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The AA Insurance company offers wide range of insurance options like travel insurance, home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, home response insurance, private medical insurance and legal services. It also offers break down cover, financial services, traveling, motoring, driving school, business services and many more. By becoming a member of AA insurance club you can save a good budget and avail great discounts. If you are lover of food cuisine, then you can read reviews of different restaurants that offer splendid food. For all those travel buffs, there is a great journey ahead with AA travel insurance.

AA car insurance is one of the best options and it is categorized in to three categories namely young drivers insurance, woman’s car insurance and short term car insurance. The AA young drivers insurance is especially designed for young and challenging blood who is generally known for taking risks and driving the vehicle at a high speed. Generally the premium rates are high for them. The premium costs can be reduced if they avoid speed ticketing and insurance claims in the initial period of insurance cover. Pass plus is one of the excellent services provided to the youngsters that help them to be awarded as a safe drivers in future. Woman’s car insurance is highly beneficial to all those lovely women. AA Insurance offers wide range of options like cover for personal possessions, regaining uninsured losses after accident and replacement for cars, seats, locks etc. the car security option is a valuable service offered by the company. It offers great advice and good suggestions.

Health is wealth! And first preference in life has to be given to Private medical insurance. Quick medical consultation with private hospital Doctors, wide choice of hospitals to choose for the medical treatment etc are some of the advantages of AA private medical insurance.

AA provides protection coverage in a wide variety of areas. Some of them include car, travel, home, life, motorcycle, life, van, classic cars, business, pet, caravans etc. The most popular among them is their Car Insurance policy. This group provides insurance products tailored specifically to meet the customerís needs.

AA Car Insurance offers decent online savings as well as a save facility. Benefits are that, customers could save money, can get no claims discount, and a courtesy car will be provided while their car is being repaired. Customers can get discounts easily when they buy it online.

Their travel coverage provides great-value travel cover. AA Insurance provides single trip travel safeguard and annual travel policy, which is a great value for customers who make regular trips to abroad. They provide medical expenses, and also offer cancellation cover, emergency assistance while travelling -24 hours a day & 365 days a year, special rates for single-parent families, winter sports, golf, wedding cover and business cover included as a part of their standard policy. They also provide discount for customers buying their policy online.

Their home compensation policy offers building, accidental damage and legal insurance, and contents insurance. If belongings of customers are damaged as a result of an accident, fire, storm, flood or stolen, AA home & contents insurance will pay for that loss. Accidental coverage will cover the accidental damage for home entertainment products, gas and electrical equipment. Building reimbursement will cover unlimited rebuilding costs, emergency helpline and accidental damage. They offer discount for online home insurance policy.

Their business indemnity coverage can come in many different ways for all sorts of businesses and commercial enterprises, large and small like business interruption, business contents and stock, public liability, and legal expenses. All employers with some exceptions required having employer liability security, professional indemnity policy, and a number of other business provisions depend on the type of business. AA Insurance provides own professional liability cover for doctors and lawyers, and many outdoor activity centres public liability insurance are also available.

The van support coverage is provided with the most comprehensive assurance policy. It offers no-claim discount, 24 hour claims help lines, and it covers van wind screen repair or replacement. It offers extra options such as legal expenses, emergency replacement van cover, and van rescue breakdown assistance.

They also provide insurance for pets, life, caravan and more. Added benefits are, they also offer loans, internet savings, and credit cards. The various types of loans they offer are personal loans, homeowner loans, and car loans.

Benefits of AA Car Insurance:

  • Enhanced benefits for personal members
  • Free 24/7 AA Road service
  • Comprehensive car insurance

