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If you are looking for an affordable and economical price in buying an insurance policy then you must definitely learn about Asda insurance. It is one of the leading insurers in United Kingdom with general life and mortgage life policies. They proffer loans, insurance services, savings, home expenses, motoring services and many more products.

You can save huge bucks with Asda car insurance policy. It is a cheap car insurance policy designed by the list of panel members in the company. The company has a list of 20 insurers which offer the car insurance. The car insurance is mainly categorized in to three kind’s namely comprehensive car insurance, Third party fire and theft and Third party only insurance. The company offers the opportunity to the customers to customize the policy according to them.

Some of the benefits include easy claims option, friendly service, options for hire car, 24 hour help line service and offers the best prices. The optional extras include legal protection, hire car service, break down service, payments, legal protection and many other services. The Asda Insurance company also offers pet insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, personal loans, etc.

Apart from these the company guides you in many ways. The online site of the company is comprised of huge information regarding their policies. The useful guide helps you to learn new updates and changes in the insurance policies. The company is also categorized in to various sectors like furniture, electricals, groceries, holiday options and also offers the choice of online shopping services to their valuable customers.

The ASDA direct service is a perfect option of the best family choice since it is a collection of various services and products like games, toys, clearance sales, home appliances, clothing, jewelry, watches, furniture, financial services, personalized cards, phones, mobile and all electronic, digital gadgets.

Asda insurance is one of the rapidly expanding UK life indemnity providers with both general life and mortgage life policy. It is also known as 'Asda life assurance' or 'Asda term assurance'. Asda have their own financial services offering a wide range of personal finance products.

Their core products include Car, Van, Home, Travel, Life, Mortgage Life, Life Cover and Pet Insurance. Asda Insurance group also offer Credit Cards, Store cards and Loans, including homeowner loans; they also offer a savings account in the form of a Child Trust Fund.

Its general life safeguard policy provides a sum payment if the customer die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness during the policy period. Asda's mortgage life coverage offers pay off your repayment mortgage and terminal illness benefit is also included for free.

They offer Car Insurance for damage to the car caused in an accident, Loss of or damage of car caused by fire, theft or vandalism, repair or replacement of broken glass of car, damage to vehicles or property belonging to other people or injury to other people and legal expenses cover; courtesy car option and European motoring cover as well as the Asda Insurance Breakdown Service.

Asda's Travel Reimbursement covers the risk during travelling of an individual, and the risk may mean anything from delayed departure of flight to loss of life. They offer policies like life risk policy and endowment policy, to cover the life risk of a person, and children education policy, children marriage policy, to provide funds in time of need, and theft policy, Fire policy etc to cover loss of assets due to theft and fire accident. Asda Insurance provides emergency medical expenses, and helps in the loss of tickets or passports etc.

Home Insurance from Asda offers both Contents and Buildings Insurance. Contents insurance includes New for Old cover, accidental damage to home entertainment equipments, Emergency Repairs etc. Asda Insurance deals with tradesmen Buildings damages for full accidental damage. Pet security can help to cover the cost of any treatment for any pet when it is ill, policy covers vet bills for each illness or injury and also issues policy for X-rays, medication, surgery and nursing care.

Asda Insurance is also a part of Britain's best value food and clothing superstore and became part of the Wal-Mart family on 26 July 1999. It also provides fresh food, grocery, clothing, home, leisure and entertainment goods. Asda now have many stores and warehouse across the UK. They try to make their stores part of the community and play a positive part in all aspects of local life.

Awards for this Company:

  • Best Pet Insurance Provider - Your Money Direct Awards 2007
  • Best Travel Insurance Provider
  • Asda was voted for the Your Money Direct awards 'Best online home and contents insurance provider 2005'.

Asda Financial services are quickly rising to become as one of the financial institution in the UK.

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I was involved in an accident and I was not at fault. I had a witness to prove the same but in this case they decided to award me 50/50 liability. I decided to fight for what I was entitled to. The total charges of repair are 490 pounds and my excess with Asda is some 400 pounds. They declined to recoup the remaining 90 pounds as it was ‘too expensive’ for them to do so. Can u call this ‘customer service’? It turned out to be a profitable affair for the insurance industry in the long run for they saved their no claim bonus from both the parties. Never make a mistake for going in for cheaper premium companies as they can be a real pain in the neck when it comes to making a claim. Now someone from NUGI Complaints Trouble-shooter Recoveries/Disputes is looking after my claim and I am expecting to hear from them shortly. If I don’t hear from them within 10 working days, as committed by them, I will make a follow up on this.
Car Insurance
East Kilbride
Met an accident a month ago and thanks to Asda, I am still without a repaired car. The accident was not my fault and to get my car repaired the people of Asda have been demanding all unnecessary paperwork for no reasons. They are asking proofs of how I made them a payment and how I paid for the car and all other irrelevant questions. Finally I managed to speak to their manager after so many calls and the manager turned out to be impolite and an indifferent person. It was so shocking to find out that she completely lacked all customer service sense. It made me even more furious. They surely have no idea how to proceed especially when it is the third party that is supposed to pay. They even declined to provide me a courtesy car in spite having me wait for a month for the repair to even start. Just don’t go to them.
Car Insurance
Leo Anna
I thought that I would go to all the supermarkets hunting for the best price for my car insurance. Asda people came out to be the cheapest, including my current insurer. Their call center people were very helpful over the phone and took my online discount off. I shall give them full marks for an all round performance.
Car Insurance
Harry Thomas
Norwich Union underwrites Asda Car Insurance and controls their goal posts. One will have to fight hard for claiming and making settlements. One of their team members left us with our matters until finally we were able to talk to a more reasonable person. You can definitely get a better insurance than this!
Car Insurance
Jessica Ava
For nearly a period of 3 years, I was a loyal customer of Asda Car Insurance the day I passed my driving test at Birmingham. They have been really helpful and took extreme care of me whenever I changed my car or moved across Birmingham. Their customer service is nice and flawless. All that I wish is that they sort out the prices for North Devon – one of the safest postal codes ever.
Car Insurance
hi there i would like to cancel my insurance please u can get me on i would b greatfull i u could do that for me thanks
Pet Insurance
Both my claims from Asda were received badly and rather than being paid off, I had to incur a number of recurring expenses. I had to wait 4 days for a simple claim that was finally satisfied when, I had called them repeatedly for about 7 times a day.
Car Insurance
Asda is among the cheapest online car insurance companies and have proved to be helpful on a number of occasions. They even provide a car breakdown cover and provide cheap quotes even if you have points on your licence. The information provided on their website is of good quality and guides you through their process. The staff employed at their call centres is helpful as well and makes the process of changing your address, obtaining information etc. very easy.
Car Insurance
I met with an accident with no fault of mine. Its more than a month now and still my car has not been repaired yet. ASDA has constantly been asking me for several papers and I am just rushing here and there to gather them. I finally paid to fix my car and have kept the proof of it, but those things they are not bothered about. When I had a word with their Manager she simply made me get on my nerves. They had no behavioral etiquettes. I am not very happy with the service.
Car Insurance
Union City
ASDA is a good company in UK, it provides excellent services, it is my strong feeling, and I was insured with ASDA car insurance and I got instant quotes for my car with low rate cost but last year my car was stolen by some one. When I called to ASDA customer care they politely responded me and provided new car with their ASDA Third party Insurance policy. Now my relationship with this company becoming very strong…
Car Insurance