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Admiral insurance offers van insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, car warranty, bike insurance, life insurance, home insurance cover. Admiral car insurance offers cheap car insurance, Multi car insurance and Online Auto coverage insurance. Multi car insurance is best suited in case you have more than five cars registered at same address. This indemnification policy provides you with features like choice of excess, personal accident cover, free guaranteed courtesy cover; free windscreen repair and cost cuttings on stereo cover for each car.

The Admiral online auto coverage option is categorized in to four type’s mainly comprehensive coverage to car restitution policy holders, liability coverage, medical payments coverage and underinsured motorist coverage. The cheap car insurance comes with value range of services like 24 hour emergency help lines, wind screen cover, free courtesy cover, personal injury cover and financial protection to the clients. Also the Admiral Insurance company offers Car warranty cover that is associated with Warranty Direct which saves your car from all kinds of repairs, electrical and mechanical failures, break downs and many more. Also it takes the responsibility of the replacement costs for your car. It offers you to opt the garage that carries out with repairs, covers if an uninsured part fails and damages or breaks an insured part and takes the responsibility of wear and tear.

Admiral pet insurance administered by Ultimate pet partners limited offers three levels of cover namely gold, silver and bronze. They comprise Vet advice line which offers 24 hours, 365 days nurse assistance and you can directly communicate with them about your pet health problems. The Admiral travel insurance will cover wide range of activities like canoeing, wind surfing, scuba diving, skiing and offers single trip cover, multi trip cover, winter sports cover and back packer travel insurance cover.

The company was founded in 1993 and has been providing lower premiums to the people since its inception. It offers special low cost Car Insurance for performance cars drivers, younger drivers of luxury cars, people living in cities and provides fast online UK motor quotes, reasonable premiums and various covers to their customers.

Their MultiCar policy offers cheaper coverage to the households with two or more cars. With this MultiCar policy, Individuals or Families with more than one car can reduce the time as well as cost of buying car policy. The Admiral Insurance Group consists of other companies like Diamond, Bell, Gladiator and Elephant.

Admiral Car Insurance:

They offer Cheap Car Assurance to their customers with comprehensive car security policies and coverage. It includes various benefits like Personal Injury cover, free courtesy car and windscreen cover, Flexible payment options and 24-hour emergency help lines. They arrange financial protection for their clients to safeguard themselves by getting auto coverage because we cannot prevent unfortunate accidents.

MultiCar Insurance: This benefit is offered to their customers having up to 5 cars registered at the same address. They provide special offers like free windscreen repair, free guaranteed courtesy car and discounts on stereo cover for each car, personal accident cover, choice of excess.

Online Auto Coverage's: Admiral Car Insurance offers 4 types of online auto coverage like Underinsured Motorist coverage, Medical Payments coverage, Liability coverage, Collision and Comprehensive coverage to their Car Restitution Policy holders.

Admiral Motor Bike Insurance:

They offer motorbike safeguard to provide the cheapest quotes from a selected panel. They allow the customers to compare prices and choose the best cover available from their online motorbike policy partners in an easy way. They also arrange all kinds of motorbikes assurance like scooters, mopeds, from sports bikes to cruisers and trikes.

Customers are provided with 3 types of Cover namely; third party only insurance, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive covers to find the cheapest price for the cover which is suitable to their needs. In addition to that, they also offers free Legal Expenses cover to their clients under certain circumstances like accidental damage, fire and theft damage to the vehicles.

They also provide protection for Home, Van and Travel to their policy holders. Their home security is designed to recognize the value of your home and to protect the things that are valuable to their customers and ensure that the clients find the right cover at the right place. Admiral Insurance also offers coverage for vans and commercial vehicles.

Travel Reimbursement is also provided to their customers if they prepare for backpacking around the world, business trip abroad or annual holiday. They offer instant cover on Travel Indemnity to give their clients peace of mind when they are on travels. This instant cover includes Personal Accident Cover, 24 Hour Emergency Support, Medical Expenses Cover, and Cover for Golf, Backpacking, Skiing, Cruises.

