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Just imagine that you are on to a weekend trip with your family, intending to spend lovely time away from the daily hustle and bustle and the entire fun ends due to the silly car breakdown. Why not have the easy access to Breakdown Insurance cover to solve such problems! Let us understand what this insurance cover offers and have a sneak peak into the entire range of benefits and services.

Breakdown insurance cover is an insurance cover against the risk of breakdown in the car which is uncertain and which cannot be predicted in advance.

Why Buy Breakdown Cover?

The statistics by UKs Breakdown Cover providers says that breakdown services for vehicles in Britain are called upon for around 20,000 times every day. Most common reasons for those breakdowns are as follows:
  • Punctured tyre
  • Flat batteries and
  • Engine troubles
The roadside rescue petrol resolves most of these breakdown issues. 85% is the success rate for such emergency breakdown repairs for some service providers at UK. This means that the maximum of those drivers who call for breakdown repair services are able to get the problem resolved by not wasting much of their time. Hence, they ensure the future journey trouble free.

If the problem is a bit more critical then, the car is towed to the nearest garage for its repair. More flexible options are also available which would include full vehicle recovery and vehicle transported to your home address or local garage. There are insurance covers which also provides with the facility of covering replacement cost of vehicle along with emergency accommodation needed in the event of breakdown. Such covers guarantee you peace of your mind in relation to any uncertainty in the journey in your car.

Reasons to take an insurance cover for breakdown of car are:
  • Safety First
We have heard about the stories of breakdown at wrong time and wrong places. There are cases of smashed vehicles on the roadside hit by traffic. People trying to repair also met up an accident.
  • Professional hands to handle the situation:
By choosing to take Breakdown Cover, vehicle rescue and recovery service can be called immediately to get safe roadside support. Our safety and the safety of our passengers and other users of road is the priority. If vehicle breaks down in a dangerous situation or location, like a blind corner or besides a busy and fast road, the breakdown service providers being very professional are aware of how to handle the situation to keep it safe for all concerned. This is how while purchasing a breakdown cover, you not only buy safety but also buy most effective and most efficient solution to your problem. Things to consider before taking a breakdown insurance cover. The first thing which should be done before taking a Breakdown Cover is to read the precise details of any breakdown insurance policy carefully. Our motto is to get an insurance cover which covers almost all the eventualities. However by properly analyzing your driving style and where do you drive to, you can reduce your annual cost incurred on premium. Following is the list of things to be kept in mind:
  • Is car shared or many drivers drive the car?
  • Generally the driving includes local driving or is it large distances one?
  • Is there a lot of night driving?
  • Are you generally alone in the car or with at least somebody along with you?
  • Do you have options available if your car stalls one morning?
  • Are teenagers driving the car?
So, get on and resolve your car problems by getting into action!

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