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Budget insurance established in the year 1992 is one of the largest personal intermediaries that offer a wide range of insurance options. Budget Car Insurance offers you wind screen cover, courtesy cover, automatic 60 days European cover, approved claims repairer option for 3 years, emergency assistance and top panel of insurers who give an affordable price on the insurance services. Also there are different types of covers like cover for students, insurance for women, young drivers insurance, third party fire and theft etc.

Recession has made a comfort living costlier. Medical expenses keep augmenting and this made us to think before making a decision about our health. Even pets need to be protected in case if you want to save your budget. Budget pet insurance is a good option that offers pet fees for injuries, accidents, illness, recovery losts and cover for death from accidents. The Budget Insurance company offers a good amount of quotes for budget pet insurance. Budget travel insurance offers single trip cover, annual policies, back packing cover, 24 hour medical assistance, extra savings, free winter sports cover, no limits on the number of trips taken each year. Apart from this the company offers classic car insurance, bike insurance, business insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance , temporary insurance and many more.

The Budget car insurance offers extra options like motor legal protection, road side assistance, key replacement cover and guaranteed replacement assistance. The Budget life insurance is other good option which covers critical illness cover, mortgage life insurance and level term life insurance services. You can call them and make a claim. If your policy has come to the end of stage then you can renew it in online service that is present in the website.

Budget Insurance is one of the UK's leading insurance company offering car, home and van insurance. Budget Insurance was launched in 1992 and has become one of the UK's largest personal lines intermediaries through a combination of organic growth and a series of major strategic acquisitions.

Budget is part of the BGL Group. BGL Group's mission is to be the first choice provider of quality Financial services, which are accessible, easy to understand and easy to use. In Australia, Auto & General Insurance Company Limited is also part of the Budget group and is authorized by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA). The company also holds an Australian Financial Services License.

The organization staffs are also trained to give expert advice and to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They also ensure that the company's customers are getting the home or car insurance at the lowest price and making claims easy. Its core products are Car, home, commercial vehicle/ van and bike insurance. It also offers a different range of minor products like breakdown cover, personal loans, travel and life, and taxi insurance.

They offer Car Insurance to the insurer with benefits like NCD protection, Legal protection, Voluntary excess, No-frills, Flexible, Payment protection, and have different branches. Budget Car Insurance policy offers covers liability to third parties, issues policies for accidental death or injury to persons and accidental damage to property.

Comprehensive Cover from Budget Indemnity protects against accidental or malicious damage, loss or damage to personal effects in the vehicle as well as loss or damage to sound equipments. Van Insurance provides free windscreen repair, van replacement with motor legal protection, repair guarantee etc.

This company offers single trip, multi-trip, adventure travel and extended stay travel insurance and also get reimbursement for lost baggage, customer can get cover for winter sports or venturous activities such as diving or ballooning. Budget's home insurance offer home, building, contents, accidental damage, and legal policy. Home protection of budget insurance provides accidental damage for TV, PC, videos and Hi-Fi automatically included in the cover.

Financial Protection Services have improved day by day. Budget Insurance has millions of customers and offer different safety products. Budget is able to access a wide range of underwriters, making it highly competitive in the market. By using the latest technology and providing high service standards, they make it easier for their customers to buy policy's over the phone.

Benefits of Budget Insurance

• Earn commission with Budget Insurance Services Large panel of leading Insurers accommodating a wide range of risks
• Personal, dedicated account management
• Absolutely free to join
• Set up your partnership within 24 hours
• Unlike most affiliate schemes, BUDGET will reward all affiliates for sales completed over the telephone
• Wide range of creative graphics, text links available.