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Oliver Joshua
Although it may appear that AA is actually a brokerage firm, purchasing insurance from them is comparatively cheaper than opting for direct insurance policies. Churchill provided the insurance that I purchased from them. My renewal premium was quite reasonable on account of the fact that a loyalty discount was included in it. I went to a number of policy providers for comparing the prices quoted by them and those by AA. I had to conclude that I indeed got a reasonable deal. Hence, new customers will find it cheaper to get associated with brokers because of the cut provided by them when compared with purchasing direct policies having loyalty discounts. Itís crazy but itís true!
Car Insurance
AA provided me with completely incorrect details during our initial conversations regarding my insurance policy that I purchased from them. I tried to correct them several times by pointing out to their fallacies on the phone. Following this, they asked me to provide evidence that I had never made any claims. This appeared quite redundant, as I am sure that they would be checking this anyway. They provided me with a bunch of letters out of which I had never actually received the first one. On finding out that more than 26 months had passed after me having purchased the insurance, they demanded £200 for revoking my policy. They never cared to inform me about the time restrictions on me. Such inconsistent service irked the hell out of me and I decided to opt for Direct Line as they had been quite exemplary in their service and also charged much less. In spite of the fact that AA has taken a lot of money out of my pockets, I would still prefer paying them £100 and moving somewhere else rather than sticking with them.
Car Insurance
Max Dart
My association with AA goes back to the day when I passed my test. I had purchased a car insurance from them that provides coverage over car breakdown and its parts, tyres and associated labour. In short, these guys made me shell a good amount of money for all these facilities. Till now, no such situation has arisen that required me to make an insurance claim over my car, although I did do it as far as my tyres are concerned. When I had called them for making my claim, they refused to recognize the fact that my tyres were also covered by the policy. Because of this, I decided to collect all the details of my policy from my husband so that I could phone them back and present a strong case. The guy on the other side of the line was extremely unhelpful and rude. He was not willing to listen to my details and proofs. It was during this period that I noticed a strange trend. In spite of not making any claims on my car till now, my policy renewal notices had increased a lot. When I tried to get an explanation for these from the customer service guys, they rudely replied that car insurances are expensive. I finally decided to discard my association with AA and move elsewhere. I do admit that this might not be possible for everything as good amount of money is tied up here, but, such an attitude will definitely teach AA a good lesson and force them in withdrawing their incorrect TV advertisements.
Car Insurance
Just a couple of days back a crazy driver rammed his speeding car into my carís rear end while taking a reverse turn. Somehow, I managed reaching home by driving it. After the passage of two more days, AA provided me with a temporary car so that they could take my car for getting it repaired in a nearby garage. That particular garage did not feature anywhere in AAís approved repairersí list. The garage took one week for mending the damages suffered by my car. I was asked to shell out £2 for using the temporary car on a daily basis. They collected the car as soon as the garage finished working on my car. The payment was done to the garage after a couple of weeks by AA to cover the expenses incurred by them during repairing the car. I also received a reimbursement cheque during the same time. My experience with AA was completely free of problems. The claims processing activity was quick too. On the basis of this experience, I strongly recommend AA and suggest that the premium is worth each and every bit of it.
Car Insurance
The car insurance quote delivered by AA appeared to be the best amongst all others. But, if you want to purchase insurance from them, donít forget to find the details of the actual insurance company. I had a real bad experience with AA from whom I had purchased a Zenith insurance policy. In the beginning, AA confirmed that they would sincerely provide their help but they actually delayed the process even more. If you meet an accident, you would be required to undergo all the painstaking formalities related with claims, with AA as well as the company who is the actual provider of your insurance. Hence, be prepared for a huge mobile bill as free-phone numbers get billed in case of mobiles. These buggers have also PPI to my policy without even informing me. Therefore, you must verify each and every payment detail with these guys in the picture. Avoid using the number that has high rates. Instead, prefer using 0800 for all your issues.
Car Insurance
Ben Adam
Here, I am going to describe one of the most horrendous experiences of my lifetime. Basically, AA functions as a broker and its primary task is hiring other insurance companies such as KINETICS for insurance policies. You should have the complete knowledge of your underwriters before buying any policy. My agony began when I applied for a claim with this company about 2 months ago. It so happened that some bugger rammed his car into my carís back. This led to my car being written off. I thought that such bad experiences happen to everyone but the agony had just begun. I contacted my insurance company who forwarded my request to my policyís underwriters. It was said that my car would be checked to see whether it could be repaired or not. After some days had passed by, I got a letter that valued my car at 1500 pounds which was much less than what I had paid about 5 months back to a respected garage. I also got to enjoy a GAP insurance mandating that company to pay for any difference between my carís actual value and money paid. This is where all the trouble started. My insurance company referred AUTOTRADER for valuing my car whereas the GAP policy used market valuations for the same, which was probably the correct method too. The difference in the prices calculated by the two turned out to be 700 pounds less excess. I complained about my insurance company with the consumer protection people. Hence, if you respect your hard earned money, donít ever go to AA for purchasing insurance.
Car Insurance
Millie Daisy
