CIS Insurance

CIS Insurance

CIS is a one of a kind company which has been in business since 1867. Serving customers all over United Kingdom, the company's motto is to be a true co-operative with active involvement of the customers keeping their satisfaction as a priority. CIS Insurance company takes pride in being one of the largest co-operative insurance companies in the United Kingdom, offering their customers a host of services with a wide range of choices.

The company handles around 4.7 million customers who trust their financial advice and repose their trust the company by opting for their policy services. Their plan of action is quite simple, the benefit of the customer and his security is well taken care of which is why the clients are a satisfied lot.

As the name itself suggests, CIS Insurance is all about backing in various categories. The company offers, life, home and motor insurances as well. When you insure with CIS, you can be assured that you get the best deal for yourself as well as your nominee. As most customers would agree securing and insuring with a company is all about reliability and faith in the particular company.

The CIS company credibility offers its customer base an exemplary record in payment and offering valued financial advice. The team of skilled and trusted financial advisers offer you their services in the utmost professional and trusted financial advice. Based on this you can make your decisions about which policy coverage you would prefer for yourself. The financial advisors will give you tailored advice and services which are based on your particular needs and terms. Through the website you can make an appointment with a CIS financial adviser of your choice to benefit from their services.

At CIS you have a choice of dealing in the following insurances:

Car Insurance
• Insurance for your home
• Life insurance

Security is a matter of serious thought and planning ahead of time. Understanding the uncertainties of the future CIS tries to make your present as safe as possible.

CIS offers Co-operative Home Insurance, which has a wide-ranging policy which not only cover your home but all facets associated with your home. The policy covers your home, travel, contents and even your caravan from any possible damage. You can also get a home claims quote online.

CIS also deals in Co-operative Car Insurance. This policy covers a wide range, so that your car is safe on all accounts. Try out CIS car insurance policy quote online to compare rates or services.

CIS Insurance company also offers Commercial Insurance. This is specially made for small businesses, especially made to cater to small business problems. There are ranges of services from which you can choose that which you think will cover your company the maximum and on all counts.

CIS offers Co-operative eco insurance. This is UK's first Car Insurance policy geared at helping any damages which might be required for your car's CO2 emissions cause to the environment. Most of our customers will breathe a sigh of relief at this much value added consideration to our services.

The company also offers life and CIS Health Insurance for all its customers with a wide range of policies as well as facilities for the nominees.

CIS Insurance company's online presence is meant to be a help for those of you who want online quote, and financial advice, which will be made available to you within one business day.

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This site is like a clsasroom, except I don\'t hate it. lol
Travel Insurance
Phoebe Jake
CIS car insurance people had been very indifferent to my claim that I made on 3rd December 2005. after seven days I gave them a reminder call just to get to know that my claim has yet not been registered with the company as yet. In spite passing all my details to their Manchester office I was not contacted by anyone for the next ten days. Then I was informed that an assessor would visit me soon and they will contact me. But as it had it, they never called. When I phoned them they told me that the claim shall now be taken care by the Watford Office. And when I contacted the Watford Office they had no idea about the claim. Thanks to CIS for a Christmas without transport.
Car Insurance
Imogen Joshua
Working in the car industry I will do my best to ensure that no one insures with CIS. I shall not even dream to recommend any of my friends or family members to get insured with CIS. The CIS has a policy for replacing the stolen vehicle which states that the replaced car should be first paid for privately. They simply refuse to pay a third party payment which means that if your car has been stolen you will need to buy a new car out of your own funds initially. So, one should always have that much of cash available with oneself at home. And the claimant will keep wasting her time repaying the debt to the person from whom the car is purchased. And yes do not think that 2 months will be more than enough for the CIS people to replace your vehicle. They may even take more. So the first thing that one should do is to postpone important appointments of the next few days. Then, arrange funds for buying a new car completely on your own and finally go ahead and purchase the car and continue with your appointments. So never recommend CIS to anybody.
Car Insurance
Grace Aaron
The premium that I was paying for last 7 years to a broker did not match up with the car or length of NCB. I tried the online quote and was quite stunned at the price quoted by CIS Car Insurance. I never made a claim then and I didn’t make it with CIS too. I received 65% NCB.
Car Insurance
Lucy Muhammad
The literature of CIS literally screams ‘free courtesy car’. But that is only valid if they actually wish to repair your car. And if they do, the ‘approved repairer’ should also be willing and available to do so. And the ‘free courtesy car’ shall be available if luckily you get your car repaired by the ‘approved repairer’. You won’t even get to see any ‘free courtesy car’ until you don’t manage to get your car in the process of a repair. So conclusively there is no ‘free courtesy car’ at all. And when the repairer will quote a bill that is 5 times higher than the original the CIS will write it off and will finally hand over to you one half of the price of the same car in the market.
Car Insurance