Their Breakdown Cover gives fantastic services like home assistance, roadside assistance and nationwide recovery for a great price. They offer Cheap Car Warranty for drivers of performance cars, city dwellers and drivers with low no claims bonus. At Admiral Insurance, all the services are authorized and managed by the Financial Services Authority.

Admiral Car Insurance
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Health Insurance
If you are thinking of buying Admiral for their cheap prices then just forget everything about claims. I paid for comprehensive insurance with legal support which turned out to be a sheer waste of money. My driver jammed my car into many static cars and I am still waiting for any settlement whatsoever despite aggressive follow up. Every time they recorded wrong details despite me having supplied written statement and photographs to them. At the time of the renewal of the policy they even refused me the no claim bonus as their first member of staff by mistake registered the accident as my fault. And guess what? They now have agreed that the accident was not my fault. However they have refused to pay for increased policy cost as well as the insurance excess since the responsible driver was not insured by Admiral. Its been 9 months now and I am still waiting for the settlement of the insurance excess and the increase in the cost of the policy, both being a staggering 150 pounds each. And also for the cost of all 0870 calls that increased the bill of my telephone by 50 pounds in a month since each of their call would take more than 30 minutes every time. So, all the potential car insurance buyers beware of Admiral.
Car Insurance
A couple of weeks ago, my husband got a quote of 450 pounds for fully comp from Admiral Car Insurance. He rushed to them to buy the policy just before some hours before our previous insurance expired. He was sure to get even a lower premium than 450 pounds since he had changed the mileage from 5000 to 4000. But to his disbelief, the company was charging him 670 pounds, an extra 220 pounds for no reason. My husband didnít go ahead with Admiral without changing the mileage he agreed for a premium of 470 points from Elephant. But their online payment portal was not working properly. After all, they are same company. I advised my husband to forget Admiral and Elephant and we immediately moved to Sainsburys which charged us a premium of 457 pounds only, without any changes. Admiralís customer lost was Sainsburys customer gained
Car Insurance
I had a really painful experience with Admiral. I had informed them well in time about my change in address but to my disbelief they did not update it in their database. When time came to make my claim, it took me several calls to make them understand. And whatever correspondence happened between both of us, it had to be followed by another 3 calls and another 3 letters. I was completely harassed. I had already been shifting from elephant to admiral and admiral to elephant, for the best price. All in all, a real pain in neck. I really regret that I had anything to do with them. The experience of their customer service was a lesson to me and finally it made me switch off to some other company.
Car Insurance
Waltham Cross
It was in May 2007 when I purchased a car insurance policy from Admiral. The next year I got it renewed. Sine at the time of renewal I was busy so later when I had time I thought of shopping around to check if any cheaper quote was available. I was within the cooling off period then. I found a much cheaper quote from another company and directed the people at Admiral to cancel my policy. Several times during the follow up, the call centre agent would inform me that my policy had been cancelled which was not so. After several days the policy finally got cancelled. It is my sincere advice to all that do not consider Admiral for your car even once. They are very slow and can bring hassles in your life. They have a 0871 number as well. They are just not worth the effort and price. Once again, do not buy Admiral at all.
Car Insurance
Recently my car was stolen from my house and the police found it in a crashed state. And from there the trouble started. The Admiral people took 5 weeks for getting the estimate and the paper work really pushed me down. Their systems are so slow that my car repair got delayed like anything. Though their customer service people are polite and courteous but they always had to check up with the other departments for the progress of my work which was quite irritating. It was always me who had to follow them and they would not bother to revert at all. Finally I gave up and bought another car for myself. How can anybody wait for more than 2 months for the claims?
Car Insurance
I had a strange experience with Admiral when I asked them for a quote on their multi-car policy. As soon as I queried for the no claim discount that was about to approach at one of my cars, I was told that I would be saving only 30 pounds, which meant that there was actually no fun waiting for the discount. I was left contemplating why the discount was even less than 5% of the cost of the policy to which their reply was that they do not keep any fixed percentage, unlike other companies, and that it varies case to case basis. I thought of an idea and asked them for an alternative car quote on the same vehicle and to my amazement the difference was a substantial 130 pounds. To this, they have no answer.
