Comprehensive Insurance Cover

The insurance of any kind must be taken to get the appropriate cover. The cover must be selected based on the price of the vehicle and the model. The luxurious car will require bigger cover; the premium amount would be also more as the repairs require heavy expenses. The basic models of the car that are purchased at low cost are not that high on repair expenses as well and hence lower cover would also serve the purpose. Further, the time of the driving, routes usually being travelled and age of the driver also affects the driving pattern and the premium amount. The car insurance comes with different types of covers based on the need of the car owner and also the driving pattern of the driver. The covers like third party only cover, third party fire and theft cover and Comprehensive Insurance Cover are quite popular.

The comprehensive insurance cover is one such cover that supports all kind of damages and provides all kind of assistance. The premium amount for this type of cover is comparatively higher than all other types of covers. The damages due to accidents, fire, theft and any other natural forces are taken into account in this cover. The comprehensive cover requires the driver to pay certain amount from his side before receiving the claim from the insurance company. This particular amount popularly known as excess is the car owner’s share of risk. This arrangement is generally made by the insurance company to ensure that no unnecessary claims are raised by the car owners as they also have to share the risk. The amount of excess is decided in beginning of the policy itself and this will decide the premium. It works on the thumb rule that “higher the excess amount lower would be the premium”.

The breakdown cover, roadside assistance and courtesy car facility are also the part of comprehensive insurance cover. Many insurance companies also provide temporary accommodation charges if the car faces breakdown away from the residence and the immediate repair is not possible. All these together make the comprehensive cover the zero worry cover.

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