Car Warranty

Warranty is the assurance offered from the manufacturer to the customer for safe and secured use of the product for certain period. The warranty is offered on all types of mechanical and electrical goods for the time period of 1 to 3 years. The car warranty is also a cover against wear and tear of the car parts offered by the manufacturer. The car warranty is offered by the car manufacturer along with the new car. The car warranty can be new car warranty, new car extended warranty, used car warranty, complete car warranty and extended car warranty.

The new car warranty is offered by the manufacturer of the car. This warranty may be of 1 to 3 years. The new car warranty is offered with standard terms and conditions. The car owner may be required to take the car at the standard service station for repair as per the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

The used car warranty is offered by the private companies or dealers selling used cars. Many manufacturers also offer used car warranty for the cars of their company. The used Car Warranty charges mainly depend on the car condition. The car with good condition may be offered warranty at lower rate compared to the cars that are in bad working condition.

The extended car warranty is offered by the manufacturer as an extension to the standard car warranty. The extended warranty can be bought either from the manufacturer or one can also find the same from the private companies. The extended warranties may increase the warranty period by 1 to 3 years.

The car warranties are offered by the manufacturers as well as the dealers. The dealers that sell used cars may also sell the warranty for the same. Some dealers may offer complementary warranty along with the used car for six months to one year’s time.

There are many kinds of car warranties and also the car warranty providers. The car owner may check the manufacturer as well as the private company websites to find the best warranty deals. The online quotes are offered by most of the Car Insurance companies. The car warranty is also sold online. The car owner can activate this policy immediately by purchasing the car warranty online. The documents are also offered online by most of the companies through email. The online comparison websites can also be checked to avail the best warranty deal.

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