Essential cover includes both buildings and contents cover. The contents cover comprises of contents cover, business equipment, any one valuable item, garden loss or damage, rent or alternative accommodation, students belongings, loss or damage to frozen food, personal liability, liability to domestic staff. The buildings cover includes property owner’s liability, rent or alternative accommodation and trace and access. The other additional options include home assistance cover for emergency repairs, family legal protection cover for legal expenses, Identity theft, pedal cycles and personal possessions. The customer service at Egg Insurance is another benefit of the company which serves their customers.

Egg, launched in 1998 is a trading name of Egg group of companies and is registered in England and Wales. The main areas of egg are saving, borrowing and insurance. Egg Insurance products are regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Authority. It is the world's largest online bank that offers great services and manages customer's money more effectively.

Egg Car Insurance:

Egg car insurance aims to offer various deals and benefits exclusively for Egg customers, at a competitive price by UK Insurance Limited Registered office. Its policy benefits includes immediate choice of payment options, 0% interest feature if paid by Egg card on premium for up to 12 months, online buying saves up to 10% and a competitive rate for optional breakdown cover. Once you take Car Insurance at Egg, they completely take care of your car i.e., from collecting customer car, cleaning the vehicle, arranging the repairs (which come with a 3 year guarantee) and then returning it.

Egg Travel Insurance:

Egg Insurance offers single trip policy and multi-trip policy at very low prices. Egg travel pay for evacuation, cancellation or relocation necessitated by the extreme weather and gives the right cover at the right price for many people's holiday plans. Its special offers are 10% discount if paid with an Egg credit card, low prices, get free winter sports cover and unlimited travel with annual multi-trip policies.

Egg Home Insurance:

In addition to discounts offered, Egg Insurance also includes accidental damage cover on various home equipment, new for old replacement, immediate coverage for home safeguard policy holders if needed. Egg Home security policy offers optional extras like accidental damage and voluntary excess.

Egg Emergency Cover:

Egg Emergency Cover protects if any cards are lost or have stolen by cancelling all cards, orders replacements. One policy covers them against being used fraudulently at free of cost for just one free phone call to Egg Insurance.

Egg Insurance Features:

Worldwide 24 hour assistance if cards are missing
Lost luggage service
Emergency cash advance
Advance travel ticket replacement
CIFAS protective and Valuable document registration
Lost cash insurance
Key and lock replacement service
Change of address service

Egg Credit Card:

Egg is also recognized as one of the UK's biggest credit card providers. Egg Cards meets the needs and demands to protect goods purchased against theft or accidental damage. Egg Insurance provides free indemnity for all accidental damages to all Egg Cardholders. Egg Credit Card has appealing features and complimentary extras includes 0% balance transfer anniversary bonus, interest free periods on balance transfers and promotes brand loyalty through discounted Egg indemnity products.

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Isla Joe
I have the habit of doing extensive research and shopping before deciding to go for some particular deal. Continuously, for the last couple of years, Egg has emerged as the best insurance deal as far as my research is concerned. I think it provides excellent returns as compared to others. Since the last seven years, I have not been required to make any claims or endorsements. All these years I was driving a Ford KA that was covered by the group 2 insurance. When I approached insurance companies for their quotes, I found a large variation in their quotes. I decided to opt for Egg because it is more reachable and their representatives at the call centre are always willing to help. They were also prompt in sending any requested documents. Recently, I decided to add my husband to the policy. Only some time back, he had undergone a terrible car accident and hence it was expected that the premium would greatly go up. But, the rise in the premium was extremely minimal, 13 to be precise. My experience with Egg has been so fulfilling that I might just continue with it for the third year straight.
Car Insurance
Lara Corey
Its been more than 4 years since I have been associated with Egg on a continuously interrupted basis. My renewal period is just round the corner and after having the experience of most of the other insurance companies; I am more than convinced that Egg is definitely the best policy for my car. In addition to this, I find Eggs staff to be extremely helpful, prompt, responsible and friendly. I hope that when it comes to settling claims, they would be as pleasant as they are now.
Car Insurance
Abbie Leon
St Austell
Recently, I got my car changed which led to me being asked by Egg to incorporate a tracker in my new car. The demand was quite fair as far as insurance policies are concerned but when I found that it shall not be possible to fit the tracker for a couple of days following the delivery of my car. On hearing this, Egg decided to refuse the coverage of any losses incurred on my car during these couple of days, in spite of the fact that I had already submitted the purchase receipt of my cars tracker. I could not bear this and decided to shift my insurance coverage to a different company that bore no additional weight on my expenses as compared to Egg and covered those initial two days as well.
Car Insurance
Hollie Theo
I have had a real bad experience of dismal customer service just a few days back. Egg insurance had been extremely inconsistent as far as their charges are concerned. When I decided to raise an objection against this, the customer service staff was extremely unhelpful. Following this, I decided to register my complaint with the department handling customer relations in Egg Insurance. The department came out supporting their crewmembers and invalidated by complaint. I have decided to discontinue my insurance policy with Egg. I also found a brand new insurance policy that costs me exactly half of what I had to pay when I was associated with Egg.
Car Insurance
Tony White
I got associated with Egg and received a poor service from their customer support team.They levied charges which dint seem very consistent. I did not find them appropriate and I objected the same but the employees were not very helpful. Then I had no option but to call their customer support dept who supported their staff member and dismissed the complaint.I have recently received very poor customer service from them. They are inconsistent with their charges, and when I objected to this, the member of staff was very unhelpful. I then spoke to the customer relations department who defended their staff member and dismissed my complaint. I woudent be advising any of you to go for Egg.
Car Insurance
From last year onwards I am getting insurance services from Egg insurance company. I think that their intension is not to earn money; their main aim is providing quality & great services with superb offers like 25% off on life insurance and 10% discount on motor and travel insurance policies. According to these offers only you can estimate how much they have an interest in providing good services on insurance policies. I received a very good and cheapest quote from Egg during on renew my insurance policy
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