Car Insurance
St Albans
A peculiar experience I want to share with all of you. I had sent my renewal documents to Admiral who quoted me a price of 986 pounds. I felt it was quite high and checked the same from their website giving in my details all over again with the dates. It was unbelievable that the same policy came out for 542 pounds only. When I gave them a call they asked me for the saved copy of the quote. Somehow, I had kept it for reference. They had to honour the price. Had I not checked with their website I would have ended paying 400 pounds extra for no reason. I recommend everyone to do so whenever going for insurance especially adding a car. I found single policy for the same car at 200 pounds cheaper. What happened with me could also happen to you. A little alertness can help.
Car Insurance
I have been with Admiral for more than 2 years now and I am really satisfied with the quality of service they have to offer. My experience says that they are certainly not the cheapest but surely one of the best in terms of customer service. They respond to your queries in a very friendly way. Despite changing my vehicles thrice this year they changed my vehicle without any extra charges. The paperwork also did take much time. Even when I had an accident, they kept in touch with me till the time it got settled. Not the cheapest but extremely efficient.
Car Insurance
I and my husband have got our Clio and Porsche insured with Admiral. It was unbelievable that though I was a learner, the cost of insuring both the cars was much lesser than insuring Porsche alone with any other company. Thanks to their multi car policy where I was the first driver on the Clio while my husband first on the Porsche. In fact, when I cleared the test, we were charged only 14 extra pounds to have my name on the Porsche too which was so very wonderful. The people at Admiral were very friendly and efficient when in the claim when my husband lost control of the Porsche at a roundabout just a couple of months ago. They were just a phone call away and in the name of formalities I just had to fill one form. Unlike other car insurance companies, it isnít a cumbersome process at all to get your claims done from Admiral. The Porsche got its first class repair done from a Porsche specialist. I am really happy to have chosen Admiral for the price I paid. I just wish that the premium next year on both of my cars doesnít go skyrocketing high.
Car Insurance
I never have had any issues with Admiral at all for years of my association with them. Whenever I call them for any clarifications they do not keep me waiting for long. It really feels so nice to be given such personal attention by the operator at their side. You do not need to follow the automated process of pressing buttons which I feel is quite impersonal. And what more, the prices are reasonable and the staff is friendly.
Car Insurance
For the 5 years that I have been using Admiral Car insurance, I faced no trouble, until I had to make a claim. I was involved in an accident with no other party involved and no injuries at all. For 3 weeks, I had to deal with their staff that showed no interest at all and did not have the required information. Finally, my case was termed as a write off. Yet, after a week, the required set of documents has not arrived.
Car Insurance
The period of years, over which I have been using Admiral Car insurance, I have never faced any problem with them. The staffs they have employed are very helpful and always suggest the cheapest quotes available. Their claim service is efficient and repays the claims quickly. After the initial appalling conversation with the front desk, I was guided through to the claims department, where I was explained the amount that I would receive from the company and other important details of the process. In a few days, the requisite documents arrived from Admiral and the process was completed within 5 and half weeks without any glitches.
Car Insurance
I had got my new address updated with Admiral Car Insurance.Surprisingly when it came to claims they( the claims dept) were using my old address.I had to repeatedly call them up to get the issue sorted out.Now every attempt to contact them took me nothing less than 3 phone calls.Hence no integration of databases. I have been switching from Elephant to Admiral..and back to Elephant.After checking out the customer service I have no second thoughts about the company.
Car Insurance
East Orange
We having a very satisfying experience with Admiral Insurance from last 4 years; through Multi car insurance I got 2 cars at a time. Admiral provides best services to its customers. One day while I coming back from my office suddenly my car got an accident with another car so my car wind screen was damaged. When i talk about this with Admiral People immediately they responded us and provided free service to repair my car from their special services. I believe it is very good company and I want to continue my relationship with this companyÖ.
Car Insurance