One Day Car Insurance

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When will you need One day Car Insurance?

There are many instances when you find that one day car insurance is a better option than Regular Insurance. In most cases you can plan your insurance cover but this is a convenient option in case an emergency arises and you need insurance cover immediately.

Best Uses of One Day Car Insurance.

Many people today opt for this kind of insurance for a number of reasons. They may be taking a long road trip and plan to take turns driving or you may want to lend your car to a friend or borrow a car from a friend. In most cases this occurs because your friend’s car might have features your car doesn’t or is better suited for long journeys, a large number of people, capacity to carry loads of luggage or you want to drive a car better suited for a holiday abroad.

You may also need to borrow a minivan or a moving van in case you’re moving your home from one place to another and you wish to drive yourself there without the addition cost of a moving company. You may need a big car to fit in all your baggage and your furniture along with your family.

Another popular reason is if you wish to test drive a car you plan on buying or when you’ve bought a car at an auction or from a private owner, you would need insurance to drive the car home immediately.

When students come back home from their university during their mid-term breaks, they don’t have a car to drive! One day car insurance allows them to get protected under an insurance plan for a limited stipulated period of time. When you have friends or family coming to stay with you from abroad, they only need a UK or an EEC license to apply for one day car insurance. This gives them flexibility while on holiday and saves them a lot of money avoiding the high rates of car hire and you wouldn’t need to spend hours a day driving them around either. One day car insurance is an easy way of allowing your family and friends to drive your car without going through the formalities of adding them to your yearly insurance policy.

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One Day Car Insurance is handy in an emergency situation.

In an emergency situation one day car insurance can be a life saver. What if your car breaks down and you find yourself in a fix having to borrow a car to get to work on time? Or what if your spouse has borrowed your car and a medical situation creeps up? In a crisis situation like that one day car investment can ease the pressure of the situation and allow you to be mobile.

One day car insurance provided by easy to apply for, convenient to use and an economical option for such instances.

The Characteristics

What is offered in One day Car insurance?

A complete and comprehensive scheme of car insurance can be bought on This essentially means protection for vehicles like cars, vans and transport vehicles for goods up to 3.5 tones GVW. This protection must abide by the terms and conditions of the short term insurance vehicle acceptance criteria and customer acceptance criteria. During registration you will need to provide your drivers license details. helps in providing insurance for cars/vans, planned using or emergency cover and to add an additional driver or an additional vehicle. It can be used to deliver your new vehicle to your home after you’ve purchased it or to take a car out to test drive it before buying it from a private seller.

One highlighting factor is that it can be applied for and paid for online by a secure debit/credit card transaction. The insurance certificate and all other documents can be printed off your printer at home and we help complete the transaction by registering your vehicle with the Motor Insurance Database (MID). There are also additional benefits like a helpline handing legalities by the RAC Legal Services. You also have the choice of purchasing short term roadside assistance called daresQ which is provided by Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited. This is a new concept and is only provided to day insure for European travel.

There will be no modification or compromise made on the ‘no claims bonus’ of any yearly insurance cover on the vehicle.