In the first place, we had absolutely no intentions of making an insurance claim. But, when a call was made by us to them regarding breakdown assistance, the operator informed us that we were not covered by the policy and our line was transferred to Zurich, as AA had got our car insured with it. Irrespective of the fact whether we approached Zurich or AA, we only got the 0870 number in reply. AA tried to avoid us by saying that we should rather contact Zurich whereas the operators at Zurich suggested us to seek help from our brokers, AA. Both were trying to dodge us by playing with the responsibility baton. Zurich excused that they had no access to our insurance details and therefore only AA could help us. Now, we donít even have our car and the information whether our policy still stands valid or not as no company is willing to undertake the cancellation job. It has been an extremely frustrating and expensive experience and we are considering seeking help of Ombudsman for solving this crap. For everyone out there, it would be better if you stay away from AA for car insurance.
Car Insurance
Alex Glay
About a few weeks back we had to submit a claim to AA because of the fact that I had met a terrible accident. A tree had suddenly fallen on my way when I was driving on a highly windy day. I was unable to control the car and rammed it into a pole. The car suffered a lot of damages and was in no condition to be driven back home. I was left stranded for an entire hour, as my home was more than a quarter mile away from the accident place. The situation was even scarier for me because it is not safe for females to get stranded in such isolated places. The trouble was accentuated by the winterís chill and countryside loneliness. I had to put in a strong argument for convincing the pick-up trucks to come and take care of my car as well as myself. The damages suffered by the car were way too much and we had no other option but to buy a new car. We applied for a loan but there has been no activity since the last 2 weeks after we had submitted our claim. Even now, they want us to wait for additional 10 days for allowing the revaluation by their engineer t. The car turned out to be a complete loss as they authenticated far less damages as far as the damages caused to the carís roof paint and rear accessories are concerned. They declined to include its alloy wheels in spite of the fact that they were originally covered by the policy. It has been a really long time but still there are no signs of the carís valuation report. Most of the old cars have minor damages caused by car parks, stone chips and similar petty reasons. AA charged us 3700 for covering our car whereas many other companies charge only 2500 to 3000 for similar policies. Even then, AA is unwilling to pay our replacement value. The agony is accentuated by the unnecessary delay in the claims processing activity.
Car Insurance
Lewis Adam
I have had a really good experience with this firm. Just a few days back when I had called them to enquire about a policy, the customer service staff was extremely prompt in their suggestions. In spite of the fact that they try selling products on phone these days, but their advices are quite correct. I have read the other comments that have been posted regarding this company but I strongly feel that only those people have given negative comments who are unaware about the way insurance works. Their agitation seems to be a result of this ignorance. As far as I am concerned, I always make it a point to understand all the terms as well as conditions that are associated with some particular car insurance, before finally deciding to opt for it. Certain functions of insurance policies are under the direct control of law and insurance companies are nowhere the controlling authority for these aspects. I would like to suggest to all the dissatisfied as well as potential customers out there to properly understand the world of insurance and its associated aspects before posting your comments.
Car Insurance
AA offers a good all round car insurance without any hidden conditions. The renewal process has undergone an improvement and hence, can be accomplished completely on the internet itself and does not need a phone call as before. Thus, AA Car Insurance ensures that you get quality service at reasonable costs. For this, they have employed a knowledgeable staff that will be able to guide you through any of your difficulties.
Car Insurance
I was involved in an accident, where the other driver was completely liable on my way to work. It left me stranded in the middle of nowhere and no public transport was available at that place. Hence, I requested for a courtesy car and even paid an extra amount of money for it. However, AA car insurance refused to cover the cost of the same and I received rude replies from their customer service personnel when I insisted on the same. Also, neither the insurance company, nor their brokers were taking responsibility for the claim. Nor did they show any desire to apologise for the stress that I had to go through.
Car Insurance
We hold an insurance with AA for more than 10 years now and since then have never claimed anything from them. Now when we met with an accident, AA wanted us to talk to a few underwriters before they would accept our claim. The have taken away their feets since the first day it seems and our claim is in process for more than 4 months now. We just keep chasing them with no positive outcomes. We will never go with them again. The are smart to collect the premiums but when it is time for the claim they become ignorant.
Car Insurance
Helen Jacob
AA car insurance company had my wrong details with them with regards to the insurance policy. I corrected it several times on phone with them and even gave an application. The demanded me proof of no claims though they know from their side that they have never provided me with any settlement claims. The letters they send, I never receive them. It was more than 2 years I was holding the policy with them and now for revoking the policy they wanted an additional sum of amount 200 dollars. I shifted to Direct Line who has charged me much lesser and despite the heavy fees levied by AA I am in a profit of about 100 dollars.
Car Insurance
Amy Shaw
Had a bad experience with AA. I had this claim to make after I met with an accident. We were told to speak to underwriters, they dint want to talk to us at all and did not answer our queries. This claim has been on for more than 5 months now. We keep calling them up but the customer service staff is not co operative. I donít think I will go with AA ever. The customer service is not good.
Car Insurance
I just got my car insurance policy renewed this year with AA Car Insurance. The online procedures have become simpler compared the last year and they are offering better and more competitive quotes.No phone calls required! I would recommend AA Car for simplicity and competitive pricing.
Car Insurance
Cape May
Hai, this is Gabriel, I feel great because of services i received from AA Insurance. I was insured with AA car insurance, they offered cheap prices, cheap online quotes , their staff members were very friendly and helpful, I saved more money from AA car insurance and I got quick responses from their customer services. I really appreciate their customer services and I am very thankful to my friend Aidan who suggested me to get car insurance from AA Insurance.
Car Insurance