AXA Insurance

AXA Insurance

AXA insurance is one of the prestigious organizations in United Kingdom that has a way back history from 18th century itself. The company mostly focuses on wealth management, health care, pensions, savings, investments, and insurance policies. Headquartered in UK, the company has employed more than 12,000 people in UK and 214,000 employees’ world wide. The company has spread out to various parts of the world.

Their insurance products include car, travel, pet, medical, home, life, health, tradesman, van indemnification polices. Traveling in a car on the roads of United Kingdom with out car insurance is highly dangerous and can impose large fines. The best way to overcome this is only by insuring with car indemnification policy. The AXA Insurance company offers both AXA car insurance and AXA North Ireland car insurance to its customers. The AXA car insurance offers up to 90% no claims discount, free courtesy car option, one million driver injury cover, and up to 30 pounds online discount. The AXA North Ireland car insurance offers 10% online discount, 75% no claims discount, free all inclusive courtesy car and is a quick hassle free policy.

Pensions obtained after the retirement stage are helpful to old age people in many ways. AXA insurance offers pensions scheme that includes personal pensions, Family sun trust pensions and The One from winter thur pensions. These are of different kinds and each adds a special variety to the customer. The Health care includes a distinct collection of insurance policies like small business health insurance, corporate health insurance, self employed health insurance, International health insurance, cash plan, corporate dental cover, health and well being. One of the best covers from the company is AXA travel insurance. It provides a wide range of covers including winter sports cover, single trip cover, annual trip cover, multi trip cover, back packer cover and may more which make your journey a comfortable and an ever lasting one.

AXA insurance is one of the most trusted assurance companies that are operating in the market. It offers numerous covers which put to rest the insecurities you may have over your vehicle or your health. Client friendly and transparent, getting security over from AXA is very simple. Some of the AXA Insurance products are listed below.

AXA Car Insurance:

As part of the motor warranty cover, AXA Insurance offers the ingenious swift cover policy which is a car insurance that saves you the trouble of standing in never ending queues and paying irrationally high premiums. Yes, AXA swift cover policy is a car insurance policy that can be applied for online which ensures cent percent car safety. Some of the highlights of this policy are

• Documents can be printed instantly.
• Our customer care team is prompt in their replies to queries and offer solutions instantly as they are based in the United Kingdom.
• The collection and delivery of a claim is done free of cost. We also take special care to see that your car is cleaned thoroughly after each repair.
• We offer the facility of viewing, amending, renewing and tracking your claim online and this service is available 24/7.
• A guarantee of 5 years on workmanship is offered on all repairs.

AXA Home Insurance:

AXA's home insurance can be tailored to suit your needs and this makes it the most sought after home insurance among clients. The increase in the cover for alternative accommodation bears testimony of the fact that AXA responds to customer needs. Policy can be tailored to suit your needs and this makes it the most sought after home security among clients. AXA Home essential and AXA Home Plus are the two covers available. While the Home package covers the basics, the Home Plus offers extra accident cover besides the basics.

Pet insurance:

What better way to show that you care for your beloved pet than cover it with Pet insurance from AXA. With the accelerating vet's fees and the equal rise in the incidence of pet illnesses, having a Pet insurance cover from AXA which covers up to £7000 per year of vet fees in addition to the £1000 for treatment from a vet abroad, cover for complementary therapies and clinical diet costs are also available. The only thing that is asked of you is the regular payment of premiums.

Travel Insurance:

AXA provides you with standard travel insurance covers as well as covers that can be customized by you to suit your needs. For example, if you are a winter sports enthusiast, you can apply for an AXA Insurance cover besides the general sports and activities we cover as a standard. Another package is the independent traveller's compensation for those whose travel itineraries are not part of any holiday package. This safeguards them against ticket cancellations, denied boarding, missed or delayed connections and loss of accommodation not used.

Business solution:

AXA being a major player in insurance business understands business like no other corporate. AXA Insurance includes a range of products like shop, office, hotel, surgery, professionals, van and tradesmen insurance to name a few.

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Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good ifonmration.
Breakdown Cover
Very expensive rates. Took them 11 month to settle a foreign claim and did not pay out in full as they have been using rather dubious exchange rates.
Car Insurance
Jamie Sam
I am 47 years of age and own a modest car (group 8 insurance). I have had no claims for the last 8 years. I was loyal to AXA car insurance for last 5 years and recently moved to a new and better postcode. The premium remained staggering high to the tune of 700 pounds. Then I was shunted recently and reported a claim. AXA seemed to be hell-bent on making this claim a painful one for me despite having received 3500 pounds from me over the years. Now I have cancelled the same and have moved to RAC and the premium has now fallen to 230 pounds. Now you would have an idea where AXA stands.
Car Insurance
Jack Callum
My old car was damaged severely when a car pulling up hit it at its side. The other party admitted the claim. But still the AXA people got the cheapest ever repair done to my car. After being at the body shop, my car was returned to me after 4 weeks and that also in a horrible state. The paint work was odd and there were some 11 major defects in the car. The car was again sent to the body shop for 2 weeks and this time it came with a dent in the new quarter panel, patchy paintwork and 1 alloy wheel damaged while the other painted over the damage. A senior engineer was called from AXA to take a look at the car and from his words it seemed that he believed that I was the one to have damaged the wheel and the other parts of the body of the car. Various other electrical defects started to rise causing the lights to fuse and the air conditioning to fail on its own. The service agent informed me that these faults were taking place due to a serious defect in the wiring which would have happened when the bumper would have been removed for the repairs to take place. Other electrical connections too were tampered with. My car, costing me 21000 pounds, was significantly devalues with these shoddy repairs despite being at the body shop for 8 weeks. While speaking to the AXA engineer I could make it from the tone of his voice that any of my further complaints would not be entertained and that they were quite experienced in getting out clear from court cases, if I was thinking of doing that. It was a sheer disappointment.
Car Insurance
I had an accident in February and it was not my fault. Despite brokers messing up with the details in the first few weeks, the processing of claim was faster at AXA’s side from the day I reported it to them. My car was established a write off after assessments were made. But AXA was very prompt in settling all my claims including injury claims. I have been to other companies but nothing is like AXA.
Car Insurance
A policy holder of AXA insurance hit into and caused damage to my car worth 5000 euros. My car was anyways worth 8000 euros so it was decided to write it off. After three weeks of the incident I called up AXA people for the payment who informed that they have not received the accident report as of yet. They also said that they would not be paying depreciated value of my car. A bad company with bad customer service!
Car Insurance
In my past, I had a little problem with AXA regarding my policy and the premium that I was paying. But my persistence got me rewards. Like all other insurance companies I think AXA too was reluctant in paying money but I think in the end it all depends on individual to individual. The department heads in Dublin were very friendly and supportive and resolve any difficulty in a fantastic and professional manner. Perhaps this is the only reason that I am still with them.
Car Insurance
AXA believes in chasing profits only and do no intend to give good customer service to its customers. I had a very horrifying experience to them. I couldn’t catch them over the phone for the first day. It was on the second day of the accident that I finally managed to contact them and was hung down by the call handler since he was unable to answer my questions. It was after I complained to my broker that made a progress towards the claim. AXA asked me to travel miles to a bodyshop for repair f my car. They were really slow with the process of settling the claim and were very difficult to contact. The repair required to shell out a higher excess than that on my certificate. They also informed that the figure on my insurance certificate did not match with the figure on their computer. Now I am chasing my broker to sort this out and hopefully it happens soon. From the whole experience one can feel that the AXA people are not willing to provide a satisfactory service.
Car Insurance