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Atlas Insurance

The insurance for the car is an important aspect. The car owner should think about this aspect from the very first day of buying the car. The car must be insured from the showroom itself as the drive from home to showroom will also be a risky one as far as new car is concerned. The United Kingdom traffic rules and insurance rules are quite strict and hence car insurance with sufficient cover is a must here. There are many companies that offer temporary and annual car insurance. For the Atlas Insurance is one of the top insurance companies in United Kingdom. This company also provides the insurance options like home, personal and commercial. It works under the guidelines of Financial Services Authority and have the rights of business for general cover policies. They provide genuine advice to the customers regarding the insurance and also takes care that the customer gets the best suitable insurance policy at reasonable rate.

About the insurance Atlas company works with a view that the customers must be attended on one to one basis instead of setting up the call centre. They believe in providing the best service to their clients. The company has a good track record of claim settlement. They help their client through the whole process of reimbursement. The car insurance is available for different types of covers and the car owners can select the cover type as per their budget. The fully comprehensive cover is always expensive compared to all other types of cover.

If you are planning to buy insurance Atlas company is the best option. Their expert and friendly team of employees will help you plan the type of cover, insurance term, cover amount and all other details as per your driving pattern and budget. For the guest drivers or borrowed cars, you can also plan to buy the one day car insurance. The temporary insurance can be purchased for 1 to 28 days of term as per the requirement. Any valid UK driving license holder is eligible to apply for this insurance if he has not faced any disqualification in 5 years.

One of the leading insurance companies of United Kingdom that was established about a decade or so is known by the name of Atlas Insurance Services Ltd. They have been providing security for all types of people in the form of personal, motor, business, home and commercial insurance. An authorized company following the norms set by the Financial Services Authority and is given the rights to conduct business under the general coverage policies.

Atlas Insurance Services Ltd. work independently giving unbiased and honest advice to all their customers. The dealings with their insurers help them to acquire policies beforehand thus helping them by offering policy cover rates at a more reasonable rates than the other companies. Atlas Insurance Service Ltd believes in serving their insurers by protecting their interests. They are known to provide solution to all types if reimbursement problems, they have insurers from all kinds of financial background they firmly believe in one to one dealing with their insurers rather than setting up a call centre. They have a panel of experienced and qualified people on their panel to help you when it comes to financial or any other protection related queries and problems. The greatest achievement that Atlas Insurance company can boost of is that nearly 40% of increase in their insurer's strength was due to the recommendation of their old and satisfied insurer clients. Quality clients and quality service is their motto and take personal interest in the well being of their insurers.

Atlas Insurance Services Ltd offers you 24-hour Atlas Direct service assistance in case of emergency and the rates offered by them to you are much cheaper than the other repayment companies around. It has set up their own website wherein you can get all the details regarding travel insurance.

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