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Life Insurance
Absolutely appalling customer services. What seems like a good deal can quite quickly become a large expense when you choose to change any aspect of your policy. Cancellation and changes to your policy can leave you severely out of pocket. We have been with this company for 3 years and I can tell you that there are no rewards for loyal custom! Avoid this company like the plague....and if you heed this warning then I suggest you read quite carefully your very extensive contract. But I warn you that even cancelling at a very early stage will not be cheap!
Car Insurance
I insured my car with Budget insurance after I had moved from Belfast to Edinburgh. After 8 months I phoned to add a visiting friend onto the insurance and was told that Budget had cancelled my car insurance 2 months previously. They gave me the reason that I had a Northern Ireland number plate, which I had had when I took out the insurance and which was cited on my policy. You are under no obligation to change your number plate when you move to the mainland UK. When I pointed this out they just kept saying over and over that this was they reason they had on the computer and they could say nothing more about it or let me speak to anyone else. I had been therefore driving, unknowingly, without any insurance for 2 months!! They said they had tried to phone me a few times but couldn\'t get through (I find this hard to beleive as I checked they had my correct mobile number and I have an answering service on it, surely with something this important someone would have left a message) and admitted they never bothered to inform me in writing of the issue before or after cancelling my insurance. I was furious, and my complaint letters and calls hit a brick wall so I ended up going to the underwriters to get an apology.
Car Insurance
Changed my car what I though was at the end of contract but it was automatically renewed and they then requoted me double anyone else to insure the new car, or charge me 40% of the value contract to leave them. Cheap initially, poor communication to customers, dam indian call centres.
Car Insurance
Emma Harrison
I was satisfied with the services from Budget initially until I had a chance to change cars. I got a quote in advance and when I tried to accept it they raised it with few more pounds. When I referred them about the original quote they denied of having made any such quote. It was after series of conversation with their customer service people and getting back to their taped recordings of their sales calls that I was finally able to prove my point after which I was able to get some of my money refunded. Believe me; it really took ages to contact their customer service people. Then came the time to renew and I was quite sure that I did not fancy them anymore. Even the quote wasn’t impressive. But in their renewal quote I missed to read a very important point which was there in fine print. It stated that my policy shall get renewed unless I explicitly inform them of the contrary. Since I did not show any interest, my silence was taken as my affirmation and full premium was charged from my account. It was only then that I went back to that fine print direction. And now that the next 9 months have passed I gave them a call well in advance that I want to discontinue with them. As expected they shall now charge me some 35 pounds in next 5 days as a cancellation fee. When I queried them about the refund for the remaining time they replied that all of it would be settled next month. It looked impressive only in the beginning. I am happy to have snapped all my ties with them.
Car Insurance
Zoe Harley
Budget has cost me a fortune. They will charge 20 pounds if you want to add a driver to the policy, 20 pounds admin fees and other insurance costs if you wish to temporarily add driver and 20 pounds of admin fees for a change in address. When I informed them about the change in my address they did not point out the charges. I realized much later that they charged me 94 pounds for the same. It made me decide to discontinue with them at once but it was their letter that brought to my notice that leaving them wouldn’t be easy either. At first they might appear cheap but they prove to be very costly.
Car Insurance
Niamh Freddie
You can only face problem with Budget if you try to or even plan to change or modify details in your policy. Recently I tried to make certain changes which were a little technical in nature. The people attending my call did not know that the Lexus lights had nothing to do with the performance of the car as they were trying to increase its price by 100 pounds. After banging my door on the wall again and again I requested them to let me speak to somebody who could understand the intricacies. Finally I was able to speak to someone technical and things were sorted out. Budget is not a problem until you ask them to make modifications.
Car Insurance
Maya Luca
I was really taken aback when I got to see the insurance quote from Budget since I was heir customer from 5 years. I was quoted the price which was nearly double of what I found from other places. They informed me that these discounts are for new customers only which meant that I would have to leave them and then join them back in order to avail the discount. I wanted to discontinue with them but the cancellation cost that was told to me was 55 pounds, a little heavy. I gave them a call again and by this time the charge had gone up to 162 pounds. I ended up paying 192 pounds to leave them and I really believe that it would really have been more expensive to me by staying with them. I informed them twice about my new address which they ever seemed to take care of and sent mail on my old address only.
Car Insurance
Isobel Brandon
It is with Budget insurance that I have taken car insurance from for last couple of years. I was paying 35 pounds by direct debit and my policy recently expired. They wished to renew my policy. The other day I called them to clarify why they had increased by monthly premium to 45 pounds despite my not claiming at all. They went around beating the bush. I could not understand a thing when they tried to explain the reason. I found Lloyd’s TSB which was charging a premium of 25 pounds per month and it prompted me to pay them straight from my credit card. Now I wanted to discontinue with Budget and when I informed them about this they slammed me with 45 pounds of cancellation fees and 141 pounds, 10% of the amount of policy, for using their policy for 15 days. Furious, I allowed them to stick. When I wet online I found that the Budget people were quoting very cheap. I gave them another call and asked them to match up with their quotes to which they replied that they do not take quotes from price comparison sites. Quite awkward, isn’t it? Just stay away from them.
Car Insurance
Scarlett Noah
South Shields
I have been with Budget Car Insurance for a number of years but never had a chance to claim. The other day I got a quote from them on the internet which had no free breakdown cover. When I received the papers related to the same it had a free breakdown cover but the price was 80 pounds more. When I called up for clarification they said that it is for free. Now how is that possible?
Car Insurance
Poppy Cameron
In April I got my Budget car policy cancelled and was told that there would be no charges that shall be levied on me since the policy was fully paid up and there were still 3 months to go. To my dismay I received a cancellation fee request from them amounting to 12 pounds and another bill for 64 pounds. I queried them thrice about the same but received no reply. I called them up eight times but they kept me waiting for long and twice I had to wait for more than 20 minutes when I wanted to speak to their supervisor. I gave up. They promised me refunds and return calls, nothing of which ever happened. One of their employees told that they could not catch me despite my mobile and home phone numbers carrying an answering machine facility. They could have also sent a mail if they had ever wished. I had kept a record of the whole issue and finally succeeded in proving my case.
Car Insurance
I had received terrible customer service. I tried to cancel the renewal of my wife\'s car insurance by phone before it was due. I passed all the security checks but due to unusual circumstances she was unable to speak to them on the phone. They refused to cancel the renew however they did agree not to automatical debit my bank account. However 3 weeks later they took money from my account without my authority.Although I have spent considerable time on the phone to them as yet they have failed to refund this money. I also had several problems with a claim for a non fault accident. Avoid at all cost.
Car Insurance
The initial price of their quotes is good and they are quite cheap. Their supportive staff is very helpful & friendly and do not make you wait at all.
Car Insurance
Naylors Blue Drive
Budget is certainly not the smart option to go for. If you make use of their monthly payments, you will have to pay a heavy penalty for cancelling the policy at an earlier date. Indeed, the total expenses far exceeded the actual cost of the yearly premium, even when I cancelled after using their policy for less than 6 months.
Car Insurance
Absolutely appalling company. They try to charge for every single thing - read all the small print. Their customer services are dire, you usually end up speaking to someone in India who sounds abount 12. They automatically renew your cover - how helpful of them - then charge cancellation fees and a percentage of the insurance cost. Avoid this company because Smart people do not insure at Budget.
Car Insurance
Jersey City
Hey, you know what this is the first choice provider of high- quality financial services, they provide home, car, and van insurances with low rate prices. I had car insurance with online budget insurance. The online services are great, online application form is very easy to fill. They always try to do best job and make sure that fulfill all its customers. They have good customer service agents and there are able to make a response as soon as possible. I don’t want to loose my friendship with budget…..
Car